June 19, 2009

Meet: Jennie Fresa & Her Fabulous Beauty Library

This is a “Justin & Mary Brides” post to the max!! For all of you girlies out there that are still looking for someone to make you feel & look amazing on your wedding day, search no further! Enter Ms. Jennie Fresa and her fabulous new beauty library. Yesterday we got to meet up with Jennie and see the library in person, and it is just incredible what she has done with the space. No detail has been overlooked. You can see from the card below that birds are a big part of her logo, so it was really cool looking around and finding all the little birds she has incorporated in the library.

After our tour, we got to grab sushi with Jennie and let me tell you….she is just a doll!! Not to mention a rock star business woman. Her business has really exploded this past year, and she deserves every minute of it. I know she’s booking up fast, so make sure to drop her a line HERE to grab her before she’s gone!!

Jennie has just started her own makeup line and everything looks good enough to eat!! How pretty are these?!

like cupcakes!!

In other Justin & Mary Brides news, Eddye over at Style Me Pretty (and one of my favorite people in the WORLD) just let us know that Jenna & Joe are being featured on the Little Black Book blog today! Score!! Have I mentioned how much I love the SMP ladies?? Make sure to check them out if you are one of the two people left on the PLANET who haven’t already!! :)

Also, fyi Jennie was on hand to do the makeup for Stephanie & Greg’s beautiful wedding at the Guilford Yacht Club… who just HAPPEN to be on deck!! See how that works?! :) It all comes together!

  1. Bett

    What an adorable place! I love it and you guys of course did a fabulous job with the photos.
    *hangs head* Is one of the 2 people on the planet who didn’t know about SMP. But I’m heading there now! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Ray

    What a beautiful place! As someone who wishes to be apart this huge wedding industry market (and a billion other things, hehe =P); just seeing those photos inspires me to have a space like that of my own one day. Great job with the photos as well. I love how you pay great attention to detail. ;o)

  3. steve depino

    great work as usual guys

  4. oneshotbeyond

    gorgeous colors and overall design…plus the photos are great too!

  5. Stacey

    This is great!!! I’m looking for a makeup gal…. :))

  6. Julia

    What a great space!! All the details are awesome… especially love the peacock , the wallpaper behind the shelves and the clock! The shots are fabulous as always :)

  7. Gina Meola

    The quality of your photos is just out of control. Love it!

  8. jennie Fresa

    Thank you J&M. Wonderful to spend time with you both! xo

  9. Erica Velasco

    Super cute!

  10. christine

    hooray jennie! bravo j+m!

  11. Karen (Mikols) Bonar

    This place is ADORABLE!!!!!!!

  12. Robin Dini

    LOVE ME some Jennie Fresa. I didn’t see this post until just now. Great minds think alike, I just did a post on her last week :)

    You’re amazingly talented Jennie!

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