April 13, 2009

Meet: Erin & Brendon (Part I)

We headed toward the city, as the buildings bowed in reverence to the setting sun. They knelt before the cobalt sky, in awe of such rare beauty. It wasn’t every day that a light like this would shine on them, and she in turn was even more beautiful in their reflection. Her blue was a deeper blue, her warmth grew even stronger. And standing in the face of them, surrounded by a golden light…it was clear that she was glowing from the inside out.

We drove and drove, as he reached for her hand in the middle. And as he did, she spoke quietly of the struggle and the strain of waiting to hear about her residency. He brushed the hair back from her face, took deep breaths with her, and finished her sentences when she just couldn’t find the words. He had been the first person that she called. Stood beside her as they waited in the quiet of not knowing. And he was the one there with her holding her hand, when the wind changed and the amazing news of the nearly impossible came in.

We headed toward the center, as darkness took the place of the setting sun. They knelt before the steps, as he looked on in awe of such rare beauty. It wasn’t every day in his life that a light like this had shined on him, and she in turn was even more beautiful in his reflection. The blue of her eyes was a deeper blue, and with him her warmth grew even stronger. And standing in their presence, surrounded by the last breaths of a golden light…

It was clear that she was glowing from the inside out.

Meet: Erin & Brendon

Last weekend, we headed down to Philly for the two-day destination engagement shoot of Erin & Brendon. This first part is from our night shoot at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Enjoy!

  1. Jackie L.

    I love the wind in her hair! Just lovely!

  2. Last Forty Percent

    Beautiful session! I love the movement of the wind in her hair – great shots :)
    – bri

  3. patrice

    HOT, HOT, HOT! Wow, These are really great.

  4. Jeanette

    Love the moodiness!! And the wind makes such a difference.

  5. imthiaz houseman

    what a great session…i love the location, wind moodiness of the images. well done!

  6. Ray

    I love the color photo and the up-close black and white photo of Erin grabbing Brendon’s face; smiling. So beautiful.

  7. Tiffany

    AMAZING! I love them all, you must share your secrets for shooting at night, cause these are awesome!!

  8. Gwendolyn Tundermann

    Great use of the architecure of the museum! I love it! I also love the dreamy bokeh of city lights in the last shots. So romantic!

  9. jeramy

    how very unique and challenging to do a night shoot. looks great. really great! good job.

  10. Brendon

    I am so lucky to have such a wonderful fiancee and such good friends who make us look great!

  11. Feuza

    luv this night shots, so differant

  12. Valeen

    WOW..WOW…WOW!!! Love them all! :)

  13. Mara (Wedding Cabaret)

    Sexy shots!! Love them!

  14. gina amin

    Looove the setting. Especially love the windy ones!

  15. Justin

    Boy was it windy that night! Mary almost killed a guy on a Segway with her flyaway "chinese star" earing

  16. Molly

    These look like stills from a movie! Beautiful!

  17. Robert J. Trenske

    Great job on these guys, I really love the 5th one, I think it is my favorite, and the last one!!

  18. Robin Dini

    Love the glow of the city lights behind them in the last few. Very pretty

  19. Erica Velasco


  20. rachel darley

    Oooh, night shots! these look great! Which camera did you guys use? Some of the pics have that 40’s-type feel…like from a detective movie or something. =)

  21. the apprentice ;)

    Simply Stunning! Can’t wait to see Part 2!!

  22. robert Norman

    yes – the ones looking back at the city are really cool!!

  23. Yuka photo art

    These photographs look like moments from movie…. beautiful light! Gorgeous pictures!

  24. Claire Ryser

    WOW… These are so classy! I’ve never seen a night time engagement shoot like this! It totally looks like something out of a magazine.

  25. Stephanie Stewart

    Love the black & white almost kiss, sooo romantic! Great idea for a night shoot! Amazing job!

  26. Joshua K

    Yes! Absolutely stunning! Cool:)

  27. Brendon

    I just noticed that you got &BE (our initials) in the shot from the art museum banner!

  28. Lesley

    Wow, the wind swept hair adds so much to this session! Luv it! :)

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