May 29, 2009

Married: Rebecca & Dan at The Riverhouse

She sat and sipped champagne as the last curls were pinned into place and a vintage headband was tied around her head. With a double bow. She looked up into a hand mirror and stared back at her reflection. And in that second she saw herself for the first time. The last time. That moment in time that she would remember for the rest of her life. She took a deep breath…and she smiled.

She stood with her mom as the last strings were thread into place and her vintage lace dress was tied up. With a double bow. She looked over at the mirror on the wall and stared back at her reflection. And in that second she saw herself for the first time. The last time. That moment in time that she would remember for the rest of her life. She took a deep breath…and she smiled.

She stood with him as the last strings floated through the air and their lives were about to be tied together. Forever. With a double bow. She looked up at him and stared back at her reflection in his eyes. And in that second she saw herself for the first time. The last time. That moment in time that she would remember for the rest of her life.

She took a deep breath…and she smiled.

Married: Rebecca & Dan

Rebecca & Dan were our first wedding the weekend of our triple header. And they got a beautiful day. The kind of day I know they’ll remember the rest of their life! R&D I hope you guys had an awesome time in the Mediterranean! We can’t wait to hang out again!

And now….the details! Rebecca’s beautiful headband from The White Dress by the Shore (J’s shot)

Her Miss Dior Cherie perfume and jacket, also from The White Dress by the Shore. (Both mine)

J grabbed both of these detail shots of the shoes and bouquet in this awesome white chair in Rebecca’s mom’s house. The absolutely BEAUTIFUL flowers were all done by Fleur de Lys.

More shoes and the stunning dress from The White Dress. (Both mine)

My shot of the flower girl’s dress beside Rebecca’s

This shot was actually Rebecca’s mom’s idea, and it turned out so cool that we definitely had to post it! (My shot)


My shot of the headband being tied on



Mine on the left, J’s on the right


Both of these are Justin’s


Both of these are mine:

As is this one…

…and this one

While Justin was at the church grabbing this



Mine on the left, J’s on the right




Justin’s shot of Rebecca & Dan right after the ceremony. We always grab our couples the second after they walk down the aisle and let them go off by themselves and really soak in being married while we shoot with long lenses. You just can’t get moments like this back!

The cutie petutie kiddos!! Love that face he’s making on the right. Both of these are J’s!

Then it was portrait time with just the two of them. J’s shot

Both of these are J’s




Both of these are mine:




LOVE this shot Justin grabbed!

Some details Justin grabbed, including the delicious cake from Creative Cakes by Donna. The reception was held in East Haddam at The Riverhouse at Goodspeed Station

This was right after the cake cutting (Justin’s):

First dance (J’s shot)


The night scene (J’s shot)

And since we last showed you Justin workin’ hard, here’s a shot of me in action! :)

  1. Carrie Roseman

    Wonderful! I love the dance floor shot!

  2. The Apprentice ;)

    I love how thier love shines through :) Stunning post!

  3. Nicole Haley

    To die for! Her jacket and all of the rest of the details are AMAZING. Though I almost felt like I didn’t even need to see the photos after the writing! Love it. :D

  4. Dennis Bullock

    Great work guys! And that last shot is Da Bomb!

  5. rachel darley

    beautiful, beautiful, beeeaaauuutifullL!! I can’t say enough how your words are so delicous, I eat them up 1,2,3!! and that last pic… total radness. =)

  6. Wayne Toshikazu

    Really, really nice work, guys. I love the warmth in those first few images, and the black and whites are just killer!

  7. Marie Ruzzo

    This is the most beautiful wedding album I’ve ever seen!

  8. oneshotbeyond


  9. Dan & Rebecca

    These photographs are so amazing they brought tears to our eyes. J & M, you far exceeded our expectations and went above and beyond. You are so talented, capturing raw emotion in every shot giving us the gift of reliving the "whoosh"! Thank you, thank you, thank you! We can’t wait to see the rest!

  10. Kenzilla

    The b&w shots are stunning – I love the narrow focal lengths

  11. Ray

    I love the b&w shot of Rebecca by the window looking down with her bouquet in hand. And I like the photo of the groom holding the brides bouquet and the bride holding the grooms pin. Pretty neat.

    Question: Approximately how many photos do you take at these weddings/get put into the wedding album?

  12. Erika

    So beautiful!!! These are all amazing shots.

  13. Maille Higgins

    This pictures are breathtaking! I caught myself a few times choking up – especially the one that was caught of your mom…that was just an amazing shot – it caught her reaction PERFECTLY! absolutely amazing shots! Congrats again to Bec and Dan!!

  14. Christine Doherty

    I absolutely love your pictures, I have never seen a photographer capture such special moments. My favorite picture is of your first dance.

  15. Caroline Doherty

    Wasn’t her hair falling out when you took that picture when she is looking left(in color)by herself??? I love her shoes!!

    My mom went to the wedding of Rebecca and Dan.

  16. Sarah Barker

    umm… wow, that’s specific. I think you guys rocked this shoot! Can I be you guys when I grow up? :P

  17. pat cardozo

    sheer artistry! especially love some of the unusual shots, such as the bronze baby shoes juxtaposed against the bridal shoes…wonderful work and truly captured the essence of the day!

  18. Jon Bailey

    Absolutely beautiful pictures.

  19. Michelle Bellucci

    Gorgeous photos! They all look like they should be in a magazine spread! I love the way they all came out and can’t wait to see the rest!

  20. Carrie Whelan

    Oh, my.. these are gorgeous. I started to tear up at her Mom’s photo, what raw emotion. Fantastic job!

  21. Peg Dwyer

    WOW – BEAUTIFUL pics. Brought a tear to my eye again!! Love viewig these wonderful shots!!

  22. vin

    you have captured some incredibly insightful moments which radiate the feelings and emotions of the day. Great job.

  23. Abby

    Beautiful photos! I’m so glad I got to see them. What a happy, lovely couple!!

  24. 7-5 COLLEAGUES

    The scallops and bacon were the bomb,,,, pictures are nice too. May your future together be as beautiful as your pictures.

  25. Laurie

    Great wedding and some wonderful shots….I loved seeing them at the end of the night also

  26. Gina Wohlke

    So many unusual shots–absolutely beautiful!!

  27. Erica Velasco

    Simple and elegant…wonderful.

  28. Jackie L.

    Love the vintage-y feel to these! and the last image is great!

  29. She Escobar

    WOW! These photos are absolutely stunning!

  30. Bernadette LaFrance

    Both of you truly captured the essence of Rebecca and Dan as a couple. Viewing these photos brings all of us back to those magical moments of that special day! I think it is amazing how Justin and Mary see the most important aspects of life through their lenses and share the joy with all of us.

  31. Yuka photo art

    Fantastic! I love her bouquet! Photographs from ceremony are breathtaking!

  32. Rachel Cardozo

    Wow. Beautiful pictures. Every moment was beautifully captured.

  33. Jenny

    Great photo’s! I particularly like the one with the pair of shoes… so charming!

  34. Debbie Hill

    Beautiful Pictures!

  35. Jody Gray

    Yay! Aw, man you guys must be worn out!! Make sure to take a few days off!!! Love the shot of the brides dress hanging & the flower girls as well! aww…. – jg



  37. Mandy

    This has been my favorite group of wedding pics so far. The feel of it, I guess, it what strikes a chord with me. I love the headband and the lace jacket she wore. Beautiful.

  38. Lisa Winch

    I have always marveled at the really good wedding photographers! Not only do they have to move fast for most of their shots, but they have to think fast and have a certain level of intuition to really capture the experience, because that is what it is truly about….portraying an experience at a given moment in time. I really think Justin and Mary have that intuition/instinct! The visualization of an experience! I love it! Great work! Congratulations to Rebecca and Dan on thier marriage and choosing a great photography team!

  39. Misty Smith

    What great photos! Rebecca, you look absolutely beautiful!

  40. Spring

    The pictures are beautiful, as always. But, the commentary at the beginning, sent chills down my arms. As always, your writing is as beautiful as your photography. Thanks so much for allowing us this glimpse of your life.

  41. Patty Iafolla

    Are you kidding me!? I’ve never seen such gorgeous wedding photos before!!

  42. Mel Watson

    so classic and elegant! Love this wedding. Love her hair piece and flowers sooo much. The little ring bearer and flower girl are just precious too! Great work you guys! :)

  43. Kayla

    Totally gorgeous! Fabulous detail shots! I love them!

  44. kymberli q.

    Beautiful images….I have to say the bouquet one in the chair is just Heaven!

  45. Kate Williams

    love the details! just wanted to say – your awesome! :)

  46. Jenn

    Beautiful!!!!! You can really see the love in your pics!!

  47. Emily Beaty

    Beautiful.. love how you captured ALL the details. My fave is the bouquet in the chair – gorgeous!!

  48. imthiaz houseman

    i love her dress! love this post, what a beautiful wedding!

  49. Judy

    Love the pics. Can’t wait to see more!

  50. Bett

    Okay they’re all fabulous shots but I love LOVE the dance floor photo from!


  51. Danielle Fuller

    LOL…this post reminded me of the pier scene in Finding Nemo…LOL….Mine, mine mine mine mine mine! not that they are all labeled "mine" but it stuck out…lol..anywho, great shots guys. Love the light and emotion…and how ’bout those details :)

  52. Libby Rutty

    Great Photos! hope you might share a few to put in our 2010 Riverhouse book…all the best to you.

  53. Holli True

    Beautiful images!! The night scene is so awesome! :) I love your attention to detail and the raw emotion you capture, it’s truly inspiring!

  54. Lisa H. Chang

    I love the night scene shot – so creative, and it turned out excellent!

  55. Cathy Briggs

    Thank you, Justin and Mary, for creating an album of memories, to be cherished and revisited throughout the years. You have mastered the art of capturing moments and preserving them for all time.

  56. Jen May

    lovely. and your outfit at the end is sooo cute! :)

  57. Erin Bailey

    phenomenal pictures

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