August 18, 2009

Married: Tiffany & Dan

This was awesome! Tiffany & Dan put these river rocks on each chair with different words inscribed on them that were important to their marriage. Then at the end of the night, they had everyone say a prayer while holding their rock and they’re going to keep all of them in their new house together in Texas. Love that!!

Now you can see where Tiffany gets her looks from!! This was such an awesome moment between her & her mom and I do confess to wiping away more than one or two tears.

Dan kept his eyes closed until Tiffany & her mom made it to the end of the aisle

And this was when he first saw her.

The OUTSIDE of Cairnwood is pretty darn good too!!

Their preacher was the bomb dot com. He gave such an incredible message on what it really means to be married. I had to walk over to J and give him a little squeeze right about then.

The hand ceremony

This little guy was struggling to make it through the whole ceremony

Yes, they really are THIS good looking! :)

J grabbed this killer reflection shot in the fountain

Shelley Zeichner and her entire team at ZN Designs put together some ROCKIN’ details for Tiffany & Dan!! Love those ladies!!!

There were some super creative introductions!! :) :)

Check out their awesome cake topper….and the real life re-enactment!! :)

First dance!

Did i mention there was a photobooth??

The End!!!

She stood quietly in a silver pool of light. It rained down on her. Surrounded her. Flooded the room with its beauty. And she in turn simply bowed in humble reverence. Because as anyone could see, she was its far more perfect reflection. Her eyes grew thoughtful and puddled beneath the light, overcome if for even just a second by the power of that moment. She took a deep breath. And she smiled.

She walked quietly in sliver pools of light. They rained down on her. Surrounded her. Flooded the whole world with her beauty. And he in turn bowed to that light in humble reverence. Because as anyone could see, she was his perfect reflection. His eyes grew thoughtful and puddled beneath the light, overcome if for even just a second by the power of that moment. He took a deep breath.

And he smiled.

Married: Tiffany & Dan

I know there are a LOT of people out there who have been eagerly awaiting this one, so I’ll just cut to the chase! :) Tiffany & Dan were married on an absolutely GORGEOUS day in July at the incredible Cairnwood Mansion in Bryn Athyn, PA. They were surrounded by one of the coolest collections of friends & family that we have ever had the honor of being a part of. The entire weekend we were treated like just one of the gang. And we will never forget that. Ever. Tiffany & Dan (and ALL of your amazing friends & family), we love you guys and can’t thank you enough for everything!!!

So much love,

This was as Tiffany was coming back in from reading a note from Dan

How incredible is this veil? Tiffany actually picked it out before her Priscilla of Boston Vineyard Collection dress!! I’d say they’re both pretty awesome!

Check out that shoe reflection! Courtesy of some quick thinking by our assistant for the day, Miss Nonni Sansoucy!!

The inside of Cairnwood is INCREDIBLE!!!

The handsome Groom

And our beautiful bride. Tiffany you are STUNNING!

Yea….the light was insane. That is all.

  1. carly carlson

    oh my holy hannah… i about died over all of these! amazing wedding coverage guys! love it- what a lucky couple. ;)

  2. Amber

    wow. she is absolutely stunning. and these photos are amazing. excellent work, as always!

  3. claire

    AMAZING honestly, what an amazing couple,shots, venue, details, dress etc! I could go on!
    love all the shots as usual guys

  4. jeramy

    wow. seriously….i’m speechless. fantastic job. seriously….love it.

  5. Casey Figlewicz

    Flawless!! These are amazing!!

  6. Kate

    so awesome i don’t even know what to say…seriously, probably my favorite wedding of yours to date…love it!

  7. Vanessa Price

    Seriously you all have photographed some of the most beautiful people I’ve ever seen in my life!

    I’m so glad you broke the "models only" standard just once to shoot our reception! :-D

  8. Jim Altieri

    Nice work as usual J + M! Love the black and whites!

  9. Dennis Bullock

    Amazing work guys!

  10. maggieb

    ok – it’s official – you guys walk on water.!.you don’t need the scuba gear anyway Mary. Fearlessly fabulous!

  11. KrisD Mauga

    Absolutely stunning!

  12. michele bowman

    these are FABULOUS!!!!!!!
    every detail is superb.
    wonderful job.

  13. Adrienne Byrd

    these pictures took my breath away! each and every one is so incredibly fabulous! you guys did an ah-mazing job!!!! i can’t even pick a favorite, i love them all!!!!

  14. Feuza

    You know you like weddings when such amazing pictures like these add tiny drops of waters in your eyes, sometimes so little they do not come out but you then think of how you want to be such an amazing photographer as well. Incredible, and that little boy in the ceremony- awesome! and I loved how he closed his eyes and then opened. beautiful

  15. KAtherine Bowman

    Wow. Everything. Stunning!

  16. Mandy Sroka

    Suuuhhhh….weet! These are so gorgeous…and I almost cried at the emotion! Can I remarry my husband & hire y’all? Great work.

  17. Erica Velasco

    Ah-mazing! Could your detail shots be any better? I say no. And wow they are a good looking couple.

  18. Deyla Huss Photography

    Seriously one of your best weddings to date! Love these, everything about them screams elegance and pure joy captured! fabulous job!

  19. Val McCormick Photography

    What a gorgeous wedding, Gorgeous Couple, Gorgeous Images! Love her veil! You guys rocked this out! What an awesome job! See ya tomorrow!

  20. kymberli q.

    These might be the BEST wedding images I’ve EVER seen. A-MAZING.

  21. Ruth Dias

    Stunning! Absolutely wonderful, all of it!

  22. cristi

    gorgeous couple. gorgeous details. gorgeous images!

  23. Gwendolyn Tundermann

    Everything is so beautiful! I really love that little couch and the yellow wallpaper. So pretty!

  24. Candice {The Beautiful Mess}

    not a picture I don’t love. AMAZING work you guys!!

  25. erin harvey

    um yea, i was wondering if the light was that amazing or if it was you guys, but i’ve decided it’s a bit of both. omg you guys, these are gorgeous!!! amazing work as always.

  26. Becky Dissinger

    Absolutely stunning! You guys really are amazing, and some of the moments you captured are incredible.

  27. Lisa

    Great pictures! I was so suprised to see one of our pastors in your pictures since we are in Michigan (!

  28. Emily Beaty

    These are gorgeous!!! Great job!

  29. Amanda

    Wow! Awesome pictures. I think this is my favorite wedding shoot I have seen of yours so far! Love the one of them kissing behind their cake! Great job!

  30. Talia

    Beautiful wedding, beautiful couple, beautiful pictures! Great job capturing all of the beauty and details you two!

  31. Tracy

    What a luminous couple! That has to be the most gorgeous dress and veil I’ve ever seen. Makes me want to borrow it and get married again!!!

  32. caroline

    Wow, everything about this is just gorgeous! What a lovely couple, and a great place to shoot

  33. Jessica Fike

    ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! Everything stunning!!!

  34. Anne Nunn Photographers

    beautiful wedding! beautiful pictures! I really love the stuff you guys pull off with mirrors! Just beautiful.

  35. Melissa Gartner

    Such a BEAUTIFUL Wedding. Amazing!! :)

  36. Alicia Kleppinger

    Brilliant!!!! Everytime I see your work, I look even more forward to our big day next year. Love it, love it, love it.

  37. Jonelle

    It truly is "all about the details", and these details are divine!!! Simply beautiful!!
    Best wishes.

  38. Jennifer

    The pictures are amazing! Perfect pictures for the perfect couple!

  39. Christa

    Seriously…you guys rock. When I grow up I want to be just like you :)

  40. Julie

    AMAZING! The picture of them on the bench should be in a magazine… actually they all should!

  41. gina amin

    I think you guys just out did yourselves. Gorgeous!

  42. Kristen and Wolfy

    These pictures came out AWESOME!!! Love favorite is the reflection in the water and the one on the bench!!!!!

  43. Tracy Sondesky

    all I can say is WOW…the pictures are absolutely amazing! I love them all!!

  44. Jackie Beale

    The photo of them on the couch by the window is beyond amazing! You guys nail exposure and the light is incredible. I love their poses and how they are looking at each other. I can stare at this photo all day, seriously :)

  45. Chris Harvey

    Absolutely gorgeous. J&M, you guys rocked it. Definitely a hot couple and sweet venue, but you 2 certainly did it up fantastically. Some of your best stuff.

  46. Ashley

    I have been waiting for the pics from this wedding! It is too gorgeous for words! I love ckecking your blog, Justin and Mary. You are totally hired for my wedding… in a few years! :~) You are amazing!

  47. Spiro Pettas


  48. Nicole Harrington

    Breathtaking. I have too many favorites to pick just one … like pages from a magazine. Tiffany and Dan truly look like models! Hey, an option if the whole football thing doesn’t work out! ; )

  49. Eve

    I love ALL the pictures. They came out so beautiful for Dan & Tiffany.

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    Wow, great pictures…that is one great looking wedding party as well!

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    Gorgeous photos and a gorgeous couple!! I love the photo of their cake topper and the re-enactment photo. So cool. I love also how you captured how in love this couple is. It’s beautiful. Question: How tall is Dan?!

  52. Michelle Rivera

    The photos are unbelievable – every single one! Tif looks absolutely gorgeous, but what else is new! What a dapper couple ;-) Justin and Mary, Kudos!

  53. Christine Lascano

    I’m not going to lie, these pictures brought tears to my eyes…you guys have such a talent in capturing the raw emotions exuded by the bride and groom. Many photographers try to emulate this ability but fail; ts obvious this talent is natural to you both. The pictures are beyond beautiful, just like the bride (ok, gotta be nice…and the groom)!

  54. Gina Meola


  55. Katelyn James

    OHHH man!!!!! I think this may be my favorite! Yes..I officially have a favorite! The DETAIL?!! Are you kidding me!? Breathtaking! ps. So..If I return to vegas again..I may just have to come meet you two fabulous people! Congrats!!

  56. GrayPhotography - Zach & Jody

    deeeeeeeeee-lish! LUV ’em – JG

  57. Aunt Col & Uncle Mike

    You guys are absolutely Beautiful. Pictures of TRUE LOVE ….XOXO

  58. Colleen Holladay

    WOW! What gorgeous photos. I seriously think these should be forwarded a bridal magazine. The best part was, you were as pretty (and handsome) in person! I loved how you placed the rosary and appreciated all of the little details!! Congratulations on a beautiful wedding and marriage! PERFECT!!!

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    These are so gorgeous!!! You guys did an awesome job on this wedding! I love all of the little moments you captured!

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    These pictures are absolutely breath-taking. What a gorgeous venue, & beautiful couple. Fantastic job!

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    Fabulous!! Gorgeous couple – gorgeous location – gorgeous photos…

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    The picture where Dan first sees Tiff is incredible. That is literally what true love looks like. Ah-mazing!

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    Stunning! The light was absolutely GORGEOUS that day and these pictures capture every moment of that perfect light and of course, the love between Tif and Dan! Justin and Mary, your photos inspire me!

  67. Rose

    Amazing! Spectacular! Beautiful! Thank you so much for doing such an outstanding job of capturing such a meaningful time in the our lives. Your photos bring to life the love and blessings that prevailed throughout the day and will forever keep these memories alive.

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    Uhhhh…that is an incredible set of images… sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo amazing

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    Dan and Tiff should be professional models for a Bride magazine!!! What fabulous pictures!!! Justin and Mary, you are true artists….

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    What an absolutely beautiful wedding. Stunning pictures!!

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    Straight Sexy! The two of you!

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    hallo, chesh dobje the pictures are sweet. lubye

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    Great pictures. What a beautiful couple.
    Aunt Peggy,

  74. sadie.higs

    gorgeous images, gorgeous couple, nicely done!

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    These are incredible and really should be published! Wow! I am speechless and had to go through them a few times because I was in awe of them.

  76. Bri

    The pictures were worth the wait. That picture with the reflection in the water is fricken fabulous. That was a sweet cross in the backround of your wedding too, whoever made that has got some talent. Justin & Mary you guys deserve a slow clap.

  77. Karin Richards

    Absolutely GORGEOUS pictures!
    How are you NOT a model, Tiff? :)
    Best wishes!

  78. Traci

    Beautiful…I don’t think there is any way to describe Tif and Dan, or the pictures.

  79. Sally LaBonte

    Tiffany and Dan those are some of the best wedding photographs Scott and I ever saw. It was just as good in person too!!!!!!

  80. Shelley Z.

    First I thought the engagement photos were the best, then I got a peek at the baseball game pics – also fabulous! These photos on your blog are magnificent and it’s impossible to pick a favorite – I love them all. To top it off I started looking at all of the photos that are up on pictage today and can only say – OMG – out of this world!! A wonderful couple on a wonderful day with memories captured in artistic photography to last a life time – what could be better?

  81. Sara France


  82. Lydia

    Gorgeous pictures! Wow, wow!!

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    Gorgeous gorgeous couple, wedding and PICTURES! do you know where she got her veil from?

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    The look in the grooms eyes when he saw his bride brought me to tears! Nice work!!!

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    I absolutely LOVE this wedding. The venue is breathtaking and each detail was just beautiful. Congrats to the gorgeous couple : )

  89. áo cưới

    Simple, not flowery, but nice

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    Ahh, is this bride for real? Could she be any more beautiful?! The whole day is a dream…And of course the photography is off the hook.

  91. Meg

    One word. Simply gorgeous!!!! Actually that’s two :)

    Amazing stuff. What a beautiful couple! Loved the little details you managed to capture. The small boy struggling to keep awake is adorable!!!!

  92. Danielle

    Looks like an amazing wedding. They are a beautiful couple, she is so tiny!

  93. Lauren

    Wow, if I didn’t know any better I would think this was a model photoshoot! I love the shot of their reflection in the water, so thoughtful.

  94. Cammi

    just gorgeous!! I shared this with my readers for my "Wedding Wednesday" series. Please feel free to check it out here:

  95. Victoria Johnson

    I love this because it is not only a beautiful wedding but my boyfriend and I are so much different in height like this couple and it just looks so precious in the photos!!

  96. Felecia- Wilmington NC

    I’m not sure a wedding could be more beautiful than this- the images are stunning. I love the cake topper- so cute! I really like how you guys played with the couples big height difference- it made for some really interesting shots. Great photography- thanks for sharing!

  97. Claire

    This is SOOO amazing. I know Dan and I haven’t seen him since he moved two years ago. I was just stumbling on Stumble Upon and THIS showed up! I am so glad to be a part of their wedding through these photos :)

  98. Jenny

    You, darling, are gorgeous. Congratulations to the both of you, but he is one lucky man!

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    Love this so pretty! and where did you get your dress? im in love with it!!

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    Beautiful Venue! Loved her wedding dress and the cake was awesome!

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    this is absolutely stunning!
    Tiffany is one of the most beautiful bridesi’ve ever seen in my life.
    She looked amazing!

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    This is such a beautiful wedding! Gorgeous bride! Her hair and makeup is perfection!

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