July 29, 2013

Meet: Jenny & Craig

Happy Monday friends!

Today we have for you the sweet anniversary shoot of Jenny & Craig! These guys actually came over to London for the Walk Through workshop (more on that to come!) all the way from Wyoming!! So while they were there, we also took the chance for them to get in front of our camera to do an anniversary shoot. We had the best time shooting all over the city with them & getting to know them better! As you can see, they made it easy. We hope you enjoy!


  1. Kirsten Mavric

    Beautiful shoot! I hope you guys had fun in London :)

  2. Emilia Jane

    So incredibly beautiful!

  3. katie

    so you should probably just shoot in london always because its beautiful. I love how every single picture screams J&M even though you were oceans away in a strange place!

  4. Urška Majer

    Wow! Love it :)

  5. Jenny Lee

    Awww…these brought tears to my eyes and will forever be cherished. Thank you!

  6. Tricia


  7. Rici

    GAh! You do such a lovely job! Each and every single time!! Always stunned by your portraits and love for beauty and elegance! Love her outfit and the wind in her hair!
    ~ Salutiii.

  8. Tiffany Farley

    Gosh these are stunning.

  9. Abby Grace

    Ahh, Mary these are beautiful! I LOVE the ones with the Tower Bridge in the background. The remind me of some of the sessions y’all shot in New York City. Stunning!

  10. Rachel McCloud

    So beautiful. I LOVE the last image :)

  11. Girish

    Wonderful set of photographs :)
    That second stair case shot is a true winner for me.

  12. Emily Koska

    When are you two going to win Top 10 Wedding Photographer? Seriously. Love every single one!

  13. Lisa Cour


  14. Mireille

    Beautiful!!! Amazing how it seems like you had London all to yourselves.

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