December 4, 2010

Meet: Brigid & Josh

We are on a blogging ROLL over here!! We are just cranking out the shoots, and next up is the “Get to Know You” shoot we did with Brigid & Josh up in Vermont, starting at the very top of Okemo Mountain. Which we had to hike up to. With me huffing & puffing the whole way. Brigid & Josh, all I have to say is you guys better KNOW I love you after that!

Meet: Brigid & Josh

Brigid and Josh, you two are total Rock. Stars.

Brigid and Josh love to snowboard, so they brought their boards along. LOVE!

Lookin’ good Josh, lookin’ good!

Some quiet time on top of the mountain



Some snuggling on a ski lift? Yes, please!

Then we stopped for a quick outfit change

How gorgeous are these two?

See what I mean? Total rock stars!

Work it!

LOVE Brigid’s boots!

Brigid has the most amazing blue eyes! Don’t you think?

Another quick change and we were back at at!

Gorgeous, just gorgeous!

Love that necklace!

The End!

  1. Nichole

    What a gorgeous couple! They’re totally rockin’ this shoot.

  2. Becky

    HOT couple – can’t wait to see their wedding! I adore her outfits. Gorgeous as usual!

  3. Jil

    ummm 109?!? that seriously transcends to a whole new level!

  4. Rachel

    A-M-A-Z-I-N-G Photos!!! You guys worked it!!!

  5. Cynthia

    I love the photos!!! These photos should be on the front of a magazine!

  6. Grandma Frances

    A gorgeous couple and a fantastic setting

  7. Mother of the Bride-Melissa

    I’m awe struck to see these incredible pictures of Brigid and Josh. I can anticipate wonderful pictures of the wedding.

  8. BOBO


  9. Deirdre

    WOW!!! The pictures are incredible. They were worth the hike. You both look amazing!!!

  10. Elizabeth

    Great pics!!! You both look fantastic!

  11. Dash

    UNREAL PICS!!!! You guys made it easy for the photographer. Hope you got the hot couple discount!

  12. JENN G

    WOW! BEAUTIFUL!!! I never knew Brigid had so much SASS! :)

  13. Katie

    LOVE these photos. Cannot wait for the day and the photos to follow. Here’s to much love and happiness to J & B.

  14. Kevin

    Fantastic photos! Definitely a great location for the shots. You two look awesome.

  15. Tiernan

    Awesome photos guys….you made the camera your *&#@!

  16. Liz

    Birdy this pics are awesome!!! You guys look amazing!!!

  17. Meghan

    So beautiful!! You guys look great!

  18. Erin

    YOU GUYS LOOOK AMAZING! seriously awesome pictures!

  19. Ilira

    Brig and Josh…the picture are AMAZING!!! You too look great and the pictures are a great representation of you! LOVE them!

  20. Shannon Rosan

    wow! You guys are always awesome, but this session was even more awesomer… yeah, it’s a word….or it is now :)

  21. Karen Dolan Bapp

    If I had to choose a favorite, I don’t think I could choose just one. These are all absolutely gorgeous!!! Congratulations Brigid and Josh. You are a beautiful couple and I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness together.

  22. Celie

    WOW!! You guys belong on a magazine cover. Smokin hot! Fantastic Pictures!

  23. Brigid and Josh

    J&M-Thank you. Thank you. Thanks for making the treck to VT, thanks for these amazing photos, & thanks for the wonderful memory of a fun day! When life gets tough & you barely have time to breath…know you are bringing so much joy into the lives of each of your couples. We all appreciate it!! You are the rock stars!! We can’t wait for you to shoot our wedding ;)

  24. Lindsey

    You two look so cuteee! aww i love these pictureess (:

  25. Maureen White

    Great pictures! You two could be models. Expecially love the Black and White. Congratulations Baby Sis and Josh! Looking forward to the wedding! Love, Maureen

  26. Erica

    OMG guys….these pics are amazing!! You definitely look like models! Can’t wait for the wedding photos!!

  27. Amy

    Wow!! These pictures are great!! Love them….

  28. René Tate

    I was just thinking how those mountain shots felt like Colorado and then the busted out their Colorado gear! Loved her shirt. Where can I get one of those, Brigid?

  29. Stephanie

    Brigid and Josh – beautiful pics. Brigid, you look amazing, more beautiful then a professional model! Breathtaking. xoxo

  30. Jen and Jeff

    Wow amazing pictures! You both look great!

  31. Kara

    Looks like you guys had a wonderful time! I am very happy for the both of you! Xoxo!

  32. megan brock

    super cute! What a great looking couple, can’t believe you’re going to be a BRIDE! :-)

  33. Brigid

    Rene-I got it from Burton. I think it was from last year though. Sounds like you might be a skier or rider yourself…if so…have a great season!!

  34. Molly

    You both outdid yourself with this shoot. One of my favorite. Love the location and great looking couple.

  35. Christa

    seriously…where do you get such awesome clients?!?!

  36. Aunt Teri

    OMG. You both look gorgeous. LOVE these photos. You definitely chose the right photographer. And they definitely worked with the right MODELS.

  37. Bill

    Looking good Brigid and Josh!

  38. Alison

    One of my favorites of your engagement sessions! love the ski lift shot!

  39. Uncle George & Aunt Ann

    Amazing !! Both looking great as usual but the photographer had some great ideas. To use an "old" expression – "very avant-garde".

  40. Marie

    Great job guys with this photo shoot. One of the best I’ve seen you do.

  41. Amy

    W.O.W.!! What more can I say?

  42. Girish

    Superb shoot. Very stylish. I must say one of the most times outfits have been changed ;)

    Last couple of shots are real stunners.

  43. Jennifer Bacchiocchi

    Wow! Did you bring a stylist to the top of the mountain, too? Beautiful shots!!

  44. Mary & Paul

    What a beautiful couple! These photos are incredible!

  45. Susan

    Wow, these photos are beautiful and great choice for location

  46. Holly

    Love these photos! Great job. Brigid- nice boots!

  47. Marianne Field Hockin

    Brigid and Josh – these pics are awesome. Congrats.

  48. Sarah H.

    AMAZING PICS!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Kristin

    These pictures are absolutely amazing. I can’t wait until the actual wedding. Ya’ll look great!

  50. Becky

    Holy moly. Gorgeous! They could sell a ton of snowboards with some of those pictures!

  51. Charlie

    These pictures are great. Which magazine is this for and when is it due to hit the stands?

  52. Erica

    Great Pictures!! I love the necklace too! :)

  53. Emily

    I saw these pictures on Facebook and had to check more of them out. Great shots! Looks like they came right out of a magazine!

  54. Rebecca

    The pictures are amazing! You should be so happy!

  55. Jill

    Great work! Brigid’s eyes really stand out… This pair looks great!

  56. Megan

    These are AMAZING!

  57. Angie

    What incredible pics…they really show the love you guys have for each other…and I have never been one to like engagement photos…can’t wait to see the wedding pics!!!

  58. Jeizel


  59. Lisa Williams

    Incredibly beautiful couple and amazing pics…definitely material for a leading ski/snowboard mag or ski billboard. You guys compliment each other beautifully. Congrats!!

  60. Kellie Biagioni

    Great pictures Brigid, you both look great!

  61. Stacy

    This pictures are breath taking! But after all the subjects are such beautiful people!!! I think these should hit the cover of the magazines shortly! I am so happy for you!!!

  62. Greg

    Great pictures guys, awesomly fitting c oncept too. Can’t wait until July!

  63. Meghan

    Fantastic photos. You guys look amazing! Can’t wait for the wedding!

  64. Rob S

    These pictures are awesome and you guys look great!! Love it!

  65. Victoria

    Love the pictures=) Aunt Brigid’s Necklace and shoes are adorable=)

  66. Antonia

    Love the pictures!

  67. Danielle

    These pictures are awesome! You both look like professional models! xoxo

  68. Aj

    Beautiful photos. Hope you had fun.

  69. Aj

    Beautiful photos. Hope you had fun.

  70. Aj

    Beautiful photos. Hope you had fun.

  71. Belinda

    Just Beautiful…the love you have for each other are captured in these pictures…and the backgrounds are awesome!

  72. Chris

    Boy, I wish my engagement picture were this nice.

  73. Lucas

    Great pics!! Congratulations!!

  74. Kaitlin

    I absolutely love your outfits Brigid!! Amazing pictures- I can’t even choose which picture I like the best.

  75. Joy

    These could be in a magazine!! BEAUTIFUL pictures!

  76. Todd

    Absolutely amazing. Pictures came out awesome. The snowboard shots are my favorite.

  77. Kevin M

    Awesome pictures, they look amazing. You guys look great together!

  78. Beth

    Wow, these are amazing photots! Beautiful couple :)

  79. Pat

    Great pictures, locations…congrats.

  80. Gio

    Best and coolest engagement photos of all time! You guys look AWESOME!!

  81. Mysh and Jen

    Great photos !! Agree that it is hard to pick which came out best since they are all fantastic.

  82. Patrick S.

    Wow, you guys look great!

  83. Megan

    Great pictures!

  84. Stacy

    You guys look great!

  85. Megan W.

    These are the most amazing photos!! What a gorgeous couple!!!

  86. John P

    Wow. I had no idea either one of you were that attractive.

  87. Ray

    Pretty kick-ass couple and awesome photos. LOVE Brigid’s last two outfits. Especially that showstopper necklace! =D Brigid where’d you get it from?!?!

  88. Tushar

    Wow! These are amazing shots of the both of you. Have you guys thought about couple modeling at all?

  89. Brigid

    Ray – Thanks!! I got the necklace from Express ;)

  90. Elsa Interlandi

    Love the pictures. You look great.

  91. Elaine

    WOW, the pictures are fantastic. Kudos to the photographer, however, it must have been quite easy with Brigid & Josh as the subjects!!!

  92. Kristin Jones

    Looks like so much fun! You rocked your shoot. Brigid, I think you should model!

  93. Beth C

    Great pictures B! You totally are a rock star!


    The pictures are gorgeous because the subjects are GORGEOUS.

  95. Laura

    Great pics!

  96. Leaves of Grass Photography

    The subjects in the shoot are beautiful, and especially the girl… gorgeous! Your work is stunning.

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