November 23, 2009

Meet: Jen & Nick

And now….the rest of the couple shoot we did for Jen & Nick!! I hope you guys have your fire extinguishers handy, because these two are HOT! See what I did there?? :) :)

Yea, I felt like I was cheating on Starbucks posting this picture….but I thought it was pretty cool! :)

  1. Susannah

    I’m sincerely a stalker…once again, I’m the first one to comment. :) Those pics are GORGEOUS! I love the way her literally glows in all the pictures.

  2. Christine Pobke

    Raaaaarw! Work it, hot couple! :) Love these – and the location is awesome!!!! :) Do you ever feel self-conscious shooting in public places? I couldn’t do it! :)

  3. Alisa Greig


  4. Erica Velasco

    In love with the first location! super edgy for a modern couple!

  5. Harmony Loves

    Great shoot. I love the rusty look and feel of the background in the first couple of shots. Beautiful!

  6. Feuza

    THE LIGHT – oh my, I so love this session

  7. Bobbie Brown

    Fantastic! LOVE these!

  8. Tasha Prescott

    GORGEOUS photography! Cutest couple! I love LOVE! It makes me smile…

  9. Emily Beaty

    Wow, these are beautiful! I love the sharpness and skin tones.

  10. jackie g.

    love the color in these! such a cute couple!

  11. Jennifer O.

    Wooooow! Gorgeous couple! Great shots!

  12. Renee Marina

    Your teaser pic was awesome enough. I’m afraid I don’t know what the right words are for these photos. They’re beyond spectacular!

  13. Connie Sithi

    Wow! It’s a good thing I DID have my fire extinguisher out. Beautiful shoot!

  14. jeramy

    holy smokes! wow! boy, did this guy score!

  15. Brianna

    It’s been way too long since I’ve stopped by – I’ve missed lots of great posts. Great shots and beautiful work as always.

  16. JC

    huh…this shoot was about 40ft from where E and I live.

  17. Justin Marantz

    @JC No way! I never have any idea where I am when we’re in Boston! Can’t wait to see you guys again sometime soon!

  18. arielle joy

    These are great! Love the ones with the guitar!

  19. Jennifer Brotchie

    omgooodness..thank you for stopping by my blog and givin’ me some blog lovin’…. but, no really, your images are to die for! thanks for leading me your way!

  20. rachel

    what a fabulous session! I especially love the 3rd one down. perfect location.

  21. Karen (Mikols) Bonar

    can I have that rusty metal staircase in my backyard, please!?!???!?!?? :)

  22. carla ten eyck

    wow what a great shoot, these guys are gorgeous!!!!

    love the dunkin donuts shot :)

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