December 13, 2009

Married: Renata & Spence (Part I)

Separately, they each know what they stand for and where they come from. And they’re proud of it. Proud of a strong heritage and roots that run deep. Of the places that they’ve been and the things that they’ve accomplished in this life. The places and things that make them who they are today.

But see, that’s them separately.

Together, they know what they believe in and they know where they’re going. And they’re sure of it. Sure of a strong bond and a love that runs deep. Of the moments that they share and the passion that they have for this life. The moments and passion that make them who they are today.


Married: Renata & Spence!!

Renata & Spence were married on a day that was all about the journey that brought them to this point. And believe me, if two people ever had a journey it’s these two! They travel all over the world for work and for fun, so a travel theme quickly emerged for their exquisite fall wedding. They also wanted to pay honor to their two heritages, which were seamlessly woven throughout the day. No seriously, like as if they had a loom and everything!! And trust me when I say, no detail was overlooked. So just go ahead and prepare yourself for visual overload on the eye candy goodness. But it was about so much more than that. See Renata & Spence were married on a day that honored their past, but anyone who was there could see that it was all about the future. It was about the way she looked up at him, and the way he held her hand. And the two of them together. Renata & Spence, thank you so much for including us in your day and treating us like old college friends. Because trust me, if we had gone to college together, we would have most definitely have been friends. Especially if you had access back then to the amounts of Polish vodka you brought to the table that night!! :) :) What we wish for you is a lifetime of celebrating the journey. And enough moments and passion to always keep it this sweet!

So much love,

Renata tied her grandmother’s ring to her gorgeous feather-filled bouquet, courtesy of Ms. Katherine Jacob of KDJ Botanica. Whose work continues to BLOW OUR MINDS!!

More of those fierce and ferocious Louboutins.

Our handsome groom getting ready

Since Renata & Spence met while working at the National Mapping Agency, they incorporated a lot of maps & compasses (more on that to come!) throughout the day. While Spence was getting ready, Renata had these cuff links sent over that she’d had specially made with Ansonia, CT & Seattle, WA (where these two each grew up!) on them. Serious bonus points for awesomeness!!

Oh yea, she also gave him this killer watch!! :)

Both of the next two are Julia’s!

Renata’s GORGEOUS Priscilla of Boston dress!!

Love love LOVE the feather in her hair!

Renata you are one of the most stunning brides. Ummm EVER!!

These two were grabbed by our rockin’ full time second shooter, Ms. Julia G making her blog debut!!! How awesome are these two shots??

Also a Julia shot:

And yep, this one too!

Absolutely beautiful! Absolutely.

This one’s mine and I luuuuuuurve it! Am I allowed to say that?

Here we go!!

C’mon….just look at those little looks!


Justin’s shot on the left, Julia’s on the right…

and this one is mine!

Stay tuned for Part II coming at ya!!!

  1. feuza

    Like a hollywood movie, these pictures are so fine…. wondering if maybe you can do another before after post with the colored pictures so we can see how you make them look so good! awesome work as usual

  2. alice

    Another home run with yet another adorable couple. Love the bride’s use of feathers… a perfect balance of whimsy and elegance!

  3. Sarah

    OMG!! She is GORGEOUS!! These are stunning you guys, seriously stunning!

  4. Catie Ronquillo

    GORGEOUS! Love all those little details and that vintage car. Can’t wait to see the rest! :)

  5. Gwendolyn Tundermann

    LOVE the feathers!! Shoes, bouquet, hair… lovely touch!

  6. Lydia

    Be-U-Ti-Ful! The bride is gorgeous, the groom lookin’ sharp, and the details are killer!

  7. Tomara

    I just discovered your blog through iheartfaces… and let me say that I am blown away by your awesome photography! Every picture is stunning and draws me in. I love the detail and the unique captures. I also love that your photos are not the bizarre-unique that beginning to emerge. I am now officially your fan and wish I lived closer. I’d re-marry my husband just so you could take my wedding photos! :D

  8. MM

    @Tomara: aw, thank you!!! what an awesome comment!!!

  9. Jayson Lecuyer - Boston Wedding Photography

    These ROCK!!! I absolutely love the black and whites. Great job.

  10. Jil

    Mary, i also LOVE the pearls shot… sooo good!

  11. MM

    Thanks Jil!!!

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