May 19, 2010

Meet: Jenn & Mike

Alright y’all.

So I woke up this morning and realized that I only have four days left in my twenties. That’s it. Four days. Ninety six hours. Five thousand seven hundred sixty minutes. In. my. twenties.

And I gotta be honest, it took everything I had not to crawl back under the covers and stay in my twenties forever. Because clearly, when you crawl back under the covers, umm it freezes time forever. I mean hello, where have you been?

Yes, this is my birthday week. Sunday is my birthday. Five thousand seven hundred sixty minutes from now. Which means I have a good five thousand seven hundred and fifty nine minutes of cover hiding and exhaustive time space continuum research left in me. And I intend to use every bit of it.

But I did want to take a quick break from all that and hop on here to introduce you to Jenn & Mike. They are actually the wedding we just shot in Philly on Sunday, but we got together with them shortly before that for their engagement shoot on the Brooklyn Bridge. So Meet them for now, and very soon we will show you the Married! :)

Ok. Now that’s five thousand seven hundred and fifty five minutes left in my twenties. And counting.

Ok so there was some wind. Like gale force wind. But we just decided to go with it….and I think the wind just makes it that much better, no?

  1. Erika McCauley

    Great photos! I can’t wait to see the wedding pics! (and happy birthday week! I also exited my 20’s this year and I must say, I think this decade is going to be even better than the last!) :)

  2. Heather hagler

    Oh I feel your almost 30 pain Mary! I turn the big 3-0 in August and it has been haunting me lately :)

    Could there be a more perfect place to take amazing photos than the Brooklyn Bridge? Seriously…these are perfection!

  3. Alicia Candelora

    Loving the warm tone in some of your images lately! ;) These are great, as usual!

  4. Stacy Cross

    These are GORGEOUS! And she has the perfect hair for the wind to whip around! They’re beautiful!

  5. Lora Ayers

    I love that bridge, and how you used the chords and the lines. Cool shots!

  6. Ravyn

    GORGEOUS! I love-love the back drop of the bridge. So timeless. Can’t wait to see the wedding photos. Don’t worry Mary, I am sure you’re still be just as fabulous in your 30’s.

  7. Caitlin

    I love the windy shots so much, they look amazing. And the lines of the bridge in the black and white ones are beautiful. As for the big 3-0, I entered the new decade last week and I have to say it feels good, something about feeling just a little more concrete than I was when my age started with a 2 :) Happy Birthday week!

  8. Betsy Jo

    First, this session is amazing. As ever. Second, happy birthday! ‘Have to admit, your words made me feel a little anxious, like I can’t get a deep breath, b/c I want to slow down time. I turn 30 this July, and I’m not all that thrilled about the milestone. ;) My 20s have been some of the most wonderful, life-affirming, growth-filled years of my life thus far. So, here’s hoping your ‘decade that starts with 3’ is a stellar, life-changing, incandescent one!

  9. Evie Perez

    Happy Birthday to you Mary!!! These pictures are amazing as always you and Mr. Marantz are a great pair. I love your style of writing and it always leaves me wanting more. You go girl!!!

  10. Molly

    LOVE the second set

  11. Jil

    stunning! as always :o)

  12. Alison

    Aw Mary, don’t fret. I have to tell you, I am loving the 30’s, and I am smack in the middle of them! The bridge photos are stunning, and I am thinking she rocked the whole wind thing!

  13. Michael Turano

    Thanks for the Post. Jenn jumped out of bed when I told her they were up on facebook. You guys rock!

  14. Leslie Barresi

    Jenn and Mike look amazing, I can’t wait to get some of these up in my house! You and Justin rock and captured them so wonderfully! They’ll clearly be replacing all the photos I have taken of Jenn and I while I try to hold the camera upside down at arms length in a way that makes it so you aren’t looking straight up our noses.
    We had such a great time with you this weekend, remind me again why on earth we all have to live so far apart!!!!

  15. Yuka photo art

    Beautiful couple!!!! Amazing photographs guys!

  16. Janice

    Thirty brought unexpected clarity and serenity for me. It was a sudden shift, almost overnight. Good riddance twenties!

  17. {15:51} photography

    Oh I love them. Oh I love them. Oh I love them. I’m sorry…have I mentioned that I loved them?!?!

  18. Harmony Loves

    In LOVE! I love it when the wind blows someone’s hair, just add amazing movement and sexiness. Great job!!

  19. Corinna Hoffman

    Wow-her hair is still perfect even during the super windy session :) You guys did an amazing job!! I ♥ NYC and these photos are so good :)

    Have a Happy Birthday on Sunday!! :)

  20. Corinna Hoffman

    PS-I originally had I "heart" NYC typed in my last comment.. guess the heart symbol didn’t show up right, and now it looks like I was "cussing out" NYC ;) xoxo

  21. fEuza

    Broooklyn bridge in windy day is bestest

  22. Joan Solitario

    Beautiful photos and her hair with the wind – you’re right – it just works :D

  23. Judi Bryskiewicz

    J & M; The photo’s are fabulous!! Love the bridge as a backdrop. I decided I would pick my favorite, which was impossible. But if I had to choose only one, it would be the b&w, third one up from the bottom. One look at that photo and you can see and "feel" how in love they are. Can’t wait for the wedding photo’s!!

  24. Ellen Turano

    wow- a favorite is almost impossible- I will go with the b&w walking on the bridge- being a Brooklyn girl and all

  25. N.K-P

    Mary, Happy Birthday!!! Get out of those covers and celebrate like I know you will! Age really is, only a number. There are soo many wonderful things awaiting you, and memories to create, just do it!! All the best! Nancy ( frequent reader and attendee at your LA Spread the Love)

  26. Darren from CkMetroPhotos

    What a seriously stunning series of images you must be over the moon with these and how about that location WOW !!!

  27. Kari Woodbury

    Love the photos, love the wind, love the couple! (and the photographers!) Looking forward to seeing the wedding photos too.

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