November 11, 2010

Meet: Kara & Aaron

We are about to launch into a series over the next couple weeks of some of my favorite engagement shoots we’ve taken. Ever. And there’s no better way to kick off that series than with the absolutely adorable Kara & Aaron and their Big E themed engagement shoot. Honestly, between these two and the cotton candy… it just doesn’t get any sweeter than this! :)

Meet: Kara & Aaron

First of all, let’s just go ahead and process how absolutely beautiful these two are together. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Yea, I know!

Cotton candy, sweet & soul.

Love! This is a lil more flare than we’re used to, but I just loved the vibe of it!

Kara you are gorgeous, just gorgeous my friend. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen prettier eyes in my life!

And Aaron, you are pretty raaaaar worthy yourself!

Um, speaking of raar?! Seriously, Kara you are so far beyond fierce. You are feroce. Pronounced with my Mario Brothers Italian accent.

How amazing is this ferris wheel??


Love. Love. LOVE!!!

K&A, we love you guys and can’t wait to eat cotton candy with you again. Because you know….you need to do that at least once a month! :)

  1. Melissa

    Wow…they are a gorgeous couple. Her eyes are AH-MAZ-ING!!!

  2. Stef

    They are so adorable! And a Ferris Wheel – how fun! Love this shoot!

  3. HB

    L-O-V-E these two! Looking fab Karon ;)

  4. Natalie

    These are beautiful!! I love the theme too so different and sweet!

  5. Dennis

    These are so fantastic guys! I want to be like you when I grow up! :]

  6. Amy

    WOW!! Beautiful

  7. Girish

    Great shots as always. More more !

    She is very pretty. Looking forward for more of her shots as well.

  8. Mireille

    Wow great shoot. Love the location. What a great idea to shoot there with all the color and lights!!

  9. Molly

    Beyond in love with these. She couldn’t have picked a better outfit!

  10. Lisa G

    Absolutely gorgeous. Her eyes are spectacular, and you guys did such a fantastic job with the location. I love it! I have to admit, I’m happy to see that you added the "more flare then we’re used to" image, as I tend to get lots of those, and I always love the vibe =) An inspiration, as always!

  11. Ray

    LOVE this engagment set. It’s so cute & playful. I can’t see a ferris wheel and not think of, "The Notebook." ;o)

  12. Michelle Hebert

    Ooo, ooo, oooh! What an awesome place to take pictures! I am doing one this December in SM Pier, so thanks for the inspiration! LOVE them all!

  13. Elizabeth

    LOVE them!!! I absolutely love the fair setting…what a great idea! Great job as always :)

  14. Holli True

    Such a perfect couple. Their session looked like a lot of fun. Love the night with the Ferris wheel lit up in the back

  15. Erica Velasco

    LOVE the location! These are so fun!

  16. Melissa Watson

    Very Cool, I’m excited for you both

  17. Leah

    So very sweet! You two look great and now I’m even more excited to share in the special day :)

  18. Ashley

    These are amazing!!! Congrats!

  19. Jill Olinatz

    Such amazing photos!! I can’t wait to see the wedding ones. My favorites are the ones at the end with the ferris wheel in the background.

  20. Lindsay

    LOVE LOVE LOVE these photos Karon! Can’t wait for the big day :-)

  21. Patti

    LOVE these pics! Can’t wait to see the rest and I am so excited to be working with these for the photographers for the wedding…..<3 I couldn’t pick a favorite if I wanted to.

  22. Julie

    Oh Em Gee, these 2 are just precious! How spectacular! My favorite is the one where aaron is RAARR worthy ;)

  23. Laura Montanye

    Love love love the pictures. you guys are great!!

  24. Clarissa

    Oh my goodness…I love them!! Beautiful. My favorite is the one with Kara holding out the cotton candy and you two looking at each other. Captures the fun and love. Cannot wait for the big day! xo

  25. Jen

    I LOVE these pictures! Her eyes – like are they for real? Gorgeous! Love how their fun personalities really shine through. The cotton candy and ferris wheel ones are my fave!

  26. Ann

    Obviously such a fun couple to choose such a cool place for engagement pics! I love the one of them walking towards the ferris wheel. These are awesome; great work J&M!

  27. Jay

    As a DJ, I’ve seen a LOT of engagement pictures @ weddings and I’ve never seen anything as fun and unique as this. Awesome photos

  28. Katy

    These pictures are absolutely GORGEOUS and so is the couple! I also love the "rarr" worthy one mentioned by Julie below – definitely my fav. I would like to marry both Kara and Aaron myself. :)

  29. Heather


  30. Deb

    Awesome pictures!! Must have been a fun day at the Big E. Congratulations on your wedding!

  31. Brielle

    Congrats Kara and Aaron! you both look amazing, so happy for you!

  32. Ciara

    These pictures are beautiful of you two! My favorites are the 3rd and 14th pics… the larger photos. Love love love them :)

  33. Amy

    These pictures are beautiful!! You both look amazing, and the setting is so creative. I love it! So happy for you guys!!

  34. Amber

    Ammmazing!!!! My favorite are the night shots!!! Such great photos!!

  35. Alex

    as you know i love these to death! as well as my big sister and soon to be brother <3

  36. Emily

    Love this blog and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it when my favorite couple is featured! Can’t wait to see what J&M do for the big day!

  37. Allison

    love em

  38. Nathaniel

    looking juicy

  39. Brooks

    Looks Great Guys!

  40. Tonya

    Wonderful pictures! They radiate love!

  41. marsha hall

    these are AMAZING! you 2 look like models for an ad! and looks fun, too!

  42. Stefanie

    This whole shoot was great, models and photographers! I like the black and white photos, they look so classic!!

  43. Nicole E.

    Honestly can’t pick a fave…they are all GORGEOUS!!! :) Love you guys!!

  44. Deirdre

    Love the pictures!!! You look amazing!!!

  45. jen

    Those really came out amazing! You guys look so perfect! Congrats, and good luck :)

  46. jen

    Those really came out amazing! You guys look so perfect! Congrats, and good luck :)

  47. jen

    Those really came out amazing! You guys look so perfect! Congrats, and good luck :)

  48. Christie

    Beautiful!!!! Love the pictures!!!

  49. Kristin

    Beautiful pictures, guys! I love the black and whites with the ferris wheel in the backroung ~ Very Romantical :P

  50. Christina

    You guy look FANTASTIC!!! xoxo

  51. Alexis

    Beautiful pictures, you guys look amazing!!

  52. BONNIE

    These pics are great but look what they had to work with! Aaron and Kara look pretty good too! Just kidding of course – you are two of the most special people in my life. I love you to the MOON AND BACK.

  53. Gemma

    Awesome, Awesome, Awesome – to both you guys and the photographer, muah

  54. Melinda

    These came out beautiful! I can’t wait to see your wedding album! You both look amazing!

  55. Melissa

    You two make a beautiful couple—- LOVE these photos! XOXO

  56. Vinnie

    the love you two share is captured in these great photos!!

  57. Jenna

    Stunning! I love all the love in these pics! xoxo

  58. Jess

    WOW… My heart just melted!! Beautiful couple, fabulous photos!!

  59. Jess

    WOW… My heart just melted!! Beautiful couple, fabulous photos!!

  60. Renee N

    love the black and whites so pretty

  61. Carla Frieman

    Aaron, I have known you for awhile, and so glad you met your soul mate. Wow, Kara is amazing!!! I have not met her, but I can see the love you share!!!!

  62. Perry Colomb

    Absolutely loved the photos… You two make love look easy!! Congrats to both of you :D

  63. Christine McKee

    Very beautiful. Congradulations!

  64. Brandi LaRoe

    These pics are adorable….glad to see that you are really happy Aaron…

  65. Tom Abbott

    You two make a wonderful couple. Aaron, I couldn’t have picked a better future son-in-law for Kara. And a Giant fan to boot. And Kara, you’ve done so many things over the past 21 years that I’ve been proud of you for, but never more proud of you then choosing Aaron as your husband. I love you very much. See you soon.

  66. Candi

    Gorgeous pics Aaron. Especially love the black and white.

  67. Kristen Petillo

    congrats on your engagement. Beautiful pics!

  68. Shi Tsyr

    Absolutely love your engagement pictures!!!

  69. Barb Foster

    super pictures of a super couple. They look so in love and so happy,almost makes you want to be that age again-not.

  70. Brian Cook

    Congrats and the pictures look awesome! cant wait for the big day !

  71. Dan

    looking good

  72. Catie

    Love love love them! (and you two <3)

  73. Amy

    Gorgeous pics!

  74. Megan Cook

    Loooove the pictures, but love you guys more! Can’t wait for the wedding!!!!

  75. MIKE

    I can’t believe how amazing the pictures came out, you both look fantastic! Can’t wait for the wedding!!

  76. Lucy


  77. Caitlin Lee

    Gawwwwwwwwgeous!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE all of them! Fav is the first black and white one, where you are both looking fabulously fierce!! Can’t wait to see you guys tie the knot!! Love you both! muahhh! <3

  78. Mike

    Great pictures!

  79. Josh Abbott

    you guys look great. truely a beautiful couple. take care of her aaron, im counting on you to take care of her. im sure youre up to the task :). love ya both

  80. Eric Schillinger

    Great Pics guys, I’m looking forward to how good I’m gonna look in the wedding photos. Seriously though guys, great photos. I think the fair backdrop is a pretty sweet idea.

  81. Nancy Bealmear

    These photos are amazing–Congrats to the Happy Couple.

  82. Shannon Brown

    These photos are amazing…and congrats to the happy couple!

  83. sylvia & rudy mason

    To my beautiful Goddaughter and her handsome husband to be..
    What a blessing that you found each other. May you have many happy years together!!
    We love you both.
    Love, Sylvia & Rudabega

  84. Jen M

    What gorgeous pictures! I love them all!

  85. Andre Gordon

    What beautiful eyes!

  86. Dan Foster

    You guys are the goodlookingest.

  87. jill innes

    you guys are so cute together! Beautiful pics!!!

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