October 1, 2013

Meet: Elisabeth & William

Happy Tuesday friends!

And ooohhh do we have something extra special for you today! From the moment we started this shoot, I have been counting the minutes until I could share it and now that day is finally here! We met up with Elisabeth & Will to do their engagement shoot around Yale, where Elisabeth is a resident and on the campus where these guys first met (at a grad student bar where neither of them were actually grad students!). And I have to imagine that when the two of them met, the whole world lit up if even for an instant like some silver screen moment. An Audrey Hepburn meeting a Gregory Peck.

From their flawless, iconic style to a shared love of books (William is a librarian and former rare books dealer), these two met their perfect backdrop in the Beineke Library’s rare book collection and the nearby columns that felt like a Roman Holiday. And we were just the ones lucky enough to be there to push the button. Elisabeth & William, we had the BEST time hanging out with you and getting to know you! And it has me all the more excited for November. Because if this is what you came up with for the engagement shoot, I know the wedding is going to blow us away!

So much love,

  1. Samantha Harkins

    Her eyes are a-mazing.

  2. Tami Paige

    I looked at these images before reading your post and I kept thinking, "This feels soooo much like A Roman Holiday!!!" I LOVE this! Great job!! What a beautiful couple and such great style.

  3. Rici

    Oh kill me! This is gorgeous! Beautiful done you two lovelies!
    ~ Saluti.

  4. Tiffany Farley

    I just DIED. These are INCREDIBLE. GAH!!!

  5. Nancy Barnhart

    Lovely, darling, and beautiful! What fun!

  6. heather

    So dreamy! Beautiful & classic :)

  7. Katelyn James

    love this!! this couple is so elegant!!!!

  8. ashley barnett

    Well if this isn’t the perfect shoot for you guys I don’t know what is!! SO GOOD! (I feel like I say that on every post but it’s true friends!)

  9. Lanie Coulter

    BEAUTIMUS is an understatement!

  10. Stephanie Stewart

    Wowza!!! Love this! Gorgeous, elegant, fun and romantic! Is it just me or does this bride to be look like Penelope Cruz in some of these?

  11. Urška Majer

    Oh wow! This looks amazing and i LOVE her skirt & the location! Looks like a dream shoot for sure :)


    Oh I can’t take it! This is just too perfect for words! Probably my most favorite shoot from you …ever!

  13. Emilia Jane

    So much love is right. Perfection.

  14. Rachel McCloud

    So gorgeous. She looks like Audrey Hepburn. beautiful.

  15. Lisa Cour

    Seriously??? Everyone of them are so timeless and exquisite! I feel like I want one framed for my house. Just amazing!!

  16. Abby Grace

    This shoot is like J&M incarnate. This is THE kind of couple and style I think of when I think of y’all! Also, your shoots make me want to crawl into these images and live in this pretty little world you captured.

  17. Jamie

    I’m seeing this word throughout your comments here, and it’s the one that came to me, too: PERFECTION. One of the most beautiful shoots I’ve ever seen!!!

  18. Judy K.

    One of your best shoots to date. The solo shots of her are especially lovely.

  19. Jaime & Chase

    Oh my goodness!!! Perfection! She is so so adorable!!! Spot on Audrey Hepburn! And the perfect couple for you. I can picture the fun & witty convos you all had. They are blessed to have you! LOVE THIS AND LOVE YOU!

  20. Rachel Tignor

    Love love love! One of my all time favorites! I NEED her outfit (shoes and all)! :) Absolutely stunning photos!

  21. Amanda

    I want to live in this session!!!

  22. Jil

    GAH!!!! Amazing.

  23. Jackie Lamas

    sooo romantic!

  24. Mary Anne Morgan

    This session is absolutely stunning! Great work as always you guys. You are such an inspiration.

  25. Aleta

    The elegance and simplicity are breathtaking.

  26. Christy Tyler

    Just……… WOWSERS. Stunning couple (I’m obsessed with everything about her outfit, hair, eyes, shoes!) and gorgeous, gorgeous images! Can’t wait to see this wedding!

  27. Laura Gordon

    Woah! Looooove this shoot! These images are stunning!

  28. Sharon

    WOW…..these pictures are wonderful. Blown away…..

  29. Marcia (123 blog)


    She looks exactly like Audrey Hepburn!

    This shoot is sheer perfection – gorgeous surrounds, perfect outfits and simply delightful!

  30. Anne und Björn Fotografie

    Wow, really amazing pictures. Love’em… ;-)

  31. sharon elizabeth

    oh my dear sweet heavens

  32. Cindy Habel

    Style….with a capital S!! Just so simple, elegant and sophisticated…

  33. Michael and Carina Photography

    Just gorgeous as ever. Wow. Great use of portrait format… looove

  34. Joe Smith

    OMG – this couple is too cute. Genuine!

  35. Nathan Holritz

    Wow, guys. This is classic, beautiful work.

  36. Gina Meola

    How absolutely PRECIOUS is this shoot?! In love!!!

  37. Girish

    Awesome pictures :)

    She looks beautiful in the black dress.. more like a 60’s hollywood actress.

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