December 8, 2009

Married: Rachel & Terry (Part I)

There are some loves that are just timeless. Classic. Made for the silver screen. Larger than life, they consume you with their quiet beauty. They are the stuff that legends are made of, where the ending is always happy and the hero always gets the girl.

There are some girls that are just timeless. Classic. Made for the silver screen. Larger than life, she consumes you with her quiet beauty. She is the stuff that legends are made of, and you can’t help but watching in awe as she promises forever to a hero who always deserved the girl.

Married: Rachel & Terry

Dramatic, I know!! But Rachel & Terry just bring that out of me. Because they were married on a day when screen legends came to life and everyone around them was taken to a better time. A time when ladies were ladies and gentleman wore white tuxes. When white gloves and high heels were considered casual attire. When you ate Breakfast at Tiffany’s and straightened your bird cage veil. I would be lying if I didn’t say that part of me wants to live in that time forever. But for now, I want to say thank you to Rachel & Terry for giving us just one perfect day there. A day when the light, the bride, the groom, the details were all… perfect. But most of all because how we felt was perfect. It was the kind of day that makes you fall in love with photography all over again. A day when somehow….everything just feels easy. Just moments of pure bliss strung together doing the thing that you most love in this whole world. With two people who make loving easy. Rachel & Terry, you guys know there are absolutely no words that we could ever find to describe how much we love you two. And so, I ramble. I ramble because I know there are no words, but still y’know a girl’s gotta try!! But that’s ok because I know the friendship that we now have doesn’t require words. Because it’s easy. Just like the love that you two share. So let me just say that I hope for you a life full of happy endings and long kisses that make your heel pop. Love every single day just the way you do now, and I know that’s what you’ll always have!

So much love,

Well, you’ve seen a preview of it on Style Me Pretty. You’ve seen me twitter about the insanity that was coming. And now it’s HERE!!! In its entirety! Just feast your eyes on this. But don’t look too close, or you might just go blind from all of Rachel & Terry’s awesomeness. I’m just sayin….

This is one of mine and I have to admit to hearting it just a little more than is probably normal.

Yea, I know!! Rachel you are too much!! Too much beauty and class all rolled into one for this lil’ world to handle!

So the whole theme of this wedding was Audrey Hepburn/Going to the Chapel. And the chapel….yea, it was in ROMANCE, WV. No I’m not making that up! Cause honestly, how could you???

So Rachel is a girl after my own heart and actually had TWO pairs of shoes to wear that day: these ROCKIN’ vintage Louboutins for the ceremony…..

And these sassy red Kate Spade’s for the reception!

They had to have Terry’s ring made special for him because he broke his knuckle when he was younger. So the folks at Tiffany’s came up with this hinge ring with a secret pinhole release worthy of James Bond. It is maybe the coolest thing. Ever. And there is currently only one of its kind in the world. Awesome!!

As you will soon see, peacock feathers were a big theme of this wedding!

Rachel’s dress is a vision in and of itself! It was originally a full length gown, but Rachel worked with her tailor to chop four feet off of it and turn it into this Audrey Hepburn number you see here!

Lil’ white gloves!

So while Rachel was getting ready, Terry sent over another little blue box. This time with a HUGE purple amethyst ring in it for Rach to wear as her something new. What a guy!!!

AHHHHHH love this one!!!!

I LOOOOOOVE that they used this Tiffany’s book on pearls as their guest book!!

This is also one of mine. And if you look close enough you’ll see why that has to be true.

J grabbed this tear jerker of Rachel & her dad as she walks into the chapel

Now meet our dashing groom!! We met up with Terry & the guys at the church before the ceremony in time to catch them putting on the bouts.

Watch out Mr. Bond!!

Ahhhhhh the light!!!

SO much more to come!! Stay tuned!!

  1. Samantha Harkins

    LOVE the dress and the shoes. As always Team Marantz captures it perfectly!! :)

  2. Alisa Greig

    STELLAR images you guys!!! I love you and your work more and more each post–perfection!

  3. Marissa Rodriguez

    A few things…first, I love your dramatic-ness! two, this wedding is kind of ridiculous. In a good way of course, in the BEST way possible! The dress, shoes, bride, groom and everything else, just wonderful!!! three, you guys are awesome! Seriously!

  4. Cindy S

    I’m in LOVE with this wedding and all of the details an that glamourous bride! What a dream for a photographer! These are all absolutely gorgeous.

  5. Allison Davis

    Love it! Wonderful images – you captured their wedding day beautifully.

  6. Kat Forsyth

    Firstly, I practically fell off my chair with vintage gorgeousness overload. The bride is amazing – her style just goes with her so perfectly. You’re right about her face…she belongs in another era! And the dress, and the gloves, and the veil…be still my heart.

    I also want to live in that time forever. *sigh*

  7. Jennelle

    I. LOVE. IT.

  8. Li

    Good God that is stunning. I have goosebumps. She is a vision.

  9. René Tate

    I just died and went to heaven.

  10. Kristin

    Is Justin holding the umbrella over you in that picture?! You guys are really the cutest ever.. Amazing pictures & wedding by the way! totally gorgeous.

  11. Kelsey Waybright

    Oh my gosh, these are all just breathtaking!!! I love them all, and it was fun to just relive the memories of such a special day.. love you Rach and Terry!

  12. Carolyn Waybright

    These pictures are awesome!!! We will cherish the amazing memories you left us with on your special day. What a beautiful couple. Love you…. Mamaw

  13. Stella

    Wow!! What a beautiful wedding..and stunning photographs!

  14. Pamela (M0m)

    The pictures are like nothing I have ever seen before! You so wonderfully captured the beauty of our "black haired baby"! Love You Rachel Beth!

  15. Bruce Plotkin

    Some of the most beautiful wedding pictures I’ve ever seen. Love em. Congrats.

  16. Karen

    I LOVE, LOVe, LOVE this wedding. It is so fun and beautiful. Captured beautifully

  17. Ray

    I love their Audrey Hepburn/Going To The Chapel theme. I wish I could go back to those times as well. Beautiful photos. I love how Rachel choose to wear pearls, lace gloves and a birdcage veil. And that red lipstick is so killer! Classy wedding.

  18. Ashley

    Absolutely beautiful wedding pics!!!!

  19. Nancy

    I loved this wedding! and the rain didn’t dampen the spirits.
    I like the piano shots best.
    And the waltz was special

  20. joe DiMattia

    LOVE this wedding! everything is just so stunning. Your pictures are amazing

  21. Christina Matthews

    LOVE these photos. Amazing.

  22. Kelly Braman

    wow! I am in love with this wedding! you guys did an AMAZING job and that bride is to die for…I bet you could have photographed her all day! :)

  23. Luiza do Valle


    Your amazing work is on my wedding brazilian blog.
    I holpe so that`s ok to you.
    Greetings from Brasil!
    Luiza do Valle

  24. Megan

    I love her dress!!! So beautiful. Does anyone know who made it?

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