June 2, 2010

Meet: Becky & Tay

Good morning!

It’s Wednesday. And we thought, there would be nothin’ better to get you over that hump than a super cute couple under a weeping willow tree. Right? I’m sayin. It is the sure cure for the work week blues!

Meet: Becky & Tay

We got together with these two to laugh and love and quote The Office. To sit out under the shade of a willow tree, come back and sip on red wine. To breathe in life and cool salt air. To make life slow down for just a second to really see each other. To see love as it really is. It was the kind of day you just want to live over and over. B&T, we had the best time hanging out with you guys! And we can’t wait to see you up in Vermont later this month… where we will sit out under a maple tree and sip maple syrup together. Sound like a plan? :)

So much love,

Yea, like I said….SUPAH cute!!

OK, I’m just going to say it. Get it out there and out of the way. Doesn’t Tay bear a very striking resemblance to a certain fallen golf star? For real.

love love love this next set.

Becky you are beautiful! You shine from the inside out.


The end.

Stay tuned because this week and next we have a bevy of beautiful weddings coming your way! First up, Marin & Doug!!

  1. Grant

    LOVE those B&W’s in the grass! What a good looking couple!

  2. Molly Kate

    HOLY freakin cute!!

  3. Terra Dawn

    Beautiful, guys!! I love those black and whites…..

  4. Jil

    my goodness, these are too cute! and i’m super excited for Marin & Doug… i LOVED their autumn shoot!!

  5. Katelyn James

    How cute is she?!! Gosh I wish I could rock the short hair.. that will never happen! You guys are awesome! Loved these!

  6. Lyn Ismael-Bennett

    Oh how romantic! I really really adore your black and whites!

  7. Deyla Huss Photography

    So beautiful! I absolutely love all of these shots. What an adorabley sweet couple!

  8. Kayla

    These are so beautiful!

  9. Becky MacDonell

    Thank you so much, Justin & Mary!! We can’t wait to see you again in a few weeks!


    Mr. Woods absolutely loves these pics!! :)

  11. Alison

    A willow tree, tall grass and an evening sunset. Yep, you got all my favorites right in there! Beautiful!

  12. MM

    @Tay: LOL!!! Love it!!

  13. Alice

    These are gorgeous, as is this couple! I love the hot pink and browns popping out of the beautiful greenery and yummy sunshine. Just divine!

  14. Tira J

    Um HELLO gorgeous couple!!! I love them all! So beautiful!!

  15. Jakki

    I really like how her blouse just pops out against the background of the green but I love the b/w with his nose on her shoulder…not yet a kiss or the kiss has already passed. beautiful mood for a gorgeous shot!

  16. Nicole Glenn

    Amazingness! That first photo of Becky is beautiful!!! 85mm?? Perfect session, but you already had me a willow tree. :)

  17. Aunt Marilyn

    Wow, What great shots and of course the couple looks wonderful. See you two soon, lots of LOVE.

  18. Nithya

    Lovely!! I love the sun flares in the last few shots! I also love the B&W’s – classy but romantic at the same time.

  19. Tina

    Ooooo gorgeous light, gorgeous couple, AMAZING images! Love them all!

  20. Erika McCauley

    Wow – these are simply stunning!!

  21. Girish

    Wonderful shots.

    Lot of different poses here.

    Great variety.

  22. oneshotbeyond

    emotional set! LOVE IT!

  23. Stephanie Stewart

    Ummm…I looove all of these! Cannot possibly choose a favorite, just impossible!

  24. Juner Colina-Luquez

    Tay and Becky, those are amazing and very romantic pictures!!! LOVE THEM!!! Congratulations again!!

  25. Candace Prokopets

    Beautiful! I "LOVED" all the same ones you did. And yes, he does resemble the fallen golf star. Fo sho!

  26. ajira

    This couple! My goodness! LOVED THIS!!

  27. Ray

    Gorgeous shots! I love the calm feel of the shoot. Gorgeous weeping willow tree as well. And Tay does resemble that golf star you’re talking about.

  28. Dennis

    Looking hot you two!

  29. Weaves

    Hey you two – looking phenom! Excited to see you guys – a few short weeks!

  30. Todd Long

    This pics are breathtaking! Talented photographer but such easy subjects to work with!

  31. Jessica

    Incredible pictures! I got choked up just looking at them. Gorgeous!

  32. Jenna

    Unbelievable! They look incredible, I love all of them :) congrats again, I miss you guys!

  33. Kate

    Beautiful pictures – can’t wait for the wedding in a few weeks!

  34. Peter

    Beautiful pictures – I think you really captured these two. They look relaxed and natural.

  35. Cindy and Dave MacDonell

    Becky and Tay – Your dad brought us the link yesterday. These pictures are amazing! You look like professional models. Everything about them is so artistic. Your only problem is deciding which ones to chose!


    Excellent shots. I very much liked Tay’s gazing stare and the simplicity of Becky’s hair in her face. both give a supernatural quality. Becky — you look great, and Tay — what can I say? There’s something about being the Turkish Tiger Woods that I just can’t get out of my mind! Ha. See you guys soon.

  37. Heather Hussey

    AMAZING!!! I absolutely LOVE them!! and what a beautiful couple:)

  38. Matt Roginski

    These are beautiful. Can’t wait for the wedding!

  39. Muath

    I have to say…it looks like tay is flirting with the camera more than becky..hahaha

  40. Muath

    and for the photos…they are hands down amazing…the focus…depth of field…and lighting are all used so elegantly to capture you two’s amazing connection…congrats..and looking forward to the wedding!

  41. Steve & Sue Hackett

    We LOVED the Black and White photos! The back lighting effect was truly special. Best of luck kids, we wish you every happiness

  42. Tracy

    You both look fabulous as always! Beautiful shots.

  43. T-Bone

    Way to be beautiful.

  44. Nathalie Morales

    Is it bad that I want to get married just so I can have a photo shoot too? hehe.

    Becky you look flawless! Btw, my mom thinks you are very beautiful!

    Tay you look very handsome..your quite the natural in front of the camera!

    Excellent photographer choice…I really like all the effects. My favorite pictures are the last few sets :o)

  45. Karl

    Looks great guys! Can’t wait to see you soon.

  46. Ryan

    pretty awesome pictures.

  47. Rick Dogg

    WOW WOW! You kids are looking good here! Where were these taken again? Nice job!!

  48. Lauren Wondo

    Love love love you both! CANNOT wait for Vermont – 3 weeks!

  49. Carolyn Gallagher

    Heavenly photos of a beautiful couple! Congratulations from Carolyn.

  50. Chanel

    So sexy!

  51. Sarah

    what a peaceful and beautiful collection of photos :) xoxo.

  52. Brendan Slagle

    Those are some awesome pictures. Can’t wait to see you guys at the wedding!

  53. ty loveless

    congratulations you guys

  54. Dad

    You two make the most wonderful, loving couple. And you look great, too!!! Love you both so much.

  55. Mom

    WOW! What great photographers! You make a beautiful couple. Can’t wait to see the wedding photos!

  56. Maureen Ferdinand

    The ones with the sun shining through in back of you are my favorite-you look like catalog models:)

  57. Bob & Donna

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple. The love you have for one another just radiates from these pictures! Can’t wait for your big day!

  58. Jim Sentman

    I’m astonished at how beautiful this collections of photos is. Your love shows so clearly so the natural surroundings compliment the emotions. /Wonderful.

  59. Katie Muse

    Not hard to make you two look good…but these photographers did a heck of a job! The pictures are beautiful. SO EXCITED!!!! :D

  60. Jemella Raymore

    So wait you guys did not tell me you were models!! These pictures are absolutely beautiful and captures so much of the love you two birdies have for each other. Thank you so much for sharing : ).

  61. Ian Williams

    Fantastic Photos! Best Wishes Becky and Tay!

  62. Miguel Cordero

    Very nice photos!! You both look fantastic.

  63. Alex Consky

    Nice photos!

  64. e.wang

    ding dang you two! beautiful photos and many congratulations!

  65. Tim Kushman

    Wow they are both good looking!

  66. Uncle Tom

    Great pictures Becky, we are looking forward to meeting Tay.

  67. Audriene Novak

    Beautiful pictures of an obviously happy couple!!!!

  68. Patricia Holland

    Beautiful pictures…but then it’s hard not to have great pictures when you have great looking subjects!

  69. Lindsay Shedd

    oh I love these, what gorgeous pictures. Congrats again you two!

  70. Jane Karber

    The photos are fantastic! You are such a good looking couple. Becky, you sure look a lot like your Mom!

  71. Nancy Armstrong

    What can I say that everyone else has already said–you are a beautiful and loving couple and the pictures capture it all! Happiness always to you both!

  72. Melanie Spear

    You are such a beautiful glowing couple. The photos are outstanding and really capture the essence of your feelings. What a blessing to have these photos that you and the people who love you can keep and treasure always!

  73. Sumru Onal

    Fantastic pictures on a fabolous landscape and a beautiful couple just ready to enjoy life together. Photographers captured the emotions and love.

  74. Tim

    you look great, cant wait to celebrate with you next month

  75. Sandy Schimpf

    Gorgeous couple in beautiful pictures

  76. Sadie

    You both look radiant! Very excited to see you

  77. Deborah

    two beautiful people obviously very much in love. Best wishes always.

  78. Jeanine

    Your eyes and smiles show how deeply in Love you both are. All the best always.

  79. Kim Swider

    What beautiful pictures to capture the moment and forever be able to look back to!

  80. Katie Carpenter

    Absolutely gorgeous! I know your schedules are full with becoming doctors and all. But I think modeling is another option for you both! :) Hugs!

  81. Chris Kondrich

    This are such amazing photos. My favorites are definitely the black & white ones in the tall grass. Can’t wait for the wedding!

  82. Malaika Edwards

    BEAUTIFUL!!! You two look so happy together — the pictures are worth…countless words!

  83. Natalie Swider

    These really capture the love between you two. Thanks for sharing that with all of us. I am hoping they can take some family photos while we are there too. What a precious gift J& M have!!

  84. Bill

    Super Sexy photos Kiddos!!!

  85. Peggy

    Becky, your pictures are so beautiful. I know your parents are so proud of you. Enjoy this special time.

  86. Bernadette

    Beauty and Love Shine in your eyes. Congrats! Best Wishes

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