December 6, 2009

Meet: Diane & Ken

Good Morning & Happy Monday!!! To kick your week off right, sit back and relax with your favorite cup o’ joe, while you partake in this quick engagement shoot we did with our 2010 clients Diane & Ken.

And yes, it is dangerous to be this good looking!!

Meet: Diane & Ken!!

  1. rachel darley

    Beautiful as always! You guys never EVER dissapoint! =) Just what I needed to wake up this morning!

  2. Amy

    OMG, Diane you look amazing! You both are so lucky to have found EACHOTHER!!! I love the pictures and while you may have had to kiss some frogs before you met your princey! You did GREAT!!! oxoxoxo

  3. Jessie

    These pictures are amazing! You look gorgeous dee. I cant wait to see which one you choose for the save the date

  4. Talia

    Awesome pics! Beautiful couple! Our boat is named Legacy too! – just spelled differently. How fun!

  5. Lindy

    Diane, these are such Beautiful photos. You are going to make a gorgeous bride . Lot’s of Love, Luck and Happiness to you and Ken, Always.

  6. Leeann Marie

    Yes! It MUST be hard being that good-looking! Can’t wait to see them married :) As always, love your style, and I’ll be hitting up the I <3 Faces contest this week. Bonus!

  7. michelle Sidles

    The Light, The Light!!!! I want to sit at your feet and learn! :D So beautiful!

  8. Alicia Candelora

    My God, she is gorgeous!

  9. Jessica Giorgi

    These are gorgeous! I’m wishing I had done engagement pics now!

  10. oneshotbeyond

    great shots of a really cute looking couple!

  11. Corianne Rice

    I think I would have commented on these photos even if I wasn’t lucky enough to know the couple, they are that beautiful. Diane, you and Ken look amazing.

  12. Danny Kash

    Love all of these! So hot!

  13. Linda Swift

    Diane – You look gorgeous. I love all of the pictures. The two of you look fantastic and make such a cute couple. Lots of happiness!!

  14. Emily


  15. Amanda

    I absolutely love these pictures!!! Everything about them..and it’s fun guessing the location.

  16. Deyla Huss Photography

    Beautiful as always! Love the set of her walking away from him and smiling, and I adore the B&W Sun Flare shot as well!

  17. courtney winn

    omg Dee i lovethem soooo beautiful!!!!

  18. Yuka photo art

    Amazing photographs! Her smile and the mood on the pictures…ah!

  19. Dawn & Kris

    Love the pics! They (and you 2) are absolutely gorgeous. Love the setting. Can’t wait for the wedding.

  20. Janet Waldman

    Very romantic!

  21. Robin & Ryan

    You both look Fabulous!! Diane, I think a modeling shoot is next.

  22. Alex T.

    Kenny, lookin’ pretty spiff ! Diane, rockin’ the pics.
    P.S. your hair looks great. :)

  23. Gina

    Great "legacy" Diane! love the light in your hair and your face!

  24. Erica Velasco

    Was there amazing light that day? because the second set of images is so clear and vibrant? New camera? Lens? otherwise this is amazing clarity and light! Congrats! Amazing as always!

  25. gina amin

    in love with the last one!

  26. MM

    @Erica: yea, there was pretty good light that day, but it was dropping fast so we kept moving. There was more of it down by the water! :)

  27. Kerian

    OMG there everything I thought they would be and more! You guys are a handsome couple.

  28. Wendy Z

    Absolutely love them, especially the close up, but I am a close up kind-o-gal!

  29. Ali Green


  30. Lisa Whelan

    what gorgeous pictures! you make a beautiful couple. congrats Ken & Diane!

  31. alessandra leto

    WOW!! Seriously these pictures are beautiful…some even remind me of Ralph Lauren ads :) Diane you are absolutely stunning!! Gorgeous Gorgeous!! XOXO

  32. Joseph Leto

    "So Pretty"

  33. Kendall Leto

    "I like Diane" (2yr old) LOL

  34. Lesley

    Beautiful pictures! I’m so happy for you guys.

  35. Gram and Pop

    Great pictures, great couple, great future!!

  36. Alison

    Congrats!!! You both look so happy!!!

  37. Mary

    Diane…seriously these look like headshots for Abercrombie. Absolutely amazing! You are a natural.

  38. Elly & Emma Leto

    Diane you look like a princess.

  39. Mom and Dad C

    Fantastic pictures of a Fantastic couple. We hope you will always be happy, you have a great future ahead. Love Mom and Dad.

  40. peggy b

    Legacy is what you two shall be. Keep the smiles real and lots of love…you two shall be "the couple". God bless.

  41. Lisa

    Love them all!!! You both look so good — I can only imagine what the wedding photos will be like! Out of this world!

  42. Melissa Blue

    I think this is some of your best work yet!

  43. ken

    Thanks again J&M the pictures are awesome.

  44. Jennifer Mauritz

    Congrats you guys! The pictures are awesome!!!

  45. Elizabeth

    beautiful photos of a beautiful couple

  46. Bill Simpson

    These pictures are beautiful. You guys look like models for Calvin klein. Best wishes!

  47. Bridget

    Great photos Di! Thanks for sharing!!!!!!!!

  48. Ann and Ed

    Diane and Ken, we already knew what a beautiful and loving couple you are and J&M truly captured it all! Love and best wishes.

  49. sondra

    You both look like models! Theese photo’s are great, your going to be such a beautiful bride Diane.

  50. Karen & Dave W

    Absolutely beautiful!

  51. Doria Goodrich

    Congratulations!!! These pictures are absolutely beautiful!!!

  52. Bonnie Musicus

    What a wonderful looking couple. Pictures are beautiful. We wish you all the happiness in the world.

  53. Gene Musicus

    Great looking couple and excellent pictures!
    Good luck guys.

  54. Lisa

    These photos are gorgeous! Wishing you both all the best in this crazy world.

  55. Carol and Bob

    Great photos, we think the ‘genes’ have something to do with it!!

  56. Doreen Neeley

    Diane & Ken: Congratulations on your engagement. Beautiful pictures, just stunning your photographer is amazing. What a beautiful way to capture such a happy time


    You probably don’t remember me, but we met once on a trip to NYC. your father told me about your pictures, because he know i love things like this and he was right. they are wonderful…i can’t wait to see the wedding.
    Best Wishes for happy new life together.

  58. Grace & Vic

    Fantastic pictures. You both look like models. Congratulations!!!!!!

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