September 18, 2009

Married: Stef & Dave – Destination Punta Cana

She wore flowers in her hair. Small and delicate. And as soon as she put them in…anyone could see she was the kind of girl who should always have flowers in her hair. She stared into the small, round mirror as if she was seeing herself for the first time. As she was and as she was always meant to be. There in the reflection, she almost didn’t recognize herself. But somehow she just knew, this felt right.

She held flowers in her hands. Small and delicate. And as soon as she put hers hands into his….anyone could see she was the kind of girl who should always be the one holding his hand. She stared up at him as if she was seeing herself for the first time. As she was and as she was always meant to be. There in his reflection, she almost didn’t recognize herself. But somehow she just knew….

This felt right.

Married: Stef & Dave

If you’ve been around this blog any length of time, I don’t have to tell you how we feel about Stef & Dave. They watch The Office, drink pineapply margaritas, and had us at hello. I mean, they got us custom made shoot sac covers with the J&M logo emblazened across them for crying out loud. They. complete. us. :) They were married last month in a destination wedding at the Majestic Elegance in Punta Cana. And as the cool teal water splashed against the baby powder sand, we watched them pledge their lives to each other. We hoped as they hoped. Prayed as they prayed. And could see every wonderful thing for their future together that they could see. Because it was evident. And anyone could see…this was how they were always meant to be. Stef & Dave….it goes without saying how we feel about you. So we’ll just say that we love you guys, and can’t wait to hang out again!

So much love,

Check out Stef’s saucy leopard print shoes!!

There was leopard print on the bouquet too, as well as a locket with a picture of her grandma in it.

Happiness starts here!!

LOVE this shot of Stef’s dress that J grabbed

Gorgeous. Juuuuuuuuuust GORGEOUS!!!!

The fellas chilin before the ceremony.

Check out this setting!

LOVED the little parasols and the sparkly starfish!

Stef and her dad were so cute!

After the ceremony, we hung out with the bridal party

First dance!

Let’s get this party started!! (Baby where’d ya get yo body from? I got it from my mama! I got it from my MAMA!!)

The End!

  1. Cindy S

    breathtaking images. you are truly a gifted photographer. If I could be married all over again…. this would be perfect.

  2. Megan McNally

    OK…these photos are out of control! They are fabulous…I can’t even choose a favorite because I like them all. Awesome job guys!

  3. Tira J

    What in the world? What a breathtaking wedding full of love and amazing images.

  4. Stef

    We <3 our wedding photos with our whole heart – we’re so lucky to have found you!

  5. Erica Velasco

    Love them all! How beautiful…I love destination weddings!

  6. Elena Olson

    Justin & Mary, thank you both so, so much for capturing this perfect day for my son & daughter-in-law. You both are the best and we enjoyed spending time with you in Punta Cana. Your pictures are fabulous!

  7. carly carlson

    for EVERY photo from this wedding i involuntarily said, "awww!"

    these are awesome, you guys! keep up the fantastic, timeless work. you rock!

  8. Ray

    Beach weddings are the best. I love how Steph incorporated some leopard into her wedding and how she had a locket with her grandmother’s photo on her bouquet. I love sentiments like that. Love the photos of Steph & Dave dancing and the photo of Dave rockin’ his shades with the parasol. ;o)

  9. Linda Knotts

    You two are UNBELIEVABLE!! You captured my daughter’s natural beauty on her special day….and of course, Dave’s beauty, too! I cried when I read what you wrote about them sentiments exactly…they are such a wondeful couple. Thanks for capturing the memories….we were SO glad you were there to share it and now I know why Stef wanted you and noone else!!

  10. Linda Knotts (again)

    LOVED the b & w’s of them dancing ……esp. the one where Stef is swirling around by herself in her lovely dress. Also, was in awe of the wedding party pose w/ everyone looking in different directions!

  11. Dawn McKinstry

    Gorgeous! And is it just me, or does Stef looks just like Jennifer Love Hewitt?!?

  12. Kelsey Powers

    WOW sooo gorgeous i love these! you guys are seriously amazing!

  13. Courtney Richardson

    I love these, especially the photographs where you utilized the available lighting from the windows!

  14. Lindsay

    let me just say HOT HOT HOT!!!!

  15. Amanda Bachand

    You guys are absolutely, positively, phenomenally, amazing. I had so much fun down there and the wedding was just absolutely perfect and you really captured that! You both are just too awesome. I have to go watch the season premier of the office now…

  16. Stef

    LOL @ Dawn… I’ve been hearing that since highschool!!

  17. Katelyn James

    Ohhh love it because it’s so fun and different for you guys! Wonderful job!

  18. Yuka photo art

    Just breathtaking…….soo beautiful wedding with all details and moments! Umbrellas brought spicy to pictures!

  19. Feuza

    My favorite J and M wedding ever! and that shot you got girl, wow! divine

  20. rachel darley

    aaaamaaaaazing. love ALL of the details, and the colors are so vibrant, and the couple is gorgeous!!!!

  21. Melissa Rothschild

    These could not be MORE gorgeous! Amazing job!!

  22. Becky

    You guys are sop talented. Such a beautiful wedding – talk about J Crew Catalogue shots!

  23. Kayla

    Oh yay! We are going to Punta Cana next month and I’m so happy to see some gorgeous photos from there! These are beautiful!

  24. Susan P

    lovely lovely lovely wedding and photos…you guys outdid yourselves yet again!

  25. Darren

    Again stunning work -Congratulations

  26. Betsy, La Vida

    What a fun and fantastic set of wedding images! And the color is just perfection. Beautiful work, as always!

  27. Leslie

    Beautiful!!! You guys are amazing!

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