April 2, 2013

Meet: Jojo & Todd

It was standing in line. Well that’s her version of the story. She was at a race with her brother, and standing in line he introduced her to his friend Todd. They shook hands, exchanged pleasantries. And when he walked away, she told her brother “Todd is tall”– her code word for being cute & datable. But he was with somebody & she was with somebody, so she just let it go. And it would be a few years later before these new friends realized that what they had found in line that day was love.

It was standing in line. That’s his version of the story too. Only for him, it happened the second he saw her. From a distance. She got out of a car or walked through some door, and the second he saw her…he just knew. So he listened when his friend introduced them. Took her hand, and they exchanged glances. And when he walked away that day, he already knew…this was the kind of girl worth waiting for.

Meet: Jojo & Todd

We got together with these guys to do their engagement shoot in downtown New Haven, where Jojo grew up. And the second she pulled out four different pairs of shoes, including one pair that was actually worn by Amy Adams in the movie Leap Year (!!!), I knew we were going to be instant best friends! Jojo & Todd, we had the best time hanging out with you guys, getting to witness how you love & take care of one another, and- of course-sharing our mutual love of cupcakes. We can’t WAIT to celebrate with you guys in just two weeks….where that waiting in line will all be worth it!!

SO much love,

  1. Meredith Sledge

    LOVE THESE!!!!!

  2. Paul

    Great pics guys!

  3. Liesbeth

    SWEET! And that skirt is to die for! :-)

  4. Jojo

    We had SO MUCH FUN hanging out with you guys and taking these photos! Mary, it’s too bad we are not the same shoe size!

  5. Emilia Jane

    Are you kidding with that tulle?!?!? PERFECTION!

  6. Quinn Bannon

    Can’t wait for the wedding!

  7. Shane

    Looks like a lot of love!

  8. Wiley Cox

    CUPCAKE!!! Om Nom Nom!

  9. Cathy Martorella

    Absolutely stunning!! Congratulations and best wishes!

  10. Michele

    These are Stunning photos!! So happy for you!

  11. Andy

    Great photos and great looking cupcakes!

  12. Maggie

    What a glamorous couple you two make.!

  13. Robin Cero-Mysliwiec

    What great pics!

  14. Stephanie Stewart

    LOVE this! What an adorable couple!!!

  15. Amanda

    Dying over that skirt!!!

  16. Rachel McCloud

    This is beautiful. I love her heels and skirt :)

  17. James

    Awwww, but I’m suprised Jojo only brought 2 outfits:) Congrats to the happy couple!

  18. nic

    Wish you all the happiness in the world!

  19. rich

    classic and gorgeous – beautiful work guys!

  20. sara

    You both look really happy, all the best on your new life together!

  21. Heidi

    Gorgeous! Love that skirt!

  22. Dennis Polio

    Congrats from Me and Jo-Jo (the Dog)! Love the shots around New Haven

  23. Kate McGreevy

    Beautiful pictures!

  24. John W

    You two look great together. Really nice photos. I wish you a long and happy life together. You brought all those shoes and forgot to get a photo of you both in your driving shoes ;)

  25. Vanessa Chupp

    LOVE THESE! Her tulle shirt with his tweed jacket is so wonderful! : )

  26. Tiffany Farley

    That. Skirt. Gah! Beautiful work. PER usual :)

  27. Abby Grace

    PLEASE share where that ballerina skirt is from- I have to have one! Gorgeous work as always, J&M. So elegant and iconic!

  28. Lisa bannon

    ! Truly beautiful. I love the setting New Haven definitely one of the most beautiful cities. Congrats to both of you! Beautiful couple and the photos captured the love that is apparent to all when you are together. Lisa Bannon

  29. malika luthra

    Absolutely gorgeous session (as always!) Is that skirt from Anthropologie’s holiday collection? If so, it’s the one whimsical purchase I don’t regret buying last year…It makes me swoon with happiness every time I wear it! :)

  30. Neilson Lamarre

    mmmm cupcakes. great photos! can’t wait for the festivities!

  31. Rici

    This is such a super lovely session!! Love the skirt and the b&w ones of yours! And Jojo has just the most beautiful face ever!!!
    ~ Saluti.

  32. Carolyn Sullivan

    Just beautiful! Wishing you both a lifetime filled with love and happiness. Congratulations!

  33. Paulina

    love love love

    i love that she’s wearing tulle too! quite rare these days =)

  34. Kirk

    The shoes from Leap Year?!!!
    Wishing you much love.

  35. Don Gabriel

    Terrific couple and photos. Best wishes and congrats

  36. nb

    amy adams would approve!

  37. Melissa Flewelling

    Beautiful pictures, can’t wait for the wedding!!!!

  38. Jennifer

    Congratulations to the both of you! :)

  39. martha

    LOVE the photos! All the best for many happy years together! Martha

  40. Adriana A

    Gorgeous couple. Gorgeous shots. Congratulations!

  41. Charlie

    Lovely photography indeed. The best quality of the work however is the extent that it conveys the love, which gives me a huge grin! Best wishes you two, and may your marriage be long and give you great joy.

  42. Lizzie

    Beautiful shots! Great location, too. Jojo made the photographer’s job easy though ;) Gorgeous! And I have shoe envy now. Thanks! Congrats, you two <3

  43. Jennifer Medeiros

    Are you kidding me with that skirt?! Amazing!!!

  44. Steve

    Great photos. Can’t wait for Sunday!

  45. Lisa

    Love them!!!

  46. dan

    Very excited for Sunday! Awesome photos!

  47. Jamie B.


  48. divy


  49. Deborah Jones

    You two are beautiful! Congratulations!

  50. Cathy and James

    What a beautiful couple! So happy for you two.

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