October 6, 2011

Meet: Anna Sawin

If there were an Anna Sawin fan club, I would be the President.

And if there were already a President in place then I would come in and oust them by military force all Genghis Khan style. While eating a turkey leg. And wearing a furry hat.

And since I’m not really known to do either, eat an entire turkey leg or wear a furry hat that is, that should tell you just how much I adore Anna. We’ve known her for a couple of years now, and I can’t tell you how proud I’ve been to watch her business explode. It could not have happened to a nicer person or a more talented photographer. Anna is just the kind of person you want to make your best friend….and sit around and drink tea with. She has a quiet calm about her that she radiates to those around her. But just when you least expect it, she’ll hit you with a one-two punch of her quick wit that’ll keep you on your toes. She is an absolute doll. And we are so, so lucky to call her a peer and a friend.

Anna is in the process of working on her new brand, and when she asked us to do the headshots for it I’m pretty sure I shouted YES before she could even get the question out. So we met up with her in her home town of Stonington and rocked it out….with her AND her fabulous green coat.

Meet: Anna Sawin

  1. Meredith Perdue

    These are incredible! And they make me so happy! Anna, you are too beautiful.

  2. Christa Hann

    Love the green coat!!!!

  3. Sandra Fazzino Photography

    Oh! Mary! Reading your posts tend to make me miss the east coast & bring up fond memories. These photos of Anna are beautiful! Lovin the love!

  4. Anna Sawin

    Mary! Justin! You are magic through and through! Talk about making a girl feel like QUEEN for a day–I love them so much! And I might not stop using exclaimation points! Ever! Thank you SO SO much, from the bottom of my heart and the bottom of the pockets of my green coat. Love you guys, xoxoxoxo Anna

  5. Jennifer Bacchiocchi

    OMG, Anna, you are so adorable (in a GORGEOUS sort of way)! Beautiful shots, J & M!

  6. B

    Great pics! Anna is darling with or without the coat!

  7. Stephanie Stewart

    Gorgeous! And I love that green coat!

  8. jennie fresa

    And isn’t she a BEAUTY! Anna Sawin you are simply fabulous!

  9. feuza

    I am definetely in this club, big fan of Anna, and my these are some gorgeous photos, Anna, you have great skin wow

  10. Sarah

    so very beautiful

  11. sarah danaher

    she’s darling!!

  12. Marissa Rodriguez

    These are absolutely amazing! And that coat!? Let’s always talk about that coat.

  13. lucinda Wesson

    WOW!!! Pretty Pretty lady!!!You are rocking those lashes Miss Sawin! Did you steal them from your boys?? J & M…you guys are magical!

  14. Jodie

    The Coat is cute but I LOVE the flats!

  15. Lara

    Gorgeous! So glad to have met Anna a few months ago…makes seeing these even better!

  16. Christine Cabral

    You are amazing! What stunning pics. How will you choose?? I like the lobster pot one myself!:) Fun!

  17. Melissa

    That is one hot Mama!! Anna, you are beautiful inside and out, green pea coat and orange shoes (both fabulous by the way) or not! Justin and Mary, in their usual totally rad awesomeness, captured the glow and pure joy you have from following your bliss. YOU GO GIRL!!

  18. LEOLAK

    These are….SWEEEETTTTT….as in awesome! Love her jewelry too!

  19. Rachel Marie Photography

    Awsome shots! I love all the bright colors in the first location.

  20. Crista

    WOWZA! Gorgeous pictures of a gorgeous lady. I LOVE EVERY SINGLE ONE!

  21. Nicki Griffith


  22. Jess

    Ohmygoodness! Love, love, love these! She’s beautiful, and so are the photos. Anna, I must ask… where is your top from? I love it!

  23. Girish

    Stunning pictures. Lovely use of the light there. Great smile :)

  24. Gabby / En Route Photography

    Beautiful shots! I adore the green all over the place! ;) I wish u´d live closer so i coud do my headshots too! ;D


  25. Anna Sawin

    Tee hee–I’ve never in my life thought about being enough of a style diva that I need to source my clothing! This is very exciting for me, ladies! The deets:
    Coat: Boden (Boden color makes me HAPPY!) Shoes: Uber indulgence from Sundance.com. See above re: color=happy. Jeans: Lucky (did anyone care? I don’t know why you would.) Necklace: Lisa Hall Jewelery in Northeast Harbor, Maine, love her work! It is seaglass! And, the SHIRT! Clearance rack, TJ Maxx. If I bought you three pumpkin spice lattes, it would have cost more. Makeup: Jennie Fresa, OF COURSE. :) Hair: Alexis S. at Antonio, Mystic

  26. Tiffany Farley

    Beautiful! I love the colors!

  27. Anna Maria

    Beautiful photos and what a beauty of a model too! Anna Is breath taking and yes I agree a very talented person! I am very proud to know her and think this is wonderful! All the best always!

  28. Sandra "I heart J&M" Costello

    OMG, girl you look gorgeous! I wish I was there for this shoot. Just to be close to your fabulousness. J&M, awesome job. Maybe I could be next?! Love to all three of you!

  29. Spring

    I love these like there is no tomorrow and i’m not even sure that makes sense but trust me it means a lot!!!!

  30. Ashley Scobey

    Umm… can we be the recorder and the treasurer of the fan club? Anna you are so gorgeous!!!! (and kind and amazingly talented)

  31. Keaton

    LOVE the locations you chose! The dock was my favorite. Especially with that white shirt. :-)

  32. lindsay

    Ahh! Anna you look STUNNING! Love these photos, you look absolutely gorgeous. Hope to see you soon!

    Lindsay Milan

  33. sylvie

    très beau clichés ;-)

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