February 16, 2014

Meet: Christy & Tsone

Last week Tsone came down from Canada to attend our Walk Through a Wedding workshop (it STILL blows my mind how far people have traveled in for these workshops! At this last one, we had folks from Canada, California, Atlanta, Chicago, Michigan, Maryland, Pittsburgh, and of course CT!!). And since he was coming all this way, he decided to go ahead & make a whole trip out of it with his amazing girlfriend Christy, including hiring us to do a couple’s shoot of them all around Yale!

Now let me tell you, on the day of our shoot it was COLD! Coooooold! It was like Antartica wrapped in an igloo wrapped in an ice cream sundae. Cold! Like the kind of cold where you can’t feel your fingers to push the shutter anymore cold. But these guys & they’re amazing hearts just smiled right through it. And when it got too cold to cuddle, they would bust out some killer dance moves to warm back up! So I mean c’mon, how are you NOT going to shoot your heart out for two people like that?!

Christy & Tsone, it was truly an honor meeting you both. This thing that we do for a living has trained us to observe very quickly when a couple just fits, when everything about them works, when they will be one of the truly great couples of our time that inspires everyone around them. The way you help one another, the way you love one another, the way you take care of one another. That’s what you guys are. I see it in you. And if/when the day comes that you two decide to get married….I am totally calling DIBS on the wedding!! :) :)

Love love love you guys!

  1. Janelle C

    Beautiful Session – Beautiful Couple!

  2. Urška Majer

    What a gorgeous session!

  3. sarah (danaher) bradshaw

    they’re so obviously in love!!! so precious!

  4. Stephanie Rita

    So snuggly! Love their dance moves.

  5. Rici

    Oh you write so lovely Mary! <3
    I hope one day there will be a girl from Germany attending your Walk through! Yay, dreamin┬┤big ;) But first you come here. Super triple YAY.
    These images are very beautiful!!
    ~ Saluti.

  6. Katie

    so so so so beautiful!!!!!

  7. Caili

    Amazing photos of AMAZING subjects!

  8. Rachel McCloud

    So beautiful. The last image is my favorite. So sweet :)

  9. Elyse

    LOVE these Tsone!!! You two are gorg! <3

  10. sharon elizabeth

    omgosh… i love these two.. gorrrrgeous photos!

  11. Tsone

    J&M, Christy and I are completely blown away by these photos! We are so thankful to have had the opportunity to celebrate our love for each other through this shoot.

    Thanks a million!

    Christy & Tsone.

  12. Evie Perez

    These are amazing!!! What a sweet memory to have of your time in the states.

  13. Rachel

    Simply Gorgeous!! Who knew it was so cold?

  14. cassandra eldridge

    what a BEAUTIFUL couple! my goodness :)

  15. Corrie Childers

    LOVE these!

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