November 18, 2010

Meet: Emily & Jason

Happy Thursday! Allow me to kick off your day with the super-cuteness that is these two: Emily & Jason. These guys are getting married next year and we got together with them a while back to drink us some Starbucks, walk by the Skull & Bones society & try to peek in, and of course shoot their engagement shoot. I hope you enjoy!

Meet: Emily & Jason

See what I’m saying about the super-cuteness??

And Emily my friend, you are just too much fierce for any amount of blogging to describe. You are BEAUTIFUL!

And Jason you have that raar worthy stare down PAT!

Ummm how much do you all want to steal Emily’s boots? Well not steal…y’know, just borrow! :)

The light around Yale is GORGEOUS!!

And there are lots of fun tunnels and archways to play with. Perfect for snuggling.

Ok, a few more of the boots…

And this one is by far my favorite of the day! LOVE!

And this is how crazy amazing & crazy generous our clients are. Emily handmade me, uh I mean us….clearly, some homemade pumpkin bread and it was INCREDIBLE! Just ask Justin….cause I told him alllll about it. After I ate it all. :)

  1. Bethany Cox

    yes i do love her boots. she is lovely and her fiancée is too… or should i say handsome instead of lovely?

  2. jackie g. photog


  3. jeramy

    great job guys. :-)

  4. Jocelyn Dirgo

    Great pics of the lovely couple! Can’t wait for the Mr. and Mrs. Jason Bonsignore!! Love you both

  5. Lauren Wakefield

    She is GORGE! You guys did an amazing job with them! And the purple bow in the pumpkin bread makes me smile.

  6. Sara

    You both look amazing!! I love the one where JB is kissing your forehead.

    Random – but I went to college with the girl in the pics below!

  7. Pat Mallozzi

    You guys look great! Gorgeous pics! Cant wait for the wedding!

  8. Jon

    Wow you both look great! Wish you could see the grin on my face, I am getting all teary-eyed.


    oh my, my little godchild Emily and soon to be future hubby, so beautiful..all tearing eyed !!! you both look like models.

  10. Emily

    Thanks so much J&M!! You guys did such a great job and we had so much fun at our photoshoot!! :)

  11. Francine

    Wow!…These pictures are hot!. Fabulous photography…these shots should be in a magazine…Thanks for sharing such beautiful moments of loving eachother…they are priceless.

  12. mark

    jay i agree with bethany. You look lovely in these pics…Emily, not too shabby either.

  13. Jason

    You guys did a great job! You really captured Emily’s beauty and I didnt mess the pictures up too much……..I knew I should have worn my brown riding boots too.

  14. Megan Kavanaugh

    These came out great!! Em you are you beautiful!! I love you both!!! I like the one where JB is kissing your forehead and then one of the 8×10 where you are behind him and you guys are looking to the side and you are smiling!

  15. Emma Sharkey

    McGORGEOUS! Absolutely adore your posing and comp. I want to eat Pumpkin Bread and I have hever ever tasted it before! LOL

  16. Jennifer Idone

    Wowza!!! Emily…my beautiful baby sister….JB…my handsome future brother-in-law. I knew after obsessing over J&M for years you would be in more than capable hands. Stunning . Can’t wait for the wedding.

  17. Matty Buttner

    Absolutely stunning pictures! I wish you both, the absolute best of luck!!!

  18. Jakki

    I’m pretty big on ‘doorway shots…these are amazing! And how jealous am I that there looks to actually still be some green color still on your tree’s, LOL


    Woah!!!! These are great pics of you both!!! Em you look amazing, like a model!! so do you JB! I love the last pic of you guys!!! xoxo

  20. Colleen Schule

    LOVE the photos….they are amazing, you both look like models!

  21. Trent

    jb stunnng, emily you are very handsome.

  22. Mom

    Daddy just said " she looks just like her mother" only kidding… love you both and the pictures are

  23. Hank

    Unbelievable pictures. Just perfect. And those boots… JB, ya gotta get some

  24. The Sokol's

    I love them! You guys are such a cute couple and take beautiful pictures together! These pictures should be in a bridal magazine. xoxo

  25. Erica DeSimone

    WOWZAS!!!! You guys are hot stuff! Cant wait for your special day!!!!

  26. Joanne Barrett

    Artistic, tasteful, beautiful!!!

  27. Lisa

    These photos are amazing! Can’t wait for the big day!

  28. Girish

    The first few shots I saw, I was in love with the light and feel of the photographs.

    Really nice feel.

    Great shots in the archways..amazing light from the side.

  29. Aunt Kathy

    Emily you are so beautiful, and the pictures really brought that out! Jason you look even more handsome…Ahhh, true Love! I got so emotional! I am so happy for you both and can’t wait for the big day!

  30. Liz & Ken Romaniello

    Such beautiful pictures, you guys look fantastic! We can’t wait for the big day. xoxoxo

  31. Keith Faugno

    Gorgeous pics of you guys. I truely am jealous of you guys. I can see the love in your eyes. I am really looking forward to the wedding. Best of luck to both of you.

  32. Holli True

    Love this session. Love the one of them looking at eachother.

  33. Janice Bonsignore

    Love the pictures! You guys are adorable!!! We can’t wait for the wedding!

  34. Ray

    Gorgeous photos of a very good looking couple. I can’t wait to see photos of their wedding next year either. ;o)

  35. Alena & Jeff

    Really great pics! Love the forehead kiss one…really brought a tear to my eye! So exciting…Maybe that pumpkin bread will get you some sort of discount? ha!

  36. Mike

    Great pics….bet that is as close to Yale as JB ever got :-)

  37. Jamie and Matt

    Great pictures guys!!! Em-you look gorgeous!! Sooo happy and in love!!

  38. Pamela Topping


  39. Ravyn

    Those booth are fierce, and that light is to die for. Great job guys. Once again, you made a gorgeous couple look even better!!

  40. Sandi Bailie

    You guys look great ! Emily you look beautiful.

  41. Rich Inzitari

    You guys look great. Congratulations again.

  42. Aunt Suzanne

    Beautiful pictures! You are a gorgeous couple!

  43. Denise Goodfellow

    What a beautiful couple. We wish you much happiness. Enjoy this wonderful time.

  44. Dani & Danny

    Love the pics!!! You guys look amazing. So excited for the wedding!

  45. Jean and Art

    Em and JB,

    The pics are beautiful…love you both!!!

  46. Shannon Norton

    Emily and Jason, you make such a great couple!!! BEAUTIFUL PICTURES :)

  47. Mom and Dad

    Emily and Jason I just love love love the pics! Can’t hardly wait to frame them. Love Mom and Dad

  48. Aunt Eileen

    Absolutely stunning pictures. What an attractive couple you are! All the best forever, Love Aunt Ei

  49. Verna Willis

    The pictures are great and Emily you are beautiful. Love Verna

  50. Caitlin Simses

    I love the pictures. You both look great. Beautiful! I can’t wait to see the wedding photos!

  51. Meghan Cummings

    Congratulations Em and JB! The photos are exquisite! Since she was able to walk, Emily’s always given the runawawy divas a run for their money! Enjoy every moment of this exciting time!

  52. Amy Collins

    These pictures are unbelievable! You are going to make a beautiful bride! xoxo

  53. Amy O'Feeney

    These pictures are absolutely stunning!! You are going to be a beautiful bride, Em!

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