January 15, 2009

Meet: Abby & Ryan

Meet: Abby & Ryan

We got together last month with these guys on the coldest, windiest, brrr-frigidiest day of the year. Nay… the CENTURY. But these two & Justin were such troopers all day….they put up with all my endless whining and never complained about it once!! :) We’ll be kicking off our 2009 season in April with these guys at the same place that we got married (The Branford House) and after seeing how they rocked out the engagement shoot…we can’t wait!!

C’mon….how cute are these two?!

I’m lovin’ the 1920s feel of this one…feels like some old school wooing going on. Do people outside of WV say wooing? Hmm do people INSIDE WV say wooing?

  1. Feuza

    Love the winter light, georgeous.

  2. Dad

    "Brings a tear to me one good eye!!!!"
    I can’t believe that’s my WW!!
    I love you!!!!

  3. Mom E.

    These are amazing pictures of you two!! But then you are both amazing and loveable kids!! We love you!!! (It looks like it was a fun day!!!)

  4. The Big O

    Incredible pictures of an incredible couple :)

  5. Kricia Morris Photography

    OK, so the doorway shots? TOTALLY rockin! Great job guys!

  6. Cuz K

    Totally in love with these shots! I can’t wait to see what will become of the wedding :)

  7. Dawn McKinstry

    Love the "wooing" image. But yeah… I haven’t heard anyone call it that in years. ;)

  8. Whitney Gray

    Wow- these are beautiful!
    And I must say that is the CUTEST logo I’ve seen in a long time!!

  9. Annemarie

    Don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone else use "woo". I love it!! Great shows. Keep wooing and wowing us each and every day, J&M!

  10. Yuka photo art

    Beautiful couple and I love the place where you soot. I can not wait your post from upcoming wedding!

  11. Lorrie K

    Great shoot J&M! You caught their love rock solid. She is a very pretty woman and her eyes, so expressive!

  12. Cathy Crawley

    I love that first shot with her windswept hair and emotive eyes, just beautiful :)

  13. Zach & Jody Gray

    aw! You guys really seemed to capture their personalities with each other.
    Glad your fingers didn’t freeze off! That is why we live in Nashville… Ok, so today the weather hasn’t been too much better.

  14. Aaron

    I really like the mix of cool processing and moments that you captured. That’s what makes you great, I think! well done!

  15. Dustin

    Seriously though, the pictures are amazing. Def gonna use the same people when / if I ever get married! Congrats you guys!!

  16. Tina

    You two are awesome! These picts are stunning! Your face and bodies look so perfect together. Meant to be I’d say!! I love you both!

  17. carla Ten Eyck

    these are great- you can’t even tell how cold they are! :)
    And there is nothing like shooting at the place you got married- I can’t wait to see what you two do there!

  18. Erin

    OMG!!!! I love you two!! These are so beautiful!

  19. Jeremy Gilliam

    This is an awesome session! Love the one kissing on the rocks. I bet you guys were freezing!

  20. Ralphie

    Ryan I didn’t even know you wore jeans bro….but these were so effing cute you guys are adorable

  21. cindy

    Great shoot. I love the mini sequences and the wonderful photo in front of the Christmas store.

  22. Tara

    Love it. Love the old skool feel and vintag-y feel of these.

  23. Heather Essian

    LOVE that first shot!

  24. Cailyn Huston

    Beautiful! I love the post-processing, and you’ve done a wonderful job of capturing them in love.

  25. Mary Marantz

    thanks guys!

  26. ericamay

    oooh, so gorgeous! i love that first image. i’d love a photo of ME looking like that! :) the processing is beautiful — so awesome how you capture the chilliness, wind whipping through hair, all bundled up… but the images still love all warm and lovey. :) perfect!!

  27. Kim

    Oh man…these are great.
    Simply beautiful.

  28. Emily Beaty

    These are great! I really love the ‘wooing’, stairwell, and last 4. Aaaaaaand no, I don’t say wooing. :)

  29. Mom

    It may have been freezing outside but your eyes reveal the warmth in your hearts. Always look in the same direction as you so clearly did that day. Love you bunches!

  30. Mary Marantz

    you guys are awesome! :)

  31. Sherry

    These pictures actually capture the love in your eyes for each other! Absolutely priceless!!! Love you both, Sherry

  32. amee sorensen

    Love, love, this photo session! Awesome job as always!!

  33. Robin Dini

    the shots on the board and in the doorways are beautiful!

  34. Joshua K

    Awesome & stunning shots!

  35. MattDJ

    Wow! As we prepare for our first snowfall tonight, this session just warmed everything up in here! Beautiful!!! :-)

  36. Leslie

    I love these photos!!!! They are truly beautiful and capture the love. You can just feel it!

  37. denise karis

    mmmm i love windy hair! Doesnt it add so much motion to a photo?? I also love the pool party action… am i right, am i right??? :P



  39. pinky

    these are so beautiful and they are such a beautiful couple =) love how we see their connection

  40. Alyssa

    Wow, I bet you two were beginning to think that I wouldn’t leave a comment. How wrong you were :) They are absolutely gorgeous, and so well done. You two really found yourselves a great photographer, he has a great eye. And you’re so in love! The pictures are amazingggg, and they made me smile! I can’t wait for April!

  41. Ellen Post

    These picture are amazing and show the love you have for each other. Looking forward to your wedding day.

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