April 14, 2009

Meet: Erin & Brendon (Part II)

And now without further ado, here’s the much anticipated DAY TWO of Erin & Brendon’s shoot! :)

We started off by the river walk, where the cherry blossoms were in full swing!

Then we headed downtown, where Erin & Brendon took us HERE to the “Magic Garden.”

It. was. INSANE!!

There wasn’t a single spot that was left untouched!

I LOVE that this archway says “Picture” on it!

Justin grabbed this shot of me workin it….

And here’s the shot! I love that it says “Go Frame by Frame”

This was the basement…..INSAAAAANE!!!

Then we headed BACK to the river walk for our favorite time of day: Golden Hour! Like Buttah.

Erin & Brendon, we had the BEST time with you guys!! We can’t wait to see you again next month! Until then, have some french toast for us!
Love you guys!

  1. Arancha

    Beautiful!!!! love all the colors and the sun!!!!

  2. Irena Pereira

    Incredible work, you two. The color & light is just fantastic.

  3. Traci

    These are crazy beautiful! What fun to shoot amongst the cherry blossoms!!!

  4. Tiffany

    Mmm…like Buttah indeed but i’d even go a step further and say its like warm buttah on a fresh warm muffin…delicious! Great work you guys, your always an inspiration!

  5. Nicole

    WOW! I love EVERYTHING about this shoot. Especially that eclectic location. Great job, guys!

  6. Amanda

    Holy cow, those mosaics are amazing! Beautiful!

  7. Jerome Braga

    The Magic Garden = Sensory Overload…
    SUPER cool shoot guys.

  8. Mary Marantz

    @Jerome: omigosh, it TOTALLY was!! You should’ve seen us when we first walked in there. We were like "whaaaaaaa???"

  9. patrice


  10. Dennis Bullock

    Wow this is a great session. It looks like it may have been a little chilly which just made their desire to be close that much more!

  11. Gwendolyn Tundermann

    Are you freaking kidding me??!! These pictures are unbelievable! First my jaw dropped from the gorgeous tree blossoms, but then you had to show us this incredible Magic Garden place. I don’t think a shoot gets any more perfect than this! I’m not even sure what to say right now! Part of me is so in awe and another part of me is heartbroken that I don’t live near the Magic Garden. I think I’ll just stare at these for a while and dream about this magical place!

  12. Val McCormick

    WOWZERS!!!! Magic Garden is major camera candy! Let not forget how beautifully golden hours and cherry blossoms mesh! AWESOME session!

  13. faye

    WHOA…i’ve walked past the magic garden before but i have NEVER seen it that cool! you guys totally rocked it!

  14. jeramy

    hotty hot hottie! great job you two

  15. Tira J

    Seriously, ridiculously beautiful! The light is insane and you said it, like Buttah! What a sweet shoot!

  16. Karen (Mikols) Bonar

    Coolest location EVER!!!!!!

  17. shawnreeder

    OMG, these are sooo gorgeous Justin and Mary!! Awesome work!!

  18. Tanya Plonka

    Whoa, where to start?! These are awesome! That building is insanely wonderful, and I am sooo jealous that you are having blooms there and it is still so brown here. Those blooms are so perfect with their wardrobe… did they plan that??

  19. Yuka photo art

    yes I am agree….you did a great job! Location, colors, this lovely couple, mood….I love everything!

  20. Katie Slater

    Oh man!!! I CAN NOT get enough of the color in this post, I love it! The pinks are just beautiful! Ahhhhh, I love spring! Beautiful, beautiful photos guys!

  21. Kate Callahan

    You’re making me want to schedule a shoot in Philly! This couple is very fortunate to have so many gorgeous pictures. Great work!

  22. Brandi

    These are all so gorgeous. That Magic Garden IS magical! I want to go there!

  23. Erin

    I am so in amazed by how fantastic you two are and truly in awe of your talent! We love you, and can’t wait to see you in May. Thank you for a wonderful weekend of celebrity-dom.

  24. Kelly Braman

    LOVe the feel of this session!! And that blossoming tree is to die for:) Love it!!

  25. Feuza

    O I love Cherry Blossoms and how crazy was that magic garden with the sayings and colors- so cool to try new things, love the shots!

  26. Ray

    I love the photos of Erin and Brendon kissing by the cherry blossoms. And that, "Magic Garden" place is spectacular. WOW! I love the photo of them in the basement. Just great. ;o)

  27. Alison

    I could spend days in the magic garden! That is amazing. The cherry blossoms are beautiful and the last series of shots capture some great passion! Looks like a fun shoot!

  28. The Apprentice

    WOW. just …wow.

  29. Deyla Huss

    WOW!! what gorgeous shots and places!! Absolutely LOVE ALL of them you guys! Rockin it as always!

  30. Claire Ryser

    DAAAANNNNG! Those shots are amazing/insane/beautiful!!!! That IS quite the magical garden. You guys totally owned this shoot!!!

  31. Jackie Beale

    These are AMAZING!! The first one is my fav and I love the post processing you did on that one. Is it pool party? I just looked through the other photos you posted. Equally fabulous as well :)

  32. Stephanie Stewart

    Wooooooooow!!!! Gorgeous! Love the light, the couple, the cherry blossoms, the locations, SWEET!

  33. Heather Kincaid

    Wow! Those tiled walls are outrageous!! What a cool location!

  34. Amy Clifton

    No freakin’ way, what an awesome place!! Love the funky shots at the Magic Garden, and then the romance of the cherry blossoms…hot session. Love them "dancing" under the trees, and all the wispy branches hanging down.

  35. Heather Broom

    Absolutely beautiful! I’m not usually a "flower picture" kind of girl, but I love love love the cherry blossom pictures!!!

  36. Eileen Broderick

    Awesomeness Abounds.

  37. Joshua K

    Loooooovely! These photos are so beautiful! Love them all !!

  38. Mary Marantz

    @Jackie: that’s a lil’ lux soft lovin you see there!

  39. rachel darley

    such a beautiful couple! Im loving these shots! and that magic garden… im making sure when my husby and I go to Philly, that’ll be a place to check out!

  40. imthiaz houseman

    I love the 3rd one and the shots with the beautiful wall!

  41. Michelle

    These are awesome. I love the one of her hair blowing in her face~5th from the bottom I think.

  42. maggie

    oh my! I can hardly breathe.

  43. GrayPhotography

    WOW! LOVE IT! What great shots – this couple seems so comfortable with each other. What a great spot to shoot at!!!! – JG

  44. Joan Solitario

    you’re right Mary.. that Magic garden looks insane… but so awesome!

  45. Adrienne Byrd

    could you have possibly found a cooler location?!?! I think not!! I so love the cherry blossoms and the "Magic Garden"! The images are AMAZING, the couple is gorgeous, and the two of you worked it!! You guys seriously did such an amazing job!!!!! I feel like I haven’t adequately expressed my feelings yet, (haha).. I could go on and on!!! LOOOOOOOVE THEM!!!

  46. Bethany Murphy

    WOW! That is all I can say… these are amazing and the color and light is sooo delicious! Fabulous job :)

  47. Nicole Benitez

    These are absolutely gorgeous!

  48. kymberli q.

    Holy smokes! These images are CRAZY INSANE!!!!!! Just incredibly gorgeous!!!!!!!!

  49. Robert J. Trenske

    The colors in this session are simply incredible. I absolutely LOVE the basement one, that is one crazy awesome place. I also love the sun flare. Such a beautiful session!

  50. Darina

    The colors and the garden photos are incredible! They all have a soft-pinkish feeling about them, that I love!

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