December 14, 2009

Meet: Annette & Mike

While we are finishing up Part I of Joanna & Corey’s wedding, here’s a lil’ engagement shoot fun to hold you over!! We got together with our 2010 clients Annette & Mike for a quick shoot around the Yale campus and some cozy caffeinated beverages! :) After seeing how ridiculously photogenic these two are, now we can’t wait for their January wedding!!

You two are just beautiful together!!

LOVE this one!

Helloooo Gorgeous!!

We were really digging these berries! :)

Justin gettin down n’ dirty.

Super cute!

The end!

  1. Courtney

    Totally adorable couple! Great pictures!

  2. Lisa Chang

    Aw ~ I really like the last one!

  3. René Tate

    *sigh* I love engagement shoots…. I almost like them better than weddings sometimes. Nice shoot you guys. Love it. I think y’all should post at least one shot every post of one of you shooting. :)

  4. elizabeth Pellette

    these are wonderful.. just love what you did here.. great work

  5. Joan

    nice pictures…good for you!!!

  6. Alicia Kleppinger

    Beautiful, as always. LOVE, love, love that coat girl!

  7. jackie g. photog

    cute couple, and beautiful images as always!

  8. syreena B

    these make me happy…oh-and the fingerless gloves make me even happier :)

  9. Renee Lisenby

    You guys are the cutest couple ever! the black and white ones are my favorite!

  10. Derrek

    You guys look glorious!!

  11. sasha

    Young, Beautiful, and In Love! You guys look marvelous together!!! Wishing u many years of happiness!!!

  12. Jill Haney

    Amazing, you guys are beautiful :)

  13. amy

    You look amazing!

  14. Chris Hennessy

    These are really good pictures!!

  15. imthiaz houseman

    what a cute couple. great session, love the gloves Justin. :)

  16. Dad & Mom

    Anetka & Mikus wygladacie wspaniale, piekne zdjecia bedziecie mieli piekna pamiatke love you.

  17. Auntie Mikki

    Don and I love the pix! You are a beautiful couple. God bless!

  18. Cat

    GORGEOUS! Looks like it should be a spread in a magazine! Best of luck to both of you!

  19. Harmony Loves

    I love this session. I love the feel of fall here, the coates, the trees, and the love :)

  20. Laura Sluboski

    The pictures came out great!!!

  21. Cassie

    Awesome pics guys! You both look great! Congrats!

  22. HeAther edwards

    You guys look fantastic!!! Beautiful pictures!! Congratulations again! Can’t wait to see the wedding photos!

  23. Nikki H

    These pictures are gorgeous!! LOVE them!

  24. Beth Urbanski

    These are beautiful!! The two of you are gorgeous!

  25. Kristen H.

    LOVE the pics! You two are naturals :)

  26. Paula aka Mom Haney

    These are beautiful! You both look so natural, and so in love. I can’t even choose which I like best, except I am partial to the black and white. A&F have nothing over you!

  27. Tanya

    Love the pictures. You two are absolutely stunning. :)

  28. Iga & Tomek

    Wspaniałe zdjęcia, piękna para, cudownie razem wyglądcie, pozdrowienia z Polski

  29. Erin P

    Absolutely gorgeous…can’t wait for the wedding!!!

  30. Jess Doolady

    Absolutely beautiful! Everything about these is totally you:) Love them!! Cant WAIT for the wedding pictures!!! xoxo

  31. Lisa

    OMG, Gorgeous pics!!!! Love them, you guys are so cute!! :)

  32. Ray

    I love the b&w and color shot of Mike’s face pressed up against Annette as she looks towards the camera. ;o)

  33. Aunt Holly

    Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful photos! They are as amazing as the couple in them!

  34. Liz Kausteklis

    They are so cute! I love her hat and jacket…and the coffee cup :) Love coffee!

  35. Feuza

    They are so cute! ok you need to show us your kick ass blogging techniques on how fast you do this on next pancake session!

  36. Christina

    How gorgeous! I love them U two are the cutest couple ever:)

  37. MM

    @Feuza: LOL! oh how i WISH we had figured out some way to do it fast. The truth is we’ve just been working ’round the clock to get caught up!! It still takes hours & hours!! :)

  38. Kara Sluboski

    They look great!! Cant wait for the wedding:)

  39. Magan

    Ok, Annette is gorgeous, but she’s complimented by a very photogenic groom. Wow – you guys (J&M) did a phenomenal job with this session. I can’t wait to see their wedding photos!

  40. Jamie LaRoche

    Those are the most amazing pictures! I can’t wait until the wedding! Congratulations Annette and Mike!

  41. Faith Murphy

    These are BEAUTIFUL! Kisses from CA!

  42. Auntie Faye

    Absolutely amazing. All my love to the two of you!!!!

  43. Nana and Poppy Beraducci

    You are a beautiful couple. God bless you. We love you. Poppy says he hopes the tuxedo doesn’t have dragging pants!


    Annette, you look so beautiful in these pictures. Back in our freshman year of college we would complain about stupid boys. I am so glad you found your prince charming, You two make such a good couple :)

  45. Erica Velasco

    Cute! And probably chilly!

  46. Cousin Michele S.

    Beautiful pictures. My favorite is the b&w: "Super Cute." Best wishes.

  47. Kasey

    Your photos are so beautiful! Annette you look so fabulous.

  48. annette

    Thanks for all the comments everyone!! Special thanks to justin and mary for the amazing photos! cant wait for the wedding 25 days!!

  49. Sophie

    Wow…. beautiful couple, wishing you an amazing life together! xxx

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