July 2, 2009

Meet: Esther & JC

Blog down!! Blog down!! Code Red!!

That was our distress cry at about 7:30am this morning when we woke up and saw that our blog had crashed. Lucky for us, the super squad of Infinet Design always has our back and Brock was ON it within about 37 seconds of getting our email. These guys are AMAZING!! If you’re thinking of doing a custom blog, email them NOW to get on their wait list. Trust me, it is SO worth the wait!!

Ok, now back to our regularly scheduled programming!!

We are quite literally running out the door (Justin is already in the car!) for the next week. First up, we have the three-day wedding of Tiffany & Dan, kicking off with a Mets/Phillies game tonight. I know, our job is hard! Then on Monday, we’ll keep heading south to the great state of WV for the engagement shoot of Rachel & Terry all around my old stomping grounds in Morgantown (Motown if ya nasty!). We got word from Rachel about two days ago that she got us access to a location that is BLOWING my mind. Seriously, I might just lose it entirely. My whole life has been leading up to this! :)

Ok, I hear the Mini revving in the driveway….but we couldn’t leave you without some viewing pleasure to kick off your weekend!! And now….the engagement shoot of the beautiful JC & Esther. What can I say….sometimes life just hands you a freebie. You show up to the incredible Westport Rivers Winery (where these two got engaged) and find out you have private access to it. Then you turn around and see your couple and quickly remember that they could both easily be models. And then your bride pulls out a seersucker dress just as you spot an old rusty truck out of the corner of your eye.

Yea, life is hard!! :) :)

Alright, I’m out! But stay tuned tomorrow when we announce the winners of our philosophy of life and down with credit cards contests, as well as our 5, 000th commenter!!!

Yea, Starbucks is definitely happening right about now.

  1. Chad

    Great engagement session. Are they clients or models?

  2. Brianna Phelan

    Beautiful images J&M. Glad the blog is up and running – travel safe :)

  3. Amy Clifton

    Adorable!! They have the warmest smiles and clearly rocked this session! That old truck was a great find, and I love the shot with the grape leaves in the foreground. Have a fun weekend M&J!

  4. Lacy Dagerath

    Ohhh Justin & Mary! What a beautiful couple! The intimate moments you guys captures…were SPOT on! Absolutely Fabulous!! All of those moments you caught on "film"…priceless! This is what an engagement shoot should be alll about! You guys NAILED it!! LOVE them! :D (Oh! and your black and whites- AMAZING!)

  5. Lauri

    Lovin’ the truck images! These are all so beautiful! What an adorable couple. I also love her dress and want it for my very own.

  6. oneshotbeyond

    sweet set of images…pretty setting too

  7. Katherine Bowman

    WOW!!! These are BEAUTIFUL! Since you were in a hurry to type this and get going, I feel like I speed readed through it! :)

  8. Michelle Sidles

    Perfect, perfect, perfect… from the locations, light, outfits…everything! :)

  9. Dennis Bullock

    These are amazing guys!

  10. Christa

    This might be my fav yet! Love everything about this shoot :)

  11. Cheryl Cronin

    Are you Kidding me?!? Seriously – these are gorgeous!! The pics and the peeps! And a BIG high five to Brock – he is Da man!

  12. Alisa Greig

    Wow, how do you guys manage to make ALL your clients look like professional models–just beautiful!

  13. JC+E

    Justin, Mary…thank you so much, we can’t believe that, despite our already built expectations from the amazing work you’ve already done, we are floored by these images.

    …and thanks to those who have left their sweet compliments (we’re blushing, big time)

    For more about our wonderful with Justin and Mary, feel free to drop by:


  14. Esther

    Seriously, I got teary! These are so much more beautiful than we imagined. Thank you so much for making everything so easy! I think sweet Jody summed the day up perfectly: "I just love spending time with couples who are so happy and in love." We feel the same way about the two of you! JC & I can’t wait to have fun with you both at our wedding. Thanks again!

  15. Yuka photo art

    I love every singl photograph from this session! These two are sooo beautiful!

  16. erica velasco

    Old cars and vineyard? Equals my favorite places ever to take photos! So lucky! Can we say model material?

  17. Jeanette

    Absolutely stunning!! I love the old car and the shots with it.

  18. Roxie

    These images leave me speechless. They are AMAZING.

  19. Tira J

    Um…hot couple alert on your blog! What code is that? Code HOT! Great images!

  20. Emily Beaty

    these are beautiful! i love the setting. :)

  21. dawn

    wow- you two look amazingly awesome- great great photos- can’t even imagine what the kids will look like…….. BEAUTIFUL

  22. jeramy

    dude! this guy has the perfect beard! i’m so jealous! super cute shots….love the truck….and the super great smile from esther on the beach when she’s getting a piggy back ride.

  23. Becky

    Wow, these are great! I think my favorite is the piggy back one where you both are looking at the camera. Very cute!

  24. Samantha Gilmore

    Unbelievable pictures, you guys look like print models. Congrats! Love you and miss you.

  25. Annmarie

    AMAZING!!!! I love these photos! E & JC – you look awesome as always .. and the love you share just jumps out of these photos … sooo cute :)

  26. Nora

    Divine pictures of two wonderful people. Enjoy each other!

  27. Gina

    Beautiful pictures!! You guys belong in a magazine!

  28. MD

    JC, you need to borrow my razor? haha. Pics look awesome, can’t wait til the Big Day!

  29. Morris

    Spectacular photos! I especially was taken by the B&W series with the old Ford.

  30. Curtis Copeland

    Great photo session. Excellent images. Thanks for sharing and inspiring!

  31. Rachel

    Gorgeous, these pictures capture your love perfectly!

  32. Katie Thomas

    How beautiful! I especially love the ones in front of the old door — particularly the two where you’re laughing! Such great shots.

  33. Erik Maziarz

    WOW you guys these are just incredible. the best e-shoot i’ve seen in a long time. GREAT job!

  34. nikki

    You guys make me want to go find my prince charming…some day ….you guys look beyond amazing…yuor naturals…!!!!! congrats!!!!!!!

  35. Tracey

    I wasn’t sure if I was looking at a photo shoot from Vogue Magazine, you guys look absolutely amazing! I can’t wait to see the wedding pictures.

  36. michele bowman

    wow, these photos are incredible.
    i LOVE your post-processing! how do you do it?!!!
    everything about them is just wonderful.

  37. Foxtown

    Wow! Model much?

    Seriously you two look fantastic!


  38. Fredley

    Seriously, these are off the chain. So incredibly beautiful and magical. I like #29 (E getting a piggy back ride – so charming and joyful). Kudos to the couple and the photographers who really captured their electrifying spark!

  39. Kamn

    You guys look great! Like the pics!

  40. Lauren

    I love them all! You look like a magazine couple, which ever one you choose will be great!

  41. Queen P :)

    Ya’ll look great!!! I am loving reading your blog too!!!

  42. Elise Couture

    OMG!! I absolutely LOVE these photos!! You guys look like those perfect couples in brand new picture frames!!!

  43. Marsha

    you will be a beautiful bride! lose the serious ones….keep smiling.

  44. Linden

    B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L is all I can say…..

  45. Hallie

    You both look so amazing!! The pictures really capture the love between the two of you. All the best!

  46. Brendan

    You both look great, I mean you two are generally good looking in person, but I mean, not this good looking. Truly gifted photographers with vision here. Well done. Also, I love the metaphor of the rusted Ford in the background. Love endures in the face of unprecedented economic downturn. Very classy.

  47. Marianne

    First CONGRATULATIONS! – you are sooo beautiful and I wish you both all the good love. The pictures made me feel like getting married again!

  48. Anika

    GORGEOUS, gorgeous, gorgeous – you two are GORGEOUS! But I must say I am surprised there are non of you sticking your tongue in JC’s ear E? And JC no beer? X

  49. Elena

    These pictures are absolutely perfect. You guys look amazing! The photographers are real artists. I loved the kind of spontaneous ones. The black and white photos are amazing.

  50. Jason

    Way to be good looking! You’ve elevated heavy petting and peering introspectively into the distance to an artform. Next up, shuck those clothes and its underwear modeling time! Great photos!

  51. Mom

    We always saw her beauty but the glow in her eyes that J.C. brings out……….. We love you both! Justin & Mary your work is "Picture Perfect"! Thank you

  52. Heather Marvin

    These pictures are awesome! Best of luck to the happy couple! :)

  53. Yvette

    Two things came to mind after looking at your photos, first these put the love i saw in the movie the Notebook to shame and second I felt like i was caught up in a wonderful story while scanning through the pictures. Lovely photos, very creative, romantic and fun. Congratulations!!

  54. Courtney Gray

    WOW these pictures are amazing!! I will definetly keep these photographers in mind for our pics when it is time! Esther and J.C… Congratulations you both take amazing photographs!! Perhaps modeling should be your next career! :) Best of luck! Can’t wait to see the wedding pics!

  55. Tom B. Diamond

    These are really spectacular photos…how do I get some prints?

  56. Moby D. Smelles

    I’m digging the one of you two kissing witha close-up of the grape vine. Who left that glass of champagne full?

  57. Heidi

    Maybe I’m a little biased righted now, because Esther is my (best friend) & sister and JC is my soon-to-be brother-in-law, but I have NEVER thought about "True Love." That is, until I saw these pictures! Esther and JC are the actual true meaning of "True Love." They have given me a different perspective of those words. Almost as if "dreams really do come true."
    Justin & Mary – you guys have done an extremely amazing job!!! In high school I took a photography class, 10 years later, you make me wish I never gave it up!
    I wish the 2 of you and more importantly JC & E the best of luck with everything that you aspire for!

  58. Carlos

    The pictures look amazing….JC can move on to a modeling career but i need Esther to keep training me…..Congratulations

  59. lroah

    These are HOT!

  60. Jessica Vogurl

    Now I can say that I know you way back…when you weren’t on the cover of magazines and slumming around Brookline.

  61. Gusteau Khandoet

    What’s the big hype, I could have done these on my Polaroid instamatic with flash clip on….he he he he he. Seriously, these are beautiful…when’s the live gallery showing?

  62. Christy

    These photos are beautiful and capture so much love between you! Congrats on everything and I can’t wait to see the wedding pics!

  63. Nancy Kennison

    It seems like they were able to capture a beautiful couple, in a magnificent setting perfectly!! My daughters and I ohhed and ahhed through every last one!

  64. Mike Shultz

    great pics!

  65. Linnea

    Hey JC and Esther,
    My mom showed me your photos and they are absolutely stunning! You both look perfect for each other, so congratulations!

  66. Mariel Kennison

    Hey Esther and JC, congratulations! Your photos are so gorgeous- you both look like models! My favorite is the one with Esther wrapped in the plaid blanket; it’s so classic and beautiful of both of you!

  67. Karie Gray

    Esther & JC your photos are gorgeous. You will have memories that will last you a lifetime. Best wishes to you both. Karie Gray
    (Courtney’s Mom)

  68. Merrily Connery

    Truly cannot choose a favorite Esther & JC shot, though love some of those with the old car; cannot wait to see what you, Justin & Mary, capture in September at Saltwater Farm.

  69. Kristen

    WOW! Beautiful pictures! You guys look amazing!

  70. Jessica Mish

    You two are a beautiful couple. You both look like models. I can’t wait to see what the wedding pics look like. Congratulations on your engagement and I hope you have a wonderful life together.

  71. Vanessa Millecam

    mmm…yea this session is beyond Brilliant! LOVE IT!

  72. Mom Tetreault

    At my first run through the pics, all I could think was: "Awesome!!!!" Of course, I always knew that JC & E are beautiful on the outside-JC’s been a cutie since birth. The fact that they are both photogenic-yup, knew that too. But the photographers’ skill is amazing. The truck, the playful poses, the deep loving-longing gazes- just bring goose bumps. As I keep reviewing these amzing shots, all I can think about is how deeply in love these two are. I see them gazing at an imagined full future together and, of course, being a Mom- that brings tears of joy to my eyes.
    JC, you coulda shaved, for crying out loud! Love you both, Momenise

  73. Pop Tetreault

    The pictures came out real nice. Really brings out the inner beauty that you both have. You both certainly have choosen great photographers. When the two of you have time, could you go back to the "ford" & see if I left my 5/8" open end wrench under the hood? Great job Justin & Mary.

  74. Nancy Kosow

    These pictures captured the essence of the love you have for each other.
    Beautifully done. Congratulations.
    Marvin and Nancy

  75. Amanda

    Wow, what fantastic pictures. They are all great, I love the ring on the wood and all the black and white ones very classy!

  76. Robin Dini

    love everything about this post. beautiful images guys!

  77. Juan and Maryfrances

    Oh my gosh – you guys looks so beautiful and happy!!! We wish you guys the best.

  78. Fran & Marty Horowitz

    the photos are of Esther and JC are magnificent. can’t wait for the wedding in sept.

  79. Katie


  80. Pure Blu Jeans

    Esther, We hope all went just the way u have planed and wanted. Nice to c you all happy each time u r coming in to the store !!!! Wishing u Happy life together forever!!!!

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