September 15, 2013

Meet: Brooke & Shaun

Good morning & Happy Monday!

And ohhh do we have something good to kick off your week today! We got together with Brooke & Shaun at Brooke’s parents’ house on the water here in CT (they both live in NYC) and shot right around their backyard and down at the water. And I have to say it turned into one of our favorite engagement shoots EVER. Not just because the light was ahhh-mazing (which it was ), or the super cute little tree in the backyard, or the canvas of orangey-pink sky we were given that perfectly matched Brooke’s dress. All of that was incredible. But really it was the unabashed love-out-loud, hug with your whole heart, can’t stop smiling, I’m happy just being with you….joy…that these two share just in having found the love of their lives that made it one of my all-time favorites.

At the end of the shoot on the way home I realized my cheeks hurt…because I couldn’t stop smiling the whole shoot. Take one look at these guys & I think you’ll see what I mean.

So sit back, relax & get ready to smile until your cheeks hurt as you…

Meet: Brooke & Shaun

S&B, thank you SO much for making the trip up this way and taking a night to hang out with us. It was an absolute JOY getting to know you & now we can’t WAIT for the big day. Thankfully we won’t have to….we’ll see you & those happy smiles this weekend!!

  1. Urška Majer

    Gorgeous! And i love her shoes!

  2. Jessica Norman

    Ahhhh! These have to be some of my most favorite pictures you’ve ever taken! So many raw emotions and not afraid to let the world know it! Stunning!

  3. Spring

    Yowzer!!!!! Stunning and I want her dress!!!

  4. Emilia Jane


  5. Emily Massey

    LOVE!! These are amazing!

  6. sharon elizabeth


  7. ashley barnett

    Oh em geeeeeee this is so stinkin good I can’t even handle it!! Fav engagement EVER! :) Those second outfits…I die!

  8. Girish

    Great photographs!

  9. Amanda

    So much gorgeousness here! LOVE this session!

  10. Jeremy Jackson

    My goodness, I love this! Absolutely stunning! You guys are amazing, and Brooke and Shaun…you guys rocked it out!

  11. Jen

    I’ve never seen a couple more in love! Best wishes to the both of you for a lifetime together filled with love and happiness.

  12. Emily Crall

    I’m gonna steal her hair. So FLIPPING awesome!!!!!

  13. jamie delaine

    oh. wow. you guys. these are art.

  14. Midge

    Simply amazing photography!

  15. Rici

    Oh these guys really draw you in! Joy is the perfect word!!! Love her yellow nails & that Dress is truely flatterimg!! ~ Salutiiii.

  16. Heikki at Finnish photographers

    Outside photography always delights me :)

    You have a good style to take photo portraits when you are close to your clients.

    I think that many times too many photos are taken too far without zooming and this happens even by pro photographers.

  17. Abbey

    Good Lord!!! These are freakin’ AMAZING!!! Gorgeous Couple – Gorgeous Photography!!!

  18. Adele James

    Absolutely beautiful couple. May God bless you both. I know your marriage will be strong and will survive because of the love you have for each other. I love you.

  19. Abby Grace

    Whoa buddy, these are AWESOME. Incredible work, J&M!

  20. Amber

    I love the genuine happiness in every one of these pictures! Amazing work, as always. :)

  21. Ryan

    hmm, unless you’re adding grain to your digital shots…those sure look like 35mm neg scans to me. If so, then rock on! Well…if not, you can still rock on. :) J&M photos + grain are two thing I’m not sure I’ve ever seen together, but from what I’m looking at, it’s a beautiful thing. Great job guys!

  22. Rhonda

    J + M – I originally only saw just the ‘dancing’ photo – but I can tell from these images – that they are fun (and absolutely GORGEOUS) {can’t wait to see the beautiful babies they make ;)} these images tell an amazing story and I can totally see how they are fun loving and playful with each other!! They are a beautiful couple and her orange dress is HOTTTTT!!! He looks pretty stunning in a suit also!! daymn they are smokin’

  23. Stephanie Stewart

    Ok, I noticed the grain too, and I LOVE IT! This session is so beautiful – from their chemistry (hot hot hot!), to their smiles, to the light oh that light, and her shoes, those awesome shoes! Way to rock it out as always!

  24. Kathryn Denelle Stevens

    Ummmm…..ridiculous!!! Just stunning!

  25. Katie Jane

    You guys have some amazing work, but this is one of your best sessions ever. So gorgeous.

  26. Tara

    absolutely beautiful!

  27. Gwendolyn Tundermann

    OMG!! Could they be any more gorgeous?!?! She is beyond stunning, and that dress blowing in the wind? Ahh!!!

  28. Mireille


  29. Virginia Wedding Photographers

    PERFECTION. gah I might say best e session ever?

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