October 21, 2009

Meet: Angela & Andrew

Meet: Angela & Andrew!

We are working hard on all these posts and will be posting images from their incredible wedding at Oheka Castle in the very near future! So we thought we’d just give you all a chance to get to know them first. ;) Here are a few shots from a quick engagement shoot we did with them at the Public Theatre in NYC, where they both work.

We had some fun playing around and being all dramatic. Get it….DRAMATIC, drama….Public theatre!! :) LOL, clearly I’ve had too much coffee today.

Via: Wikipedia: A ghost light is a bare light bulb left on over night in a theater after a production is over.
There are several theories as to the origin of the ghost light. One suggests it goes back to the time of William Shakespeare, where a candle would be left burning after a play to ward away the ghosts of past performances. [1] More practically, a ghost light performs much the same function for a theatre as a night light does for a bedroom by illuminating the stage to prevent injury when the theatre is not lit by either sunlight or the house lights.
One practical reason for the ghost light is to indemnify a theater from any responsibility resulting from injuries sustained by anyone who might break into the space after hours. Should a prowler find himself unwittingly pitching forward into the orchestra pit and subsequently inclined to sue the theater, he may be less likely to receive compensation for his injuries if the ghost light was in fact burning at the time of his accident.

  1. johnwaire | photo

    love the shot of them holding the light. WILD! WILD! WILD!

  2. Tira J

    WHOA! Way cool images!

  3. Lisa H. Chang

    The information about the ghost light … and then the following image … what a great impact! Love the DRAMA :)

  4. Matt

    Love the use of shadows. Especially the third shot down. And the ghost light is a very cool story. Amazing shots.

  5. arielle joy

    Love the dramatic lighting and shadows in these! Beautiful!

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