August 1, 2011

Meet: Annie & Uri

Happy Tuesday!

Today I have for you a dash of old world vibe courtesy of Annie & Uri’s Yale engagement shoot. These two met on the first day of law school orientation at Northwestern. where they had both volunteered to help paint a school on the south side of Chicago. When she showed up that day, the first thing that caught Annie’s eye was Uri in his white muscle t-shirt and a tan from a summer spent surfing in San Diego. And she couldn’t help but think that he stood out among the pale, bookish types.

They spent the rest of the day bonding over art, books, Wes Anderson movies, Chicago steaks and the Rolling Stones. And a mutual love for 70’s Schwinn road bikes. And just like that, somewhere along narrow side streets and crowded marketplaces as they fell in love with Chicago….they fell in love with each other too.

Meet: Annie & Uri

  1. Damaris Mia

    Oh so beautiful <3

  2. Anthony

    Great shoot, great story, but those case books might give me nightmares . . .lol!

  3. Gail

    I’m SUCH a sucker for the Ivy League look of a college campus shoot. I mean, hot people with high IQs? I want to hang out with them already! Bonus points for being fellow Wes Anderson lovers :)

  4. Abby Grace

    I love the architecture- absolutely beautiful. ANd your colors are gorgeous, as always. Such a sweet couple!

  5. Lyn Ismael-Bennett

    Such a cute love story…and what a gorgeous couple too! These photos are just beautiful!

  6. Matt

    Aww, love these. They look so natural! :)

  7. Suzy G

    Amazing. They are so cute and the light is so creamy. Gorgeous session. On another note, I found y’all through a comment left on my blog and I am so glad I did. Y’all are rockin out and a total inspiration. Love it. :)

  8. Char

    So beautiful! And natural. Love em all!

  9. Brooke Summer Photography

    I love love love columns! They’re so classic. :) Awesome work!

  10. Ashley Terry

    The lighting in these is just gorgeous. You guys just rock it every time.

  11. Rachel Marie Photography

    Beautiful pictures! i love the look/texture of the doors in the first few pictures. and i love their matching shoes!

  12. Kristen McClurken

    Super cute couple! Love all the little hidden nooks at Yale too :)

  13. James

    Great photos…..did you use flash at all on these? I cannot really tell. thanks

  14. MM

    Hey James! No flash on these….just all natural light. We did have to bump our ISO quite a bit there at the end.

  15. Christa

    Love this location

  16. Christa

    Love this location

  17. Girish

    Such an amazing shoot this is. One of my favorites from yours.

    So natural. They are amazing together. Well done in keeping the natural chemistry whilst giving some poised thoughts.

    Keep it up.

  18. Stephanie Stewart

    I totally agree with Girish…love this shoot! There’s something about this couple that is just perfection. Like they are just in the moment together.

  19. jeramy

    these images are beautiful! i love how she wears his same style shoes….they don’t quite seem like her style….yet she fits in them just the same. lovely.

  20. Amy Clifton

    LOVING the set under the archways. Gorgeous and classic.

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