August 13, 2010

Mary’s Picks: Fall Faves

Happy Friday everybody! The weekend is almost here! In just a little bit, we will be heading out to Mystic for the big rehearsal dinner at Derek & Melinda’s wedding.

But first, I wanted to talk shop with you. Well, more like talk shopping with you. As you saw yesterday if you’re following along on facebook and twitter (and if you’re not, why the heck not?! :), I have officially started shopping for Fall. I know, I know right….stop the presses! But this is exciting news… because Fall? Yea, it’s my favorite season! And there are NO clothes I love trying on more than cozy sweaters, cute boots and cord skirts. Can I get an Amen from the congregation?! AMEN!

Sooo, that being said….I put together a little design board of some of the stuff I picked up recently and some of the things that are most definitely on my wish list. Here ya go, happy shopping!

From left to right & top to bottom:

1. This flirty ruffly top from American Eagle. Grabbed this one to take to Nashville with me, but it will also go great under….
2. This military shirt Jacket. Pair with a cord skirt and cute boots and you’re all set.
3. This flirty ruffly dress also from American Eagle. Also works with the military jacket or just by itself with the boots.
4. I can’t wait to sit out on our porch wearing this striped scoopneck T and eating clam chowder on a crisp afternoon. Is it Fall yet?
5. Just picked up my new Mac lip liner in Whirl (mostly because I was out), but it’s always nice to start a new season fresh.
6. Anything in the scent of “Leaves” from Bath & Body works. They have soap, lotion, spray and my favorite: this mini candle.
7. These short boots from J. Crew are at the top of my wish list. Loving them!
8. Just picked up this sweet pink & navy v-neck from Abercrombie. Fully intend on pairing it with skinny jeans and riding boots.
9. Honestly can you ever have enough hoodies? Fell in love and brought this one home from Abercrombie and when I got home to look it up for this post, it is– no joke– named the “Mary” on the website. I’d say that’s fate.
10. And finally, these Oxfords from J.Crew are a must have for my shoe collection. But maybe when it’s actually Fall. And I’ve saved up a few more pennies! :)

Now who wants to go get apple cider? :)
Fall-ing in Love,

  1. Lyn Ismael-Bennett

    I am digging those short boots! Great eye, Mary!

  2. Michelle

    AMEN….WHOOOHOOOO!!Mary, Mary, Mary, you’re killing me! Like you, Fall and Fall clothes are my favorites. Makes me want an entire new wardrobe. Love all the stuff you picked!

  3. tiffany zajas

    Okay, you have me really excited for fall now! After all this heat we’ve been having, I am so ready for some crisp autumn air…and apple cider…and pumpkin picking…and leaves crunching under my feet…

  4. Brandi

    It’s hard to think about fall because it’s 105 degrees outside. It’s hard to think about shopping because I’m pregnant :P I mainly think about baby shopping!

  5. Denise G.

    Love MAC lip liners–they’re just the creamiest! And love FALL the most…please hurry and save us from these 100+ degree days! I’m wilting… ;)

  6. Leslie

    Amen! #7= awesome and top of my wish list too!! looove me some J.Crew boots! :)

  7. Mary Dunlap

    Love this post and your style. Loving the J.Crew boots!

  8. Tira J

    I knew we were friends for a reason! We wear the same color lip liner! LOVE WHIRL! I can’t wait to start decorating my home for fall. xoxo

  9. Jil

    #10 SWOON

  10. Haley

    This post gives me a good feeling…thinking of fall and….it’s Friday. yay.

  11. Shannon Rosan

    Amen & WooHoo! Despite it still being 90 degrees or warmer here in Northern California I can’t help, but swoon over fall clothing. Fall really is the most stylish season, fo-shizzle. Or is it Fall-Shizzle? :)

  12. Ashley Hawkes

    #2 over #4 and #1 are my faves!
    SO cute!!

  13. Lora Ayers

    I came to your website after seeing "mary’s fall faves" in the tabs for your blog and I was totally expecting pictures of some random gorgeous couple from last fall, but I was very pleasantly surprised to see this "fashion post", LOVED IT!!! Keep sharing Mary, I can’t wait to go shopping!

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