January 27, 2010

Meet: DD Nickel

Meet: Miss DD Nickel

Not only is DD the makeup genius behind the looks you see on most of the shows on The Style & Food Networks, she’s also just a really amazing friend. The kind of girl you could grab a glass of wine with and laugh until your sides hurt. She’s giving and kind and would do anything for anyone. So we thought it was high time we returned the favor! We got together with DD before the holidays to do new headshots for her, as well as to shoot her brand new line of makeup that she’s just launching (more on that to come!) For now, enjoy the fierceness that is my friend DD.

DD, we love you and can’t WAIT to get home, have a glass of wine, and laugh until our sides hurt!

** Please note that the wrap in the shots below is a vintage piece that DD inherited a while ago. So no new animals were harmed in the making of this photo shoot. Please don’t hate!! :) :)

We started out in DD’s amazing space.

Justin clearly was not ready to leave…..

so we hung around and started with some really fun black & whites.

LOOOOOOVE this one!!

Then we headed out side, where that wrap came in handy because it was brrrrrr fridgety!!

This blue wall was a lot of fun. I think it was a dumpster. :)

Two of my favorites from the whole day.

Or is it these two??

DD you are FIERCE!!!!!!! Give me that look girl!

DD’s laugh is the BEST!!!

  1. ddnickel

    AWWW! Shucks! I LOVE the PICS and the kind words…and not only do I love a glass of wine and a good laugh w/friends…but eating C&B Peppermint Hot Chocolate Chips straight out of the can:) Thanks again! Super fun day~

  2. Katelyn James

    Classy, very classy:)

  3. Jennifer Brotchie

    these are so lovely! I love the smiles where DD is looking elsewhere (not into the camera)… very nice!

  4. Trude

    Gorg! You can really see her personality coming through. Love the light and all the different textures!

  5. Kare

    These are wonderful, and it’s so easy to see how comfortable she is in front of the camera.

  6. Lynn

    wow, I just love these portraits. the light, her genuine smile. She’s gorgeous!

  7. Beth

    She looks like the kind of person you want to meet, because you know you’re going to love her :)!

  8. fEuza

    I want some DD nickel make up for real,love the shot of the makeup and DD looks fabulous, love her outfit and the blue was divine even for a dumpster

  9. Val McCormick

    Awww, DD looks great! I love the textures in these shots. That blue really pops love it!

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