July 31, 2010

Meet: Alicia & Stephen

Happy Saturday! I hope you are all out enjoying this BEAUTIFUL weather….but if you happen to take a break to check out what’s going on online, allow me be the first to introduce you to Alicia & Stephen! We got together with these guys in their hometown of Newtown, PA (where the movie Signs was filmed!) so they could show us all around where they fell in love. If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time it is no secret how I feel about our couples. But Alicia & Stephen get even more brownie points with me because they had their first date where? Um that’s right….in a STARBUCKS!! So of course we had to start right there.

Meet: Alicia & Stephen

A first date in a Starbucks…I’d say that is bliss.

How cute are these two?!

Newtown has all sorts of old school alley ways to explore

And white washed buildings

Yea, these two know how to work it. Lemme work it.

We found this killer barn just as a crazy storm was blowing in. We stayed out there probably just a little too long considering there was lightening everywhere, but I think it was totally worth it!!

Alicia you are gorgeous!! Absolutely gorgeous!

And Stephen, you are pretty dashing yourself!


After we walked around Newtown for a while, we went back to grab A&S’s dog Yoda. How awesome is that name?!

Then we hit the field. Now you know I have to really, really love this couple to do a Penn State themed shoot considering I’m a die hard WVU fan. Like REALLY love them! :)

Love it!

LOL! Yoda doing laps

A lil’ keep away.

Alicia & Stephen we love you guys and can’t WAIT to be there with you in October!
So much love

  1. Eric Delbrige

    Love it!!

  2. Mary Dunlap

    Love! Both my husband and I are Penn State Grads and we met at PSU our Senior Year. Love the PSU phots in addition to the others!!! Fab.

  3. Sue Kleppinger

    Beautiful couple!!! And great photography!

  4. Brandi

    B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L couple… and can I just say I want their dog… if he is ever missing please tell me them to come looking in Maine ;)

  5. Ryan

    Your engagement shoots are so awesome, and what a great couple!! Any chance we can talk you into a J&M Walk thru an Engagement Shoot???????

  6. spring

    Love the one over his shoulder of her about to throw the ball- :)

  7. Kristin

    Woo hoo!! I’m from Newtown, CT and have alllllways wondered what Newtown, PA looked like! So much awesomer than I expected. And they look like they’re drinking my fav zen tea.. man you guys get cool couples! We need to do a J&M couples party. I think we’d all be instant bff’s.

  8. Alicia Kleppinger

    J&M – you made us look amazing despite all the heat and humidity that day! LOVE the photos of our Yoda :-)

  9. Tira J

    What a great session with a gorgeous couple! I love how creative every shot is.

  10. Girish

    Nice ones again ;)

    So many it’s hard to choose my favorite. But I would pick the above the first shot of the Yoda.
    Cause the portrait of Stephen has come out real real nice. Very nice focus there.

    Always a fan of your work.

    Do you always pose the couple or it’s ‘go ahead have fun we will shoot you’ you know sort of candids.

  11. Michelle Hebert

    Love the shots near the barn…so beautiful! I’ve gotta say, LOVE the football shots, especially since that is my husband’s alma mater! Go Nittany Lions! Great work!

  12. Alison

    These two are contenders for best smiles on a J&M couple! Love the alley way shot, but then again, I am slightly infatuated with alley ways!! Oh, and Yoda is too cool!!!!

  13. Doreen Iezzatti

    These are great photos and it looks like you had a great time

  14. Clint

    Lots of good photos! The dog running laps had me cracking up. lol

  15. Aunt Kathy

    The shots are awesome! Can not wait to see you both in October!!!!

  16. Melissa

    beautiful photography and beautiful couple! A great mix of cute, glamorous and fun!

  17. Dawn

    Love … this is what love is – these pictures show confidence, growth, maturity and contentment. If you’ve had the priviledge of knowing them, you see this in every photo. Nice touch with Yoda … the newest of the family. Thank you!!

  18. Darla

    All these photos are so amazing! Alicia you are such a sex kitten in some of them! I absolutely LOVE them all. Miss you guys!

  19. Matt

    That is some serious cheese, but in a good way :) Can’t wait to see you guys!!!

  20. Ann

    Great photos and what a cute dog!

  21. Jen

    These are GORGEOUS,as are you two!!!

  22. Joyce

    I really like that shot through the Starbucks window and the head-and-shoulders one of the two of you (and, of course, the frog dog pics were great).

  23. Heath

    Wow…so amazing! Gorgeous photos!!

  24. Carole Hannan

    What a beautiful couple. Best of luck to you both with your upcoming wedding. Love, Carole

  25. Jeremy Weikel

    Absolutely beautiful. Miss you guys like mad. Hope all is well on your end. Cheers and congrats again on the upcoming wedding. Be safe, be well, be happy.

    Love you guys,
    Jeremy, Dawn, & Eve

  26. Marie

    What beautiful smiles these two have! My favorites are the photo in the alley and against the barn next to the shot of Stephen. GO PENN STATE!!!!!!!!

  27. Melissa Acton

    Looks like a fun day… paparazzi :) Love, Me

  28. Sally

    Stunning! You’re wedding pics are going to be beautiful!

  29. Dad

    Gorgeous pictures of an extraordinary couple. We love you both and can’t wait for the wedding. Maybe I won’t give you away. (just kidding)

  30. fran larkins

    The both of you are gorgeous!!! I love the one between the stone walls – very creative. Alicia, you look a lot like your mom – beautiful!

  31. Aunt Patsy

    Beautiful couple. Gorgeous photos. Alicia, you look so much like your mother and father. I remember the day you were born. I wish you a wonderful life together.

  32. Dave

    Good looking pictures.

  33. Stephen Iezzatti

    telling the guys in the office about the site may have been a bad idea

  34. Adrian M

    Did somebody go to Penn State? Maybe the puppy…

  35. Brent M

    I OWE YOU: 1 set of 8×8 pictures. They look great!

  36. Romeo C.

    Good pictures. Did I tell you about my financial blog?

  37. Jenna (SOBC Student)

    That’s a good looking SOBC instructor of the year! Congratulations on your award and on the great pictures!

  38. Adrian M.

    Here’s wishing you a wonderful marriage day, all the way from Sweden!

  39. R. Clayton

    Gorgeous pictures! The fence and football ones have such bright aura of being so white and pure and beautiful!

  40. Dave K.

    I hate everything…except your pictures! Congrats!

  41. felicia Gwen

    Super cute couple!

  42. Diego shyba

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  43. Your Friends at Cameron Brooks

    Less time posing for pictures, more time reading boring career books and writing that resume!
    Haha, j/k, Steve! Congratulations, the pictures look great! (Unlike your job prospects…haha j/k again! Really, congrats)

  44. Sue Cooney

    wow – very creative photos with quite the photogenic couple!

  45. Nancy Roberts

    Oh my, our babysitter is all grown up and GORGEOUS!! The groom to be isn’t too bad, either! Alicia, you’ll be happy to know Jillian is going to Penn State, University Park. I’ll have to let her look at these amazing photos. Kevin and I wish you and Stephen all the best! Much love!!

  46. Mike B.

    Steve now I can see why the students love you so much! Such a beautiful photogenic man! I love the one of you running on the track with your leash still on! J/k, great pictures guys!

  47. Joe Pa

    I love the Penn State pictures. You make my old eyes tear up! I will be thinking of you two when I’m limping out of the tunnel on opening day.

  48. Michelle

    LOVE these photos!!!!! You guys are too cute! Can’t wait for the wedding. You guys look so happy, we are truly thrilled for you!! Congrats. My fave….the 2nd photo….encompasseses everything!

  49. Peggy

    You make a cute couple! My favorite picture is the both of you in the alley way. Wishing you the best of luck in your marriage!

  50. Joseph Tancredi

    Alicia, you are as Beautiful as ever! and I would feel honored to meet Stephen, if the opportunity presents itself! I am very Happy for you! The pictures are amazing! Sincerely Joe

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