May 27, 2010

Meet: Jeremy & Nikki

Good morning blog land!! What’s that? It’s afternoon already and you want to know where the heck the morning post was? Well don’t blame me! Nope, you can blame Jeremy & Nikki. That’s right Jeremy & Nikki. Why? Well because they are so awesome and we had such a hard time narrowing down their pictures that our morning post soon turned into a 12:30 post.

But hopefully it was worth the wait! :)

We were so bummed to already be booked for their wedding date, but Jeremy & Nikki were down for having us do a shoot of them anyway. So we got together with them recently in NYC to shoot them just as they are. And they are lovely. Two kinder, gentler hearts I’m not sure I have ever met. And we feel lucky to now call them friends.

Jeremy & Nikki we love you guys! And we can’t WAIT to have you up to New Haven for a visit!
Much love

We started out in the market to grab some supplies for dinner. Y’know because J&N are so awesome that they offered to cook us a homemade dinner after the shoot!

Gotta have cupcakes!

There was some really cool light & background to play with in the market

Then we hit the streets, where Nikki channeled his inner catwalk. Raaar.

A thousand Charlie Chaplins and that face….yes please!

Jeremy’s got a bit of vogue in him as well!

I love how these two laugh together. You can’t not love them!

Supah cute!

We swung by 5 Ninth, which has the best grapefruit fizzies known to man! And some pretty killer window light as well!

How much do you love those shoes?


Did I mention there were cool stairways with extra cool reflections?

Well there were!

Nikki you are FIERCE!

This next set was our favorite of the day! Fun with flash and a loading dock door.

HUGE thanks to the super cute Molly Anne who was along to help out! Love you girl!

Super heroes!

And then it was dinner time!

Chop chop


The end.

  1. Tiffany Deming

    I LOVE these!!! …the light, the shades of grey with black and white, the street scenes…and most of all…through this shoot, I feel like I know these two. Great emotion and beautiful images!! You guys rock!! =)

  2. Alison

    I can completely see why you had a hard time chosing from these photos. For so many reasons, thank you for sharing these with everyone. The photos, the subjects and the love that they share are beautiful things.

  3. Alicia Candelora

    These are AWESOME! I can’t wait to shoot their wedding in a couple weeks! I am glad they were able to do an e-session with you guys, cause they were really bummed you were already booked on their wedding date

  4. Bet Rank

    Again I’m sighing. These photos tell such a fabulous story. Wow… just wow. I’m a sucker for black & white and these are beyond wonderful.

    *sighs happily*

  5. Soleil Thornton

    It means soooo much to me that you would post a beautiful session like this! As a bride to be myself, I find it hard to book a photographer who appreciates my love. You both have not only inspired me with your awesome photography but also with your commitment to photographing love for everything that it is. I adore you both. This session is by far my favorite.

  6. Molly

    I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THESE BAD BOYS. And yes… it was so worth the wait. Guys they look amazing. And I miss these two. LOVED THEM! What a great day/night we had!! XOXOXO

  7. Janeris

    I LOVE these. This was a super cool shot. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Jil

    YES! you guys knocked it out of the park with this one… and 5Ninth gets bonus points

  9. Paul Manke

    Awesome! Love em!

  10. Sarajane Case

    My favorite!!!!! Love!

  11. Stacy Cross

    Beautiful photographs, very handsome subjects. :)

  12. Girish

    Wonderful shots.

    Like the last couple of food preparation shots as well. Very nice. Last shot is too good.

  13. Julia

    Jeremy & Nikki- I’m so sad I didn’t get to meet you! The pictures are gorgeous! You two are so good looking I think I’m a little jealous! :)

  14. Anna Sawin

    Gorgeous–and love the shoot thru umbrella–I’ve been having so much fun with it, Justin!

  15. Roxie


  16. Brandi

    They are SO CUTE!! Love the photos.

  17. Joey :)

    FINALLY! and sooo CUTE!

  18. jackie g. photog

    amazing! i can feel the emotions in each image!

  19. Jakki

    beautiful simply beautiful…well not simply but gorgeous photos!

  20. Harmony Loves

    I seriously LOVE these. Just amazing- the light, the scenery, the people… love!

  21. Brent Pilgrim

    What are great shoot! You can see how excited and happy they are. Beautiful stuff guys!

  22. Susan Eckert

    Absolutely stunning, heartwarming, beautiful!!! And what gorgeous models to boot!! : ) You guys rock!

  23. Cathy Crawley

    This post fills my heart, for so very many reasons :) You guys are awesome xxx

  24. Gwendolyn Tundermann

    I can see why it was so hard to narrow it down! These are gorgeous!!!

  25. Emily

    Gorgeous! You did an amazing job. I think it might be my favorite work yet! Yeah!

  26. ajira

    Oh! Love. Love. Love.

  27. Ravyn

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! First of all … they are so cute, and I’m pretty jealous of their fashion sense. Those deck shoes are adorable. As always, these photos are gorgeous! You guys are the best!

  28. Kristen Wheeler

    OMG, I LOVVVEEEE these, how cute are they???? And they have GREAT taste in dinner ware (I have the same ones!!!) You guys rock!!!!

  29. Brandy Frank

    J&M, love love love this session. gorgeous and the stairway with reflection – yay! I love the idea of cooking at home too. fab. xoxo

  30. amy

    the fact that i love the photos of n&j even more than the amazing food shots says a LOT. the laughing ones made me cry.

  31. Nick A

    Amazing Photos! I am in awe. I am so excited for these boys to be getting married. I love all of these pictures, I can’t decide which one is my fav. I know Jeremy will have plenty of these printed and displayed, because they are all art!

  32. Joe

    What a gorgeous set of shots!!! I’m excited I get to see you guys twice this month…. See you soon!

  33. Michael LeVasseur

    What great photos! And what a perfect couple, you can feel the love.

  34. Bryan

    Looking good boys!! :) See you in 2 weeks!!

  35. Wayno

    Wow, you two are some sexy boys! Awesome pictures. Dinner looked fab. I see you poured a 3rd glass of wine just for me. Thanks.

  36. Sara

    Beautiful pictures….congrats!!!

  37. vincent

    Who wouldn’t wanna be around these two gorgeous guys. Can’t wait for the wedding. :-)

  38. Brent

    These shots are amazing! Congrats and all the best.

  39. Jenn Smith-Garvin

    great pics, you guys look great. Congrats!

  40. Andrew Yeats

    Great photos!

  41. Anja

    you guys are lovely. congratulations!

  42. Angela Guzman

    Jeremy, these photos are beautiful. Congratulations to you both!

  43. Laura Byrne

    Congrats Jer!

  44. Edwin Vazquez

    Amazing couple… Cheers, to a life full of love and dedication for one another.


  45. ana

    Needless to say I’m speechless. Great photos, I almost cried. My best friend got the best guy. We send all our love to you – Ana&Alex&Adi

  46. Jeffrey & Chance

    Hi Guys,
    We LOVE the photographs!
    All the best for you life together.

  47. Elizabeth

    I love how they look at each other. Beautiful.

  48. cindy brown

    Love this shoot. What adorable men. Beautiful light. Dynamite black and white.

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