July 1, 2010

Meet: Deanna & Dini

Welcome to July everyone!! (Seriously, when did that happen?!)

We are going to kick off your month with Deanna & Dini’s nautical engagement shoot in Mystic. We’re going a little out of order while we finish up Stacey & Charles (coming at you over the weekend), but tomorrow is Deanna & Dini’s wedding day and we thought you should at least Meet them before they were Married! :)

Enjoy all the J.Crew goodness!

Deanna & Dini are both the masters of the J.Crew stare. And not only are they beautiful…they’re brilliant too! Dini runs his own non-profit and Deanna is doing an advanced degree in underwater brain surgery. :) Or something as equally brilliant!

D&D are using the oars as their guest book (how cool is THAT?!) so they played a big role in our shoot. Plus they were just too darn fun to put down!

Work those pockets girl….WORK EM!!

Deanna you are absolutely gorgeous! I can’t wait to see you as a bride tomorrow!

And Dini, you put the hot in hot-cha-cha!!

Hello! J.Crew called….they want their catalog back!

D&D we LOVE you guys & can’t wait to see you tomorrow!!

  1. Michael

    These are a lot of fun!! The idea with the oars is awesome. Loving the location, and a beautiful couple!!

  2. Katelyn James

    Aww.. michael and I are first to comment:) cute. Anyway! These are awesome! You guys are awesome! and I wish you weren’t so far away or we’d take you out to dinner!!!! :)

  3. Gina Meola

    Soooooo sweet!!! What a fun theme!

  4. Ryan

    OH MY! Love this J Crew goodness! You guys Rock! Now I need to find a couple who wants to have an engagement shoot on a Lobster Boat!! LOVE IT!!

  5. Lora Ayers

    I love the boat, and the one where you focused on their hands, and him holding her and you can see the bow on the back of her dress! The color is just perfect too! I love your style!

  6. Dennis

    These are so great guys!

  7. Kelly

    Beautiful pictures! Is the dress from Jcrew? Love it! Please let me know

  8. Alison

    Love the oar as guestbook idea, and I just have to say the sky reflection you have in the last two are amazing!!! Beautiful couple, look forward to seeing the wedding!

  9. molly

    LOVE this session. Eric would die to have pictures like this of us.

  10. MM

    @Kelly: I believe it is!

  11. Caitlin

    Totally gorgeous. I love them :) I love when the J. Crew catalog throws up a gorgeous engagement shoot or wedding :)

  12. Kristin

    Woo hoo Mystic!! looove it.

  13. Sindy

    Ahhh! These are absolutely stunning!

  14. ...&J2

    AAAhhh!! Can’t wait for tomorrow! You two are gorgeous!!

  15. Susannah

    love this shoot. you were right…they TOTALLY have the J. Crew stare down…J.Crew should hire them or something…or YOU! :)

  16. Jil

    so beautiful – happy wedding day!

  17. Marie Tyler Wiley

    What a great shoot…too funny with the J.Crew stare :) My very fav’s…when you only see his hands wrapped around her waist and the one where he’s on a bench and she’s facing him.

  18. Erica Velasco

    Super cute, love the theme. Love her dress!

  19. jackie g. photog

    so gorgeous!!!

  20. Deyla Huss Photography.com

    So yummy! I love this session, so JCREW!!!

  21. i.am.tamryn

    Love that entire session, very nice lighting….im now gonna have to go look at J.Crew though! We dont get it here in the UK!

  22. Eric Foley

    This may be my fave from you guys yet! Work those paddles :)

  23. Larkin

    Absolutely incredible!

  24. SOPHIA

    most beautiful people ever…and the shoot is fantastic as well! can’t wait to see the wedding…more boats!

  25. Girish

    Wonderful. Great phot"oar"garphs ;)

    Keep it up.

  26. Leslie

    What great photos! You guys are beautiful! Congratulations!

  27. Maria

    These photos are wonderful!
    Can’t wait to see the ones from the wedding! Congrats!!

  28. Stephanie

    Wow these photos are beautiful! Very natural. Congrats again!

  29. Jeanne Simeone

    Awesome photos! I think my fave is you guys sitting on the bench facing each other… romantic & serene. :-)

  30. deanna

    we love these! thanks so much, justin & mary!!!

  31. Constantine Macris

    The boat has a little meaning. It is a boat purchased from the United States Merchant Marine Academy, where I went to school, for the non-profit that is such a central part of our lives. The boat is used as an educational platform and responds to marine life emergencies. We have done a few seal rescues in the past year!
    We also met rowing in high school so that is what the oars are for!

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