October 25, 2008

Meet: Eric

Meet: Eric

Eric Foley is an up & coming photographer here in New England. And since he’s about to launch a whole new website, he knew he wanted a new look to go with it! He’s also a musician, so we told him to grab his camera & his guitar and we hit up the streets of New Haven. This is what we came up with!

Eric we had a blast with you and the sushi was AMAZING!! We can’t wait to see the new site!

  1. nikki nicole


    you guys captured eric in an amazing way!

    these rock!

  2. carla ten eyck

    WOW, holy SMOKES! If I didn’t know Eric I would most certainly want to meet him after seeing these, he looks like a rockstar model!

    These are fantastic guys!

  3. Robert J. Trenske

    Great shots of Eric guys…AWESOME JOB!!

  4. Eric Foley

    OMG! These are all TOTALY- INSANELY-AWESOME! You guys took it to a whole new level! I am sitting here laughing because I just can’t take myself serious! Look out Chris Daughtry!

    Thank you guys sooo much!

  5. Amanda Herzberger

    LOVE IT – what a cutie :)

  6. Melissa

    Wow, great job guys! These are Awesome!

  7. Val McCormick Photography

    AWESOME job. #8 Is SOOOO ERIC! #9 brave shot, lol. Can’t wait to see how these are utilized ;-) Looking forward to seeing my blogs of great photographers ;-)

  8. Val McCormick Photography

    LOL, I must of been VERY tired; I meant to say More blogs about great photographers :-P

  9. Yuka photo art

    Great photos for his new website and presentation!!!

  10. rachel brooke

    Very cool shots – i like that last one!

  11. Robin Dini

    YAHOO! these are awesome. Lot at that hottie!

  12. emily

    LOVE these… that jumping shot is awesome! Eric totally looks like a rockstar

  13. Joan Solitario

    These photos turned out great and look at all the different background you were able to shoot at! I need to find a place like that around long beach.

  14. Tara

    These are wonderful….seriously so cool and capture Eric (it seems) so well. Thanks for the inspiration.

  15. Mary Marantz

    He is a total rockstar!! We had to fend off the groupies just to get these shots!! :)

  16. ohana photographers- david & kimi

    eric! lookin good my man!! wow these are amazing! love love love number 7!! that is bad a$$!!

  17. Eileen Broderick

    Holy Crap! These are smokin! I just love them. Number one is killer. Just piercing.

  18. Danielle Fuller

    I’m with Carla….These pictues make ne wanna meet Eric again!!!…LOL…AWESOME guys!

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