June 26, 2009

Meet: Alison & Matt

And our NYC shooting extravaganza continues! We met up with Alison & Matt to walk around their neighborhood, drink the best fizzy grapefruit drink on the PLANET, and spend some time sitting on the stoop where they got engaged. The very same stoop that Alison’s parents used to sit on when they had their first place in the City.

It was a gorgeous day in New York.

But I gotta be honest…it paled in comparison to the couple.

Love *IS* the answer!! That guy must be pretty smart! :)

How BEAUTIFUL are these two together?!

How awesome is this door number?!

So this was right NEXT to the famous brownstone stoop of a little show called Sex & The City. That one was all roped off, but still we felt very close to Miss Bradshaw.

Did I mention we stopped in the middle to fly to the lavender fields of France? Yea, that’s just how we roll.

Super cute!!

Love how EPIC this one feels! Epic is my word of the century!!


What’s that you say? Epic again? Why yes, I agree!

quiet moments

Alison & Matt, you guys are awesome! We had the best time walking around with you and slowing down long enough to breathe life in. Even if that meant breathing in a little pollen with it!! :) We can’t wait to see you guys again in September!

  1. alyssa jul

    I love these, hats off to you both!

  2. Zach & Jody Gray

    Great set guys! Love the connection that you have with your clients!

  3. Liz Kausteklis

    I love the lavendar field pictures! Actually, I love them all!!!

  4. Lora Carr

    Two words: LOVE IT!

  5. Catie Ronquillo

    This session is…..EPIC! Love it. The lavender field is amazing! :)

  6. W. Tyler Lackey

    Gosh you guys are so amazing!!!
    This is gonna sound super cheeeezy but when i get older i dream to be able to capture like you guys =)

  7. nelz

    WOW!!! i’m inspired! :)

  8. Kat Forsyth

    Loving these! The epic one is epic most definitely, and the one two below that is even MORE. And I lurve the first one! Great session!

  9. Emily Mason

    These are so beautiful! Amazing work!!

  10. Val

    OMG these pics are incredible, your work is fantastic! Not that I am getting engaged anytime soon but these shots of my sis and soon-to-be brother-in-law are making me want some sort of occasion to enlist your services :) Come September, I cannot wait to see how great you two make me look in the wedding photos!

  11. Jessica Shae

    Beautiful couple, beautiful pictures. Awesome job!

  12. Roycito

    these pics look great. from top to bottom this couple looks like they are going places. the one where alli is sitting between matts lap on the grass is my fav. cant wait to go to the wedding.

  13. Ana Rebeca Contreras

    Amazing pictures!!!

  14. Amy Clifton

    OK, wow! These are so beautiful. The walking away shot is gorgeous, and everything about those images in the lavender field is just perfect.

  15. MM

    @ Tyler: what? what’s that you say? Did my heart just mush into butter? OH yes it did!!! You’re awesome….thank you so much for that!

  16. GrayPhotography

    aw, man! Great shots! What a naturally beautiful couple. Love how you captured them!

  17. Dylan Cooke

    You guys look beautiful, love the modeling shots in the grass. Great job on the pictures they turned out spectacularly!

  18. Ali

    Justin and Mary, what can we say – they are outstanding! I don’t think I could possibly find a favorite! We had such a great time in the city with you guys and look forward to September.

  19. Crystal Chick

    beautiful. amazing. inspiring.

    just what i needed to see. i’ve been in a rut. you guys are a constant source of inspiration.

  20. Alison Douglass

    Had to add my last name to comment this time, not to be confused with your beautiful subject… Just had to say that I LOVE the first photo, it just speaks. Outstanding photos

  21. Matt

    We felt a little funny doing this but you guys – or the fizzy graefruit drink – really made it so easy. Thanks so much much for capturing the moment(s) that Sunday. The pictures – especially of Ali – are so flattering. Cheers…MPM

  22. Lynn Connelly

    So many beautiful photos of you both! Congratulations, and I LOVE image #alison_matt28.jpg. LOVE it. Loved quite a few, by the way.

  23. KP

    awwww you guys are TOO cute!! They’re all epic in my book :) Can’t wait to see you two in September!!

  24. Ginny Mintzer

    Ali and Matt…I hope you don’t have to pick just one because all the pictures are incredible. We can’t wait until September!

  25. Travis

    Wow…seeing you two in these got me all choked up. These really are some spectacular shots. I’m not sure I can even pick favorites, although the no-look modeling pics are definitely at the top of the list

  26. Lucille Velander

    WOW! All the photo’s are so beautiful! Congratulations!

  27. Holly Steen

    Lovely session. Congratulations. I think you brought the meaning of "Epic" up a notch. Great photography!

  28. Julia

    SO natural and SO beautiful!!

  29. Suwanee

    That’s just grand! Lovely session indeed and so beautifully captured.

  30. Mary Lou

    The pics are gorgeous! Feels like being there. Love the shot of you strolling down the street, hand in hand :) Thanks for sharing, and see you soon!

  31. Colby Dennison

    Talk about a beautiful couple! Congratulations guys. You got some amazing shots. I can’t wait to see the wedding photos, as I can only imagine how stunning you will both look…

  32. JPM

    perfect!!! these are timeless..Congrats you guys

  33. Spence

    absolutely stunning! congratulations! :-)

  34. paula

    beautiful photos, beautiful couple, beautiful life:)

  35. Treva

    These pictures are all so amazing, I can’t pick just one. I cannot believe how at ease both Ali and Matt look in front of the camera, obviously you two have an incredible ability to draw the best from your clients. I also have never seen Ali look so lovely, it is obvious Matt brings out the best in her. True love – its a beautiful thing.

  36. Phil

    The shots are absolutely amazing! Good luck with the rest of your preparation!

  37. james


  38. nicky gantsoudes

    wow, wow and wow!

  39. jaspershane

    what an amazingly beautiful couple

  40. Dad

    These are really beautiful ! Einstein couldn’t have matched you any better and he’s right, "All you need is love". You got it, Enjoy it!!!!!!!!
    Love, Dad

  41. Cindy Shupe Roy

    The black and white photos are dreamy. I love the simplicity of just their sandals together. What a perfect pair.


  42. Uncle Steve

    Ali is so photogenic… great pictures… the two of you look very comfortable together… Matt is a very lucky man.
    Cheers anf love, Steve

  43. Nicole Haley

    I love that you can feel how content they both are together. And I love that you took a mini-break to a lavender field. :D

  44. Mark Mintzer

    I don’t know how you make the decision. I really like the B&W. I’m sure bystanders were trying to figure out what movie they saw you two in. See you soon………..MAM

  45. Alison's Uncle Pete

    The photos are lovely…so considering the subject(s), this is a surprise? And, Val, like your sister, you don’t need anyone’s help to look beautiful either in September, now or ever.

  46. Stef

    These are unbelievable – what a beautiful couple and looks like an amazing wedding!

  47. jeramy

    whoa!!!!! excellent.

  48. Mark Davis

    I am going to punt on the picking…too hard! What a cool exercise! Yahooo! God bless you guys!

  49. Chuck

    Great job! See you in September.

  50. Loral

    OMG they are all gorgeous — as are you guys. Love the large black and white on the stoop (the one with no kissing) — Alison is sheer contentment, Matt is all joy. Also love the large black and white "rear view" — walking hand in hand, so relaxed, capturing one of those small moments that are the real joy. Thanks for sharing!

  51. Brian L.

    Matt and Alison rockin’ NYC. Great shots. Love you guys!
    Love is the Answer!

  52. Jane M

    I’ve got to say, I like the B&W photos the best. Classic, epic, call it what you may…these photos are first rate. C U in September (add a melody here ~_^)

  53. Linden

    You guys are awesome! Ya’ll rock every shoot :)

  54. Ted

    Wonderful pictures Alison – can’t wait to see you in September, meet Matt, and catch up with the rest of the crew.


    Ted Brynn

  55. Nana

    What can I say? They are all beautiful. But I like the big one of the two of you (right below the "387 1/2") the best. See you in September!

  56. Terri (niece)

    I LOVE the pics! I wish I had engagement pics lol. My favorite is the "epic" pic in the lavender. It looks like it is straight out of a Ralph Lauren ad! I am so happy for you two and can’t WAIT for Sept! :)

  57. falcon

    a photo of you two where carrie carried on with mr big? (carrie was a writer and mr. big was in high finance) does this portend a happily forever after for you guys?

  58. Katie

    So lovley!

  59. Katie

    So lovely (oops typo!). I can’t pick a favorite! You both are so photogenic

  60. Joe

    Nice pics! See you in Sept.

  61. Tom Mintzer

    Wow. The pictures look fantastic. Congratulations to both, and I’m definitely looking forward to September.

  62. Andrew

    Not that I am surprised that these photos blew me away… given such an easy subject to work with… but they are truly incredible. The story, the narratives, the shadows and composition, the beauty of the subjects… knocked it out of the park! I love you guys very much, and Ali you are a vision…

  63. LIAN

    Your pictures are so beautiful!!! Ali- I am so excited for you…and I wanna look like you. These pictures made me so happy!!! xx

  64. Joe III

    The pictures look stunning! I’m happy for you two and I can’t wait to see you in september.

  65. charlotte

    YOU GUYS ARE SEXY!!!!!!!!!!
    love the lavender pics!!!

  66. char

    Val did not explain well that the commenting was not a joke… looking @ everyone else’s comments made me feel slightly pathetic. I am so happy for you two and I wish you both the best!
    Matt, looking forward to meeting you and Ali, I hope to see you soon!
    lots of love

  67. John Powers

    Really nice pictures! Can’t wait for the wedding!

  68. Brooke

    Awesome photos! Looking at these pics, I’m guessing that Trav’s digital camera isn’t quite gonna capture you both the same in September. Congrats again and you look great together.

  69. Seth

    Great photos. Congratulations!!

  70. Sharon Beachamp

    Great photo’s! You are so beautiful together!

  71. Mike L.

    The pictures are really great, you both look fantastic. Matt, your father would have loved the artistic quality (especially the b/w), he would’ve been very proud! Congratulations and we will see you in the fall!

  72. Judy Austin

    Wow, what fabulous pictures! I love the black and whites, and am really impressed by how photogenic you both are. You make a GORGEOUS couple!! Congratulations — the best is yet to come!!! Love you, Jude

  73. Claudine

    What beautiful photos! You make a gorgeous couple. We are really looking forward to seeing you in September. Congratulations!

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