March 13, 2009

Meet: Carrie Roseman

Meet: Carrie Roseman of Carrie Roseman Photography

She’s an up and coming wedding & lifestyle photographer, who actually interned with us last summer. Now she’s out on her own and doing BIG things, including recently entering the “Name Your Dream Assignment” contest. We did this shoot of Carrie back when she was working with us, but I have to say….the credit for the theme and the killer outfits totally goes to her! She ROCKED it! So be sure to check out her site and go vote for her dream assignment while you’re at it!

  1. christina lemarr

    OMG OMG I looooove love love love L O V E these!! Phenomenal! Stunning! Fabulous! I can’t think of anymore descriptive words for these pictures right now but you guys ROCKED this! Gorgeous girl! Gorgeous pictures!!!! More awesome than awesomness!!

  2. Velia

    I’m so happy to have you in my google reader. These are all absolutely STUNNING!! I love the theme, the colors, the pictures and she’s gorgeous.

  3. Abra Morris

    Second to last one is definitely my favorite.

  4. Yuka photo art

    These photographs are fabulous! I LOVE them all! She is so stylish girl!

  5. The Last Forty Percent Photography

    Awesome set of photos!!
    – Brianna

  6. Leslie Roark

    These are AWESOME! I LOVE THEM!

  7. Lisa H. Chang

    The black and white photos are amazing, especially the one with the long shadow. Good work!

  8. Erica Velasco

    how cute! Love the old school camera!

  9. kate

    i LOVE her retro style! the pictures you were able to create from it are amazing!

  10. Lydia

    Love the first picture! What an awesome theme!

  11. Ray

    I love that old fashioned camera. What an antique. Wow. And I love that 10th photo in black and white of Carrie. It’s really nice.

  12. Kim

    Every single image makes me feel like I am looking at true vintage photos. WONDERful job!

  13. Feuza

    I want to intern too :-) great outfits, great shots!

  14. Joe

    omg! these are HOT!!! you two are AMAZING!!

  15. Carrie Roseman

    Wow! I do have to say that these are beautiful! Thanks so much, guys! I’m so glad to see these posted… You both rock my world!

  16. Emily Mason

    These are so beautiful!! I love the old fashioned outifit! I’ve always wanted to do a shoot like this.

  17. Katie Jo

    I own that camera…only wish I knew how to work it…LOVE this shoot!

  18. Gwendolyn Tundermann

    Gorgeous!! I have a bunch of old cameras at home, so I love that she incorporated those into her shoot. She’s very cute… rockin’ that red lipstick!

  19. Grandma & Grandpa

    Absolutely Beautiful!

  20. Jasmine*

    LOVE it! I have a thing for all things vintage, so this shoot was fab! :)

  21. Christopher

    Wow, did she ever Rock It!

  22. Christa

    Classy :)

  23. Kate Duval

    Love love love the film noir-ey ones! Awesome shots, she should be one happy photographer!

  24. Ava Martinez

    These are stunning, awesome, fabulous, and amazing!

  25. GrayPhotography

    Ooooooh this makes me excited!!! Love the shots you guys :) -JG

  26. Kellan

    Totally loving every square inch of this shoot. I so wish I could pull off the ruby red lips, they look hot times 10!!! Great job guys.

  27. MM

    I know right! The red lipstick ROCKS!!

  28. Corinna Hoffman

    3 words:

  29. Sarah Wellmeier

    Oh my goodness are you kidding me?? These are beyond awesome!!! I am speechless, such style!

  30. jeramy

    very cute….very original.

  31. Select Ceremony

    These are inspiring.

  32. Kenzie Shores

    I just LOVE this look! :)

  33. Tim

    AMAZING!!! so inspiring!

  34. Katelyn

    LOVE THESE!!!!!! Absolutely love them! Awesome!!

  35. Beth Morgan

    I LOVE these. I felt like I was looking at images of my Memaw when she was younger. The whole feel of these are DE-LISH!!!

  36. Jordana

    I am OBSESSED with that camera. Beautiful shoot!

  37. Mary Marantz

    you guys are awesome!! you make my heart all warm & FUZZY!!! thank you!!

  38. Vanessa

    Love these! I am dying to do a shoot like this…I just love that old GLAM look…STUNNING! Perfection! :)

  39. Whitney Gray

    WOW va- va- va- voom! Awesome shots!!! Love the creativity!!

  40. Danielle Fuller

    I love the 40’s/50’s glam feel in these. Makes me wana put on a poddle skirt and strike a pose!!!!

  41. imthiaz houseman

    Wow! Most of the time I always find one that’s my absolute favoirte…I can’t pick one I love them all!

  42. Krista Photography

    I looove these images! The first 3 are my favorites!!! Very cool styling!

  43. Bobbie Brown

    WOW! I looooove these!

  44. Tim


  45. Karen (Mikols) Bonar

    Her outfits are SUPER SWANKY!!!!!! Oh, and image 9 screams DORTHEA LANGE to me!!!!

  46. Affi

    Oh I absolutely love these. The theme is fantastic. The shots really tell you what era your are in. You did a fab, fab job on this shoot!

  47. Mel McLellan

    What a FUN shoot! Awesome guys! :) We miss you too! Let’s get together soon!

  48. Mary Marantz

    @ Mel: We TOTALLY have to!! I can’t wait!

  49. David Apuzzo

    Such great use of lighting. Downtown New Haven does have some sweet spots.

  50. Cathy Crawley

    The words almost completely escape me right now. What a beautifully unique session. I LOVE it!

  51. Kari Dawson

    Your images are stunning! love your post processing!

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