July 5, 2010

Married: Stacey & Charles (Part I)

Those of you who have been following along for a while might remember that Stacey & Charles had more than their fair share of pre-wedding stress leading up to their day. Umm to say the least. :) But hopefully what these pictures will show is exactly what their guests got to witness that day: that these guys chose to dance in the proverbial rain, to laugh at the storm, and to love like there was no tomorrow. And in doing so, they inspired us all. I can think of no better words to describe these two than what I wrote the day after the wedding. So I will just leave it at that.

Yesterday we shot the absolutely beautiful wedding of Stacey & Charles. The weather was perfection, the flowers were delicate and timeless, and Stacey & Charles were a vision of Old Hollywood glam. It was the kind of day every girl dreams of. Except that it almost wasn’t.

Five days ago, these two got a call that their venue, Monteverde, had gone bankrupt and closed its doors. That’s it. Done. Wedding is off.

Except that it wasn’t.

Because more than anything, all Stacey & Charles cared about was getting married. They would get married in a backyard if they had to. BBQ & BYOB. But come Saturday and come what may, they were starting their life together. So they stayed cool under some extreme pressure and…they went to work. And in just five days, with the incredibly generous help of Guy Dimeo and Unique Affair Catering, they pulled together an even more beautiful day than anyone could have imagined.

Stacey & Charles, it was an honor to watch you laugh together. To dance together and smile together and raise your glasses together. To see you soak in the most perfect day celebrating the start of the most beautiful life together. Always love the way you do right now. It is an inspiration for the rest of us.

S&C, there are no words for how much we love you guys. Seriously. You are the kind of clients that are sure to turn into life-long friends. And I only hope you know how grateful we are for that.

So much love!

How FANTASTIC were Stacey’s shoes?!

J.Crew AND vintage Tiffany’s?! Ummm that’s my kind of wedding.

Stacey’s bouquet from florist Pamme Jones was STUNNING, and had a piece of her grandma’s dress wrapped around the stems. Love that idea!

Stacey you are absolute perfection. Vintage, Old Hollywood, va-va-voom perfection!

Justin went over to hang out with the fellas….where the best man was working out the speech.

And Charles was looking pretty Old Hollywood glam himself!

LOVE this one!!

The priest who did the ceremony was awesome! I kind of wanted to bring him home with us!

Here we go!

Nothin but love, baby!


Love this shot of Stacey’s dad as he looks on!

There may have been Jersey style fist pumps coming down the aisle! Love it!

Love that face! Nothing but sheer joy!

Stay tuned for Part II coming to a blog near you very soon!!

  1. Carrie McCluskey

    I love all the black and white and the details. Beautiful!!!

  2. Ravyn

    Gorgeous!! Can’t wait to see part II!

  3. Deji

    Beautiful work as always … especially love the B&Ws! I think I just might grow my beard out now :-)

  4. Susannah

    what a beautiful bride! and dress! and pictures! awesome job!

  5. jil

    gorgeous! i esp love the guys getting ready shots… plaid wallpaper?! how cool!!

  6. Alicia

    I am so blown away by these beautiful pictures that seem to capture an amazing day and the beauty of the love between Stacey and Charles! So glamorous and classy. These photos will be with them forever!

  7. Kem Bochicchio

    WOW!! These pictures are awesome. You two are absolutely terrific. I am so glad I was there to share the day.

  8. Caitlin

    Stunning – truly amazing you guys!! Love them as usual!

  9. Christa

    LOOOOOVE her wedding dress….wow!!! Great images as always :)

  10. Julia R

    Gorgeous photos of an amazing couple who reminded us what weddings are truly all about. All the best Stacey & Charles!

  11. maggieb

    the story…the couple…the moments…the photographs

  12. Stacy Cross

    Okay, I love them ALL, but I especially adore that angle from their kiss at the altar – stunning!

  13. joan solitario

    photos like these make me proud to be a nikon user heheh :D

  14. MM

    @Joan: Lol! That’s awesome! :)

  15. Lora Ayers

    So elegant! Def your kind of wedding and their kind of photographers! :)

  16. Erin

    Stace and Charlie, you both look gorgeous!! The pictures are beautiful. Can’t wait to see the rest. Love you guys!!

    Justin and Mary, you both are so talented. Thank you for taking these amazing pictures for my friends. I’m sure Stacey and Charles will cherish them forever!!

  17. Brian Davis

    Love these photos, they’re gorgeous. Random thing – That priest looks like Samuel L. Jackson….

  18. Kelly P

    Love the action shot of Charlie walking down the aisle…all great photos!

  19. Megan

    Stac and Charlie.. these pics are absolutely gorgeous!! how will you choose which ones to order??!!

  20. Sara T

    Fabulous! You two should be on the cover of Bride magazine.


  21. Girish

    Another amazing thread. Too cool detail shots and of the bride and groom before the ceremony while they dressed up.

    Waiting for the next part.

  22. Christina

    I absolutely LOVE all of them! Especially the one of Father Charles! :) Can’t wait to see the reception photos!

  23. Gwendolyne Dilapi

    Stacey & Charles had a Beautiful Wedding despite all the chaos that happen before their memorable day!!! I got to give it to Stacey, as a bride, in how she handle the whole Monteverde shenanigan mess they made for them. But all in all they’re special day will always be talked about amongst friends and family!!! It was a blast!!! Thank You for let me share your special day with you! Love Always, Mrs. Gwen Dilapi :)

  24. Gwendolyne Dilapi

    OH One more thing……..your pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!!

    Congratulations :)

  25. Lenore

    LOVE THEM !!! can’t wait to see the one’s at pepisco !!!

  26. Lisa

    You both look gorgeous! What beautiful photos you will have to look back on for years to come…

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