April 15, 2010

Meet: Jen & Bryan

Good morning! Here’s a little fun to start your Friday! We got together with our super cute couple, Jen & Bryan, at their favorite family farm for a really quick engagement shoot right before they flew back to Chicago. Even in that short time we were with them, we absolutely fell in love with these two. With the way they make each other (and us) laugh. With the way Bryan looks at Jen. With the way Jen always reaches for Bryan’s hand. I love their love. And let’s be honest….I love our job because we’re the ones who get to document it.

J&B we love you guys and can’t wait to see you again! Can’t it be June already?!
So much love,

Jen you could not be any cuter if you tried!

Bryan’s got a little J.Crew meets James Dean thing going on and I like it!

Love them!!

Blue Steel, baby.

Fun with tractors!

Love this one!

So there’s a little world cup futbol rivalry going on….you know we had to do something with that!

Happy Friday!!

  1. Christa

    Love the Italy/Portugal rivalry :) too cute

    Happy Friday!!

  2. Kare

    Love these! Such a cute couple; they look so relaxed in front of the camera.

  3. Spring

    I am totally in love with her hat (not the Italia one)- the really cute black one in the first few! Oh and who doesn’t love a shoot with tractors? :)

  4. Tasha Prescott

    LOVE them! So cute, great job!

  5. Heather Hagler

    Excellent use of complementary colors here, it really makes things pop, the photos are beautiful!

  6. Jil

    happy friday indeed, these colors are amazing! i have an idea J&M: a client mixer. wouldnt it be a blast to have everybody meet & mingle? we would def. sign up!

  7. Lisa Holl Chang

    I LOVE these pics! I grew up on a farm myself! It’s so cool they did their photos there!

  8. applem00n

    love the soccer motif at the end!

  9. Alison

    So how often do you get to pair tractors and futbol in photographs!?!? Further proof you guys rock!

  10. Tammie

    Just by having the couple incorporate their own stuff makes the images so much more – i love it! Thanks for always being such an inspiration J&M!

  11. ajira

    I liked them just because the photos were awesome at first. Then I got to the futbol shots and fell in love. Fabu!! Goaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalll!!!!!!

  12. Marcy Jordan

    Love the tractor pics…gorgeous!

  13. michelle

    I have never seen a girl look so good in a hat before! awesome. And love the tractor pics!!!

  14. maggieb

    what an endearing shoot!

  15. Erin

    Amazing photos!!! Jen you look so pretty! Bryan you are a lucky man!

  16. Missy

    You both look fabulous and so happy! I love the photos! Too hard to pick a favorite!

  17. Susan

    You two are sooo cute! Jen, you need to wear that adorable hat more often. I love the picture when you’re wearing that hat and Bryan is kissing your cheek…Also the one where you’re sitting on the ground by the tractor looking at each other and smiling…and one of my favorites is actually the one of just your hands, there’s something so romantic about it, like a silent "I love you"…okay, I’m getting too sappy. Love, love, love these pictures! I’m so happy for you both! : )

  18. Jen

    Great photos Jen and Bryan! Farmer Jones should use them on a brochure. I really enjoyed the soccer photos!!

  19. Natasha

    Love these pictures! Just beautiful.

  20. Natalia

    Great photographs! Some remind me of pictures from the Anthropology catalog (take it as a compliment). The hat action is my favorite. More of those smiles and hugs!

  21. Haris

    When did you guys become country music stars and how can I download your album? Seriously, you guys look great! All the photos are terrific but the large black and white shot of you two is my favorite.

  22. Katie

    I LOVE the "fun with tractors"! You two are so cute. I’m so glad we got to see these!

  23. Sara Y

    You guys look great!

  24. Maria

    Amazing pictures for an awesome couple!

  25. Liz

    Awesome pictures, Bryan and Jen! You guys look great!

  26. Mike

    Philosophers and ploughwomen, each must play her part/ To mold a new reality, closer to the heart.

  27. Paul Tortorici

    Nice Italia Hat girl!

  28. Peter Wicks

    Great photos. Bryan, you should include a set in your dossier next year. In fact forget the c.v., just send the photos.

  29. Annie Schrimmer

    Coach Schrim would be soo proud. hehe. LOVE the pics!

  30. Bella Taylor

    Oh wow thank you guys for the blog visit. I love your work! how cool is this session with the tractor!!!!

  31. Kristen Pilkington

    Bryan and Jen- you guys are so adorable. It is a perfect fit. I am so glad that my brother found you Jen. You have become a sister to me. I cannot believe how amazing you guys look in these. True love all the way….love you guys so much! btw..you forgot the mets photo.

  32. Bonnie Yanosy

    Hi Jen,
    Love the pictures a lot. Bet your mom was really excited.
    Thougt I liked the Blue top ones the best until I saw the socceer ones. Its still you!!
    See ya soon,
    Gene and Bonnie

  33. Damon

    Bryan…by not wearing a tie, that tractor outclassed you.

    Jen…you’re marrying down. Sorry.

  34. Richard Kim

    Mary — you look awesome!

    Justin — slick, real slick.

  35. Anna

    love the pics guys! totally adorable with just enough zoolander ;)

  36. Alonsa

    Jen & Bryan- Wonderful pictures! You both look great!

  37. Nick

    Whose tractor did you steal?

  38. Andrea & Greg

    Aw, you guys look great!! Thanks for sharing!

  39. nikki

    love them!!!

  40. Gene Yanosy

    Great pictures of you two. And now I know what to get you for a wedding present…a NEW soccer ball!

    Congratulations and we’re looking forward to the big day.

  41. Lizzy Brock

    Great photos, me & bobby are so excited for the wedding! you two look amazing.

  42. Amanda Daquelente

    You guys look so amazing! I would have liked to see a picture of Jen schooling Bryan with the soccer ball — but for another day. Can’t wait for the big day! Love you both — congrats on being really really ridiculously good looking….and for not having any abodiginals take your photo.

  43. Dave Daquelente

    Great photos!!! Can’t wait to see you both for the BIG DAY/BIG WEDDING WEEKEND EXTRAVAGANZA.
    Obviously there should be some sort of marital wager on the World Cup this summer… fan of worst placing team does the dishes for a month?

  44. feuza

    oh I love them, world cup rivalry, in this case I am for portugal, but Brazil will win anyhow, lol
    love the farm locationnnnnn

  45. Megan

    Awesome picture! Thanks for sharing

  46. Victoria

    You guys are gorgeous! Great photos – I can’t wait to see the wedding pictures! Love you both xoxo

  47. C.T.Strauss

    I think it’s time to get a new soccer ball.

  48. Jeannie

    The photos are awesome. What a great idea – combining an Indiana setting with your love of sports! May these special moments weave a tapestry of a life filled with love! Congratulations, Jen & Bryan.

  49. Catherine

    I absolutely LOVE these pictures (almost as much as I love Jen & Bryan!) can’t wait for June 27th for the real deal. Great job on the pictures and great job to Jen & Bryan for being so beautiful (Jen) and studly (Bryan)! :)

  50. Suzanne

    Love the pictures Bryan and Jen. Looking forward to seeing you guys soon.

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