September 18, 2010

Meet: Jacob Bergmeier

Good morning!

I hope you are all off doing something fabulous today (or shooting something fabulous today! :) But if you do have time to hop on, I wanted to be the first to introduce you to our friend and fellow photog, Mr. Jacob Bergmeier. Jacob is incredibly talented and one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. We first really got to know Jake when he came to one of our workshops about a year ago, and the shots that he got there just blew us away. And since then it has been so awesome to watch his work and his business explode. So we were incredibly, incredibly honored when he asked us to do headshots for him for his new website & brand. We can’t wait to see it!

Jake, you are amazing and we are so thankful to call you a friend!
So much love,

  1. Lindsi Luffman

    Love the final 3 shots…the bow tie is great! Amazing job as usual :)

  2. Spring

    I love the bow tie. I want you guys to do my new head shots!!!

  3. K. Quiles-Brown

    Love the shots and the tie kick butt. I’m in love with the bow tie look! Great job to you all!

  4. Renee Descoutures

    Beautiful work J&M! You are both so talented!

  5. Cheryl Cronin

    Absolutely gorgeous!!!

  6. Chelsea McGowan

    Hey Mary… since we know now that you do this sort of thing for other photogs, you should be prepared to get an offer you can’t refuse from Mack and I. It involves our vow renewal in Jan/Feb 2013. And Mexico. And all the food you can eat for a week. I’m just sayin’. :)

  7. Meredith

    Goodness, these are wonderful! You nailed it- Jake is one of the nicest guys around, and these photos totally demonstrate that. I’m so pumped to see these on his website!

  8. Anna Sawin

    Jake! You handsome devil, you! So happy to see your smiling face here, you are, just like Meredith says, one of the nicest guys around, and I love seeing you celebrated here! Amazing work as usual, team Marantz!

  9. Shannon

    Such a handsome fella! And such great pictures! Love the tie and bow tie choices! Great great pictures, can’t wait to see them up on your site Jake! :)

  10. ronert

    he looks terrific in these!

  11. talia

    lookin’ good Jake! love the outfits. j&m – awesome pics.

  12. Nicole

    He looks like a GQ ad!! Love it!

  13. Leslie Keener

    LOVE these so much!! SOOO very J.Crew :))

  14. Tira J

    Awesome images of Jacob. And I love the bow tie!

  15. Val McCormick

    Jake these are so AWESOME! Justin and Mary never dissapoint! Don’t know when I will ever be ready for mine, lol.

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