August 3, 2014

Meet: Jenny & Mike

These guys emailed us over a year ago to contact us about shooting their Maine wedding. They are good friends with one of our past J&M Couples, Ali & Jon, who also got married up in Maine and they wanted to see if we’d be willing to come back. Ummm, YEA we would! :) We absolutely love shooting in Maine: the backdrops are gorgeous, the people are always so nice, and the lobster is a definite bonus! :)

So since we’re going to be going up there for the wedding, these two came down to New Haven for the engagement shoot to hang out, get some fun pictures, get Pepe’s Pizza, and so their lab Phoebe could meet Cooper (who were best friends right away, obviously!) The day had started off super cloudy & gray, but as soon as we started shooting some golden light started peeking through and gave us gorgeous, soft light. And these guys just brought it (it, it’s just what you bring!) They have such a great chemistry together and that made it SO easy!! I could have photographed them all night…and we pretty much did!

Jenny & Mike we had the absolute best time hanging out with you guys! You are funny & sweet & so, SO good together! We can’t WAIT for the big day!

So much love

  1. Urška Majer

    Wonderful session!

  2. Tre Cavil

    Love these pics! Trees in the background always add a nice touch!

  3. Beth | Daily Dog Tag

    I love this session! I bet Phoebe and Cooper had a great time playing together after the photos.

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