May 25, 2011

Meet: Jessica & Rich

It was the first day of law school, and we were supposed to be heading over to our small group professor’s class for a little meet & greet. I ducked into the bathroom to check my hair one last time and do a little yoga breathing for courage, and that’s where I met her. She was pulling a rolly suitcase stuffed full of law books behind her, and she introduced herself as Jessica from North Florida. Not South Florida, mind you. North. She told me all about her bipolar cat, Meesh and her adventures of being homeschooled, and then she sang me a verse of a song I’d never heard before.

And that was all before we’d dried our hands.

And just like that, I walked into that bathroom looking for courage and came out with a new BFF. Our whole first year, we were inseparable. I loaned her clothes and she gave me a heads up when I was about to be called on in class. We rolled our eyes at all the future politicians around us, and drank more coffee than should probably be legally allowed.

During our second year, she was patient with me even though I fell off the face of the planet because of some guy named Justin that I’d met over the summer and hey I think there might be something there. And three years later, she stood up with us at our wedding as we promised forever. She was one of the very first people to tell me that I should go for it in starting this business with him, and I think she believed I could do it even before I did.

In short, she is the kind of friend people dream of.

See what I’ve realized over the years is that friends like Jessica don’t come along every day. They can’t just be found or chosen from among your work friends or people who live in your building. They only come along every once in a blue moon and only when the universe knows you need them most. Because the truth is, I probably would have walked out of that bathroom that day and kept on walking right out of law school if I hadn’t met her.

And Lord knows where I’d be right now if that had happened.

Meet: Jessica & Rich

And now, I have the great happiness of watching my friend fall in love herself. With a guy she met a while back and hey there might be something there. So much so that they just got engaged. :) We had the absolute pleasure of meeting up & hanging out with Jessica & Rich when we were out in San Francisco. And after spending just one afternoon watching them together-loving and laughing and standing forehead to forehead together- I think I’d have to agree. There is most definitely something there. In the way he looks at her. In the care he takes with her. In the fact that she can’t stop smiling when he’s around.

Jess, even if this whole crazy path we’re on was solely for the purpose that I would someday become a photographer and get to document you being so happy…then I’d say it was a ride well worth it. And just know that I’m really, really glad it was you in that bathroom, and not one of the future politicians. :)

  1. Jil

    awww… YAY!! and how gorgeous is she? #113 seriously belongs in a magazine!

  2. Gina Meola

    AHh! I think it’s SO, so special to be able to capture your closest friends’ weddings… gorgeous photos!!

  3. Tamara Cohen

    Tell your friend you …ahem…..know a pretty good Florida planner ;)

  4. MM

    @Tamara: they’re getting married near LA, but I’ll still them! You’ll travel, right? :)

  5. lauren

    she’s glowing. these are beautiful.

  6. Nikki

    Awwww – she looks so pretty! These are great!! It was so nice to get to meet her at your wedding. Glad she took such good care of you at Yale :)

  7. Caitlin

    I’m with Jil, number 113 is absolutely stunning. They look so beautiful and happy, love this set. And I got chills reading your intro, just beautiful. (ok I really need to break out the thesaurus when I write comments because you guys make me want to say beautiful about 100 times!)

  8. Nora B.

    Oh wow! I didn’t even realize you did a shoot for them! These are awesome! :)

  9. Susannah

    loooove this session! the feel, the colors, the wind in their hair and smiles on their faces…so beautiful

  10. Erika Williams

    Great shots Mary, and congrats to Jess!!

  11. feuza

    love the light and how simple love is

  12. Christa

    This post totally made me tear up, I love awesome girlfriends like that :)

  13. Kristin

    Awwww. This is such a beautiful story. Yay for good friends.

  14. Girish

    Great shots. I love the one of Rich alone, beautiful light.

    The evening shots are fantastic.

  15. Karen (Mikols) Bonar

    how interesting …. the ‘future politicians’ thing … guess i never thought about it. glad there are people grounded enough in reality to roll their eyes at them! :) Lovely friend; lovely pix.

  16. Sydni Jackson

    Awesome! I love the light & the wind :)

  17. Bree Wilde

    These are beautiful! Congratulations Jessica!

  18. Carol M.

    That’s our Jessica! Beautiful shots Mary & Justin- you captured their effervescence!

  19. Alexandra Hunt Photography

    Love this session! I much prefer engagement sessions that focus on the couple – and not on props. When Jessica and Rich look back, I know they’ll love having pictures of themselves interacting, being in love, being themselves. Gorgeous light, too!

  20. MM

    @Alexandra: I agree, but often it is exactly the props that allow the couple to feel most comfortable and act like themselves. Also, we only pick props that are an extension of who they already are.

  21. Vickie Harding-Wakeen

    Well written Mary! I really enjoyed seeing these shots – I recognize every single location since my hubby and I got married in Napa and spent part of our honeymoon in San Fran.(last July). Thanks for sharing about your BFF :-)

  22. Zack (Robert & Kathleen Photographers)

    I love these shots! The ones in the beginning of Jessica & Rich with the nice lighting is beautiful!

  23. Ray

    "And just know that I’m really, really glad it was you in that bathroom, and not one of the future politicians." Loved that! ;o) So awesome that you get to photograph those you love most. ;o)

  24. Jann D.

    These pics made my eyes fill with tears, from happiness and good memories. Jessica, can’t wait to meet you!

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