September 1, 2009

Married: Miryha & Matt (Part II)

We pick up on Part II with the ceremony overlooking the water from the lawn at the Inn at Longshore.

C’mon, look at that face. Matt was so overwhelmed at the sight of Miryha coming down the aisle.

LOVE all the little looks these two kept giving each other, like here…

and here…

and HERE!!!

I am in love with this shot that J grabbed!!

J’s view:

and mine:

J’s view:

and mine: (Ok, so I may or may not have had to sprint from the back, leaping tall speakers and winding cords along the way to get this shot. But hey, it was worth it!)

Just Married

Then it was time to party!!

Some of the details from the reception:

For their first dance, it started out all slow and classic like this….

but then they started busting out some moves like this

Miryha’s mom & sister both gave some awesome toasts.

But it was Matt’s Best Man who busted out a Bon Jovi headband!!! And then…

Living on a Prayer came on!!!!! Ohhhhh-OH!!

The End!!

  1. andrea

    wow, these are some gorgeous photos!!! and that is one killer wedding gown. you guys rock!

  2. jeramy

    so, sharon and i are shooting our first wedding in october…and i’m really taking notes here….seriously amazing!

  3. Ray

    Such beautiful photos of Miryha and Matt’s wedding. So soft and subtle; really great black and white shots. I especially loved the close-up color photo of Miryha and Matt close together. And that second to last b&w photo of them dancing with their guest behind them, WOW! Their expressions are so intense. Awesome. =o)

  4. oneshotbeyond

    I am in total awe. How beautiful!

  5. Emily Mason

    These are soooo beautiful! Love them!!

  6. Brittney

    love these – so so beautiful, I am inspired! your b&w’s are GORGEOUS!

  7. Yadira Laguerre

    Hubba hubba – that dress is OUTSTANDING!

  8. Lisa H. Chang

    These photos are astonishing! I seriously have a lump in my throat. Good job guys!

  9. MM

    *mush* You guys are the BEST!!!! so much love, M:)

  10. Holli True

    Gorgeous captures! :) You two are quite amazing!! I love all of the pics of them on the dance floor!

  11. imthiaz houseman

    wow, beautiful job. looks like it was an amazing wedding.

  12. Tira J

    Absolutely gorgeous as always! In love with your BW processing. And, what in the world with the Bon Jovi bandannas? Must have been a pretty crazy reception!

  13. Jeanette

    Absolutely stunning couple! gorgeous cake!
    Love the dancing shots and the look on their faces walking back down the aisle.

  14. joan.solitario

    beautiful. simply, beautiful!

  15. Feuza

    Ok, seriously there are so many goods one here, the veil one J got, Matt’s faces, that dancing one and oh Bon Jovi….
    love this wedding oh and her beautiful dress!

  16. Erica Velasco

    Even more stunning! And the details!

  17. Daphna Barzilay

    Beautiful shots!!!!!

  18. Danielle

    Absolutely STUNNING!

  19. michele bowman

    what a beautiful weddings. you guys never disappoint me and my search for awesome wedding photos.
    love them.

  20. Gail Pepper

    These pictures are amazing!! The black ad whites are stunning.
    Glad to have been able to see you both in person that day.

  21. Danna

    These are amazing…The wedding was absolutely perfect!

  22. Whitney Gray

    Absolutely stunning shots!!!! Couldn’t pick my favorite if I had to!
    Sure wish you would share some tips for your b/w conversions- beautiful work, as usual!

  23. Dana

    Love Love Love these shots from Miryha and Matt’s wedding. AMAZING!

  24. Berna

    So Beautiful. The pictures bring back memories of a lovely wedding and just make me smile!

  25. Karen (Mikols) Bonar

    Siiiigh. I love how super-sexy the back of this dress is. Yeah, I’ve been married a year but I could shop for wedding dresses the rest of my life. Is this normal?

  26. Cindy Heiman-Hughes

    Pics are amazing! Love how you captured Miryha’s beautiful smile…great job:)

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