April 9, 2009

Meet: Cheryl Cronin

Today is a good day!

The sun is shining. Things are blooming. And I’ve got a bright new bunch of pink flowers sitting on my desk.

Add to that fact, that Dwight and Andy sang “Country Roads” (the official WV theme song!) on The Office last night, and I can now officially die happy. I twittered about this last night as it was happening and Dennis Bullock facebooked back (what…it’s a verb!) to say Dwight & Andy should go on tour. How awesome is that?! I couldn’t agree more and this morning over brunch at Atticus, Justin came up with the perfect band name for them. Ready?

Angela’s Ashes.

Get it?? Pretty good, right!!!

Yea, today is a good day!

And in honor of all things good that make me smile and feel like I could die happy, here is the shoot that we did of our good friend Cheryl. Whose sarcastic sense of humor makes me smile and whose friendship makes me feel like I could die happy. And we’re all set to grab dinner with Cheryl next week and she’s PROMISED to make me her cauliflower mac & cheese (right, Cheryl?! :) which also makes me feel like I could die happy. So there, I guess I could die doubly happy. How bout that?

Yea, today is a good day!

***WINNERS CIRCLE: Oh yea I almost forgot, we have three (count em THREE) winners to announce today!! First up, the winner of the “what makes you happy” contest is Miss Catie Ronquillo, who will receive a $25 gift card to Mac. Because talking about Mac makes ME happy! Catie, I hear they just came out with a new makeup primer that is supposed to be the BOMB!

The winner of the “whatcha readin?” contest and their very own copy of Simple Abundance is Adrienne Byrd because….well….I closed my eyes and picked. BUT ALSO because the name of her business is Love Byrds Photography and that also just makes me smile.

And finally, a huge shout out and a $25 gift card to Starbucks or iTunes (her choice!) goes out to Miss Ashley Rose for being our 3,000th commenter!!! WHAAAAAT?!? Are you kidding me with that?! Seriously, thank you SO MUCH to all of you who stop by and spread a lil’ love our way!! You guys ROCK our world more than you’ll ever know!! Yee Haw! :)

And yea, just in case I haven’t mentioned it… today is a good day.

  1. last forty percent

    What an awesome location. I would love to shoot a wedding at a spot like that. Great photos!

  2. Talia

    Beautiful pictures! Cheryl, you look stunning!

  3. jeramy

    great shots! glad that you had a good day….you need those every now and again! :-)

  4. Justin Marantz

    Thanks Bri! The first spot was really cool, but sadly we got the boot in the name of national security.

  5. Stef

    love the sunglasses and scarf shots – she’s lookin’ so very NYC chic!!! Which would be totally appropriate if I’m guessing right that the first ones were taken at the New Haven train station?

  6. Erica Velasco

    Great set! Congrats to the winners!

  7. Susan Solo

    Really beautiful images of Cheryl! And YES re: "Angela’s Ashes!" Oh that’s just perfect. I’d so go see the Dwight-Andy tour.

  8. Alison

    These are beautiful! Love the last train station shot of her just looking down. Wonderfully done!

  9. meg

    Love them all! Especially the one with the car door open!

  10. Kellan

    Oh my word…Angela’s Ashes….Two snaps and an around the world for Justin. Hilarious! Way to work it Cheryl. It is NOT easy to do a solo photoshoot but she did amazing. Great range of angles, clothes changes and moods. Love it! Happy weekend favorite Marantz’s!

  11. Katie Slater

    DANG!!! Cheryl Cronin is SO gorgeous!!!! Beautiful works guys, these are stunning!!!!

  12. robert Norman

    WONDERFUL—she looks like Miss James Bond meets Dolce Gabbana in the white coat shots! Were you shooting in Space Mountain? Those railings/wall are wild!

  13. Gwendolyn Tundermann

    She is a doll! I love her gorgeous eyes!

    Was that the train station in New Haven? Seems like I’ve taken a pic in that tunnel before, but every time I grab the train I’m usually half asleep!

  14. Yuka photo art

    Congrats to the winners! Amazing photographs!!!!!

  15. Mary Marantz

    @Gwendolyn: it was in fact the New Haven train station. Which we eventually got booted out of per the requirements of homeland security. whoops!

  16. Catie Ronquillo

    OMG!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!! :) YAAAAAAAAY + Happy dance = AWESOMELY GOOD FRIDAY! Thank you Mary and Justin! And I totally recommend the Mac paint eye primer, one of their best products! Oh and thanks for the gift card because I can use it for wedding lipstick! :) woo hoo! Have a blessed and fabulous Easter!!

  17. Catie Ronquillo

    PS. Fab photoshoot as always! :)

  18. nikki nicole

    damn!!!!!!!!!! you go cheryl! mary and jus you guys did an amazing job!!!!!

  19. Jasmine*

    Oooh, I love Cheryl! :) And, really, ANGELA’S ASHES?!? Freaking brilliant!!!! Bonus points for Justin. Annnd you should french kiss him for being so smart. Really.

  20. Amy Clifton

    Oooo, the parking deck shots are on fire! I can’t wait to hear the rest of the dates for your workshops (have I missed that announcement??). Thank you SO much for taking the time to check out my new site. Your comment induced a Happy Dance. :-)

  21. Cassie Schott

    Great angles, great locations, great shots! :) Oh, and Angela’s Ashes = LOVE IT!!

  22. Robin Dini

    oh man…there are so many that I love! seeing my girl cheryl smiling on this laptop screen of mine just made the perfect end to a good day for me. LOVE that second to last one with the white coat. That is Cheryl to a T! All of them are amazing!!

  23. Mara (Wedding Cabaret)

    LOVE these Shots!

  24. Eileen Broderick

    I have been dying to see these! And you do not disappoint. Cheryl looks gorgeous. And you really captured her sweet smile. I love ’em all. The train station was awesome–too ad you got kicked out. (Did they really think you guys were terrorists?!) Love the first shot of Cheryl in her bright vest as she leans back against the wooden boat. (Is that a boat?) Just awesome. Happy Day!

  25. Katelyn

    What a diverse session! I love that there are so many locations and outfit changes! So my last session that was "old fashioned" themed ….that inspiration came from a session you two posted a few weeks ago! Thanks for sharing and being original! You two are awesome!

  26. Val McCormick

    WOW, these are all so awesome! I have been dying to see these!!! You got some amazing shots at the train station I can’t believe they gave you the boot. Cheryl looks so beautiful! I love her smile and that rockin lipstick! (color, make and model please) ;-)

  27. MikeL

    These Rock! I love the ones with the sunglasses!

  28. Jackie Jean

    very cool shots, love the variety!

  29. Cheryl Cronin

    Justin & Mary – you two are so completely AWESOME!!! If you can make an "old" girl like me look like that …. holy moly! Thank you thank you thank you :) Val, I think that lipstick was Aveda rhubarb (maybe). Love you guys!!

  30. The apprentice

    love, Love, LOVE! stunning pics… she totally rocked the killer sunglasses !!

  31. Andi Walpurgis

    WOW…I love these pictures…I have been waiting to see them…Cheryl, you are beautiful and all the colors just pop….great job guys….

  32. Amanda Herzberger

    Wowza Cheryl! Rocking the New Haven train station. Love the last ones the most – they are the most Cheryl to me :)

  33. Mary Marantz

    @Herzberger: True that!

  34. imthiaz houseman

    WOW! stunning…

  35. Tracey Pen!

    You look so PREETYIFUL!!! Lips look great…but how bout’ that hair!!! Awesome shots, especially the black/white jacket Chanel look! Who knew, the girl behind the camera is also great in front of the camera!!

  36. carla Ten Eyck

    awesome stuff guys! Miss Cheryl you look fabulous!!!

  37. Joshua K

    Nice! Very nice shots :)

  38. Adrienne Byrd

    AHH!! Thank you so much!! :) I can’t wait to read Simple Abundance! How exciting! Thank you so much for the sweet compliment on our business name too! It’s always so reassuring to hear that people like it :) Thank you guys so so so so much!

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