September 9, 2010

Meet: Haley & Dave

Meet: Haley & Dave

These two are getting married this weekend, and we just got together with them to do a quick engagement shoot all around the grounds of the Florence Griswold Museum. So we thought you should meet them before they’re married! And honestly, how cute are they?? Dave sails for the Americas Cup and Haley is a design manager for J.Crew. So needless to say, with all that nautical goodness going on we were BFF right off the bat! :)

Haley & Dave, you guys are AMAZING, and we can’t wait to see you again on Saturday!
So much love,

  1. spring

    stunning. that light is perfect.

  2. Caitlin

    What a beautiful couple! And that light! Love love love.

  3. Caitlin

    on a side note? After seeing these I’ve decided that I’d like to live on the grounds of the Florence Griswold Museum. Just sayin.

  4. Lyn Ismael-Bennett

    Awww…they’re just oozing with love!

  5. Ginger Murray

    I love this setting, you guys… so romantic! Really lovely photos.

  6. Reinhard Borchardt

    Wow, Dave and Haley. You look really great together. These pictures are wonderful. So… this is a bit after the fact for a "Meet Haley and Dave" comment but, Anna and I had such a wonderful time at your wedding. The food was great at the reception too. Oh, and the free booze was some of the best I have ever had. hah. Thanks for inviting us to be part of your special day.

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