July 19, 2011

Meet: Julia & Tom

Here’s a lil’ preview of what we have in store for you tomorrow!! First up, Julia & Tom’s tea & scrabble themed engagement shoot. Only to be followed up tomorrow with their laid back Sperry Tent vineyard wedding. Stay tuned!

Meet: Julia & Tom

  1. Abby Grace

    I love the white teapot- it pairs unexpectedly well with the sea and Scrabble. Gorgeous images!

  2. Damaris Mia

    Aw. This is so precious! Love the scrabble theme :)

  3. Julia R

    Thanks so much J & M! I’m so excited to see how these came out. We had a blast shooting these and can’t wait to see the wedding photos! I love how easy it is to tell which photos were from the end of the shoot–humidity is so not my (hair’s) friend :-)

  4. maggieb

    Scrumtious! Like tea and scones.

  5. Ashley Smith

    They are so cute! scrabble and scones …life is sweet :-)

  6. Girish

    Very cool. Such easy and fun loving shoot. They really look good together.

    Well done with making them look so comfortable.

  7. Ray

    Such a cute couple. =o) Sweet engagement shoot. Love the photos of them in the plank on the water.

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