July 18, 2009

Married: Tina & Kartik (Part I)

Alright, so get ready for a multi-post EXTRAVAGANZA the next few days of Tina & Kartik’s beautiful three day wedding up in Boston!!! We started the first day with the Mehndi at Tina’s parent’s house, which we’ve already blogged about. So we’ll pick up Part I with the Sangeet on Friday at the beautiful Willowdale Estate!! Enjoy!

  1. Mark Sweeney

    Absolutely gorgeous!!

  2. Zach & Jody Gray

    Killer set guys! Love the color of the event!

  3. Alyssa Jul

    what a cool wedding to photograph! Gorgeous as always!

  4. Amy Clifton

    Wow! Amazing details, tons of color, delicious lighting, and gorgeous people. You guys (and your clients) are fabulous!

  5. Tara

    So beautiful! Looking forward to seeing the rest..

  6. Rachel

    Gorgeous! Lots of fun colors and details to capture. Great lighting as well!! All of it – gorgeous!

  7. michele bowman

    i’m in SERIOUS love with these photos! i’m shooting a small indian wedding in a few weeks, and i CAN"T wait now!!!!

  8. Erik Maziarz


  9. Daniela

    Super cool!!

  10. Cheryl Cronin

    Absolutely fantasticalistic!!!!! The setting, the couple, the photography – all GORGEOUS!

  11. Gina Meola

    Indian weddings are my faaaaaavorite!!! AMAZING job!!

  12. Gwendolyn Tundermann

    This has to be the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen!

  13. rachel darley

    wow. lovely and beautiful and just, wow. W-O-W.

  14. Bob

    Beautiful! The colors are amazing.

  15. Val McCormick

    Wow, these are absolutely incredibly stunning! Her henna is gorgeous!

  16. Karen (Mikols) Bonar

    well heck, looking at this post just makes me hungry for Indian food. Too bad I live in the middle of nowhere and can’t get it unless I drive almost 4 hours!!

  17. oneshotbeyond

    These are all fantastic. Well done!

  18. jeramy

    i love this! beautiful!

  19. Robert J. Trenske

    The details and colors are out of control, seriously nice work!!

  20. Stacy Cross

    Um . . . yum. Sooo good.

  21. imthiaz houseman

    wow, beautiful…you two did an awesome job. now i’m off to the market to make curry tonight.

  22. Deyla Huss Photography

    HOLY MOLY!!! gorgeous!!! you did a FABULOUS job on this shoot wedding as always! Have a great week!

  23. Kristen Dawn

    Ohmuhgahd!! These are to die for!! What a breathtaking job you both did!! I can’t stop drooling

  24. ERica Velasco

    Amazing! Stunning images!

  25. Onada Photography

    wow wow wow

  26. Nicole Haley

    Oh I love these. I just shot my first Indian wedding last weekend and I think I’m hooked. I love the traditions, the colors, the passion. Gorgeous capture here of all of the emotions involved!

  27. erin harvey

    they might be one of the most gorgeous couples ever. what a joy to photograph and you guys did a great job with the details and the couple photos!

  28. Caroline Speirs

    So Beautiful!!!

  29. nimmi wadhwa

    The pics are beautiful, you guys have done a great job.

  30. Jeff E.

    The one over Kartik’s shoulder, with the lens flare, with Tina looking up is TOPS. All those outdoor photos are fantastic; is that all natural light?

    Second best, clearly is Tina over the shoulder into the mirror.

  31. Alyssa Freeman

    You are such a beautiful couple!

  32. Sona Sharma

    photos are gorgeous! the one of mahesh uncle hugging his daughter is so touching

  33. Savita & Anand Vazirani

    Photos are great the one of Dr Mahesh hugging his daughter is the best Jul 31, 2009,

  34. Vanessa Santiago Schwarz

    Tina and Kartik – your photos are stunning. I’m so sorry that I couldn’t enjoy in your celebration, but seeing these photos gave me a wonderful idea of our magnificent the event was.

  35. Laura Chasen

    AMAZING. I love the one of Tina’s hands.

  36. Ewa Janczewska

    The most beautiful couple I have ever seen! I love the black and white picture of your hands and the one where you hold Kartik’s shoulder with part of his face in focus. They all tell your story!

  37. Renu Gupta

    Very nice pictures. I like all of them.

  38. Monica Pasternak

    My favorite would have to be the black and white where you are behind Kartik and you can see your gorgeous ring and hands!!! So beautiful!!!

  39. Kavita

    You both rock… as a couple.

  40. Michele Guido

    I have never seen such beautiful pictures. Each one is
    more beautiful than the next!

  41. Gautam

    These pictures are amazing!

  42. Viju chhatpar

    You both looks smashingingly gorgeous. Outfits, setting and entertainment was out of this world.

  43. sana

    amazing amazing amazing. beautifully captured

  44. Lexi

    These photos are just breath taking! Wow it truly looks like a magical wedding. The photos say so much, and make you feel like I actually went. Congratulations!

  45. Sarita

    It has been one of the best Sangeet that I have attended.
    Great pictures!

  46. Shashi Dixit

    Good Job!

  47. Rohit Dixit

    Amazing photos…congrats!

  48. Bhushan Dixit


  49. Puneet Dixit

    Very nice work.

  50. Carmen Britez

    The pictures are absolutely beautiful! Each of them leaves such an impression.

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