August 29, 2012

Meet: Karen & Isaac

Karen & Isaac Stott are the kind of people who are just good for your soul.

Your tank can be running on the emptiest of empty, and just one afternoon with these two and suddenly you feel whole again. They are two of our dearest friends in the whole world, not to mention a shining example in our lives of what marriage should be. These two are team in every sense of the word, standing shoulder to shoulder as they build this life they dream of. And while they do it, they lift people up. They pour out love to everyone around them. And they work tirelessly to leave this world better than they found it.

In short, our lives got infinitely better when these two came into it. And there aren’t enough words in the world to say how thankful we are for that.

While we were out in Portland a while back, we had the honor of photographing Karen & Isaac. They have a new brand on the horizon that they needed pictures for, but even more importantly….they just wanted to document their life and love together right now. So go on…spend a few minutes getting to know Karen & Isaac.

I guarantee you’re going to fall in love with them as much as we have.

Meet: Karen & Isaac

And speaking of the amazing Karen Stott, I am getting SO excited to attend her Pursuit 31 Conference this October as one of the speakers. It’s going to be three days of rest, recharging, and re-visioning at a retreat in Georgia…and did I mention there will be s’mores?! Registration is CLOSING this week on August 31st, so be sure to grab your spot to join us if you haven’t already! And when you do, be sure to use the code “marymarantz” to get $250 off your seat! We’ll see you there!

  1. sharon elizabeth

    LURVE theseeeeeee — I’ll be at the conference.. I can’t wait to see youuuuu <3

  2. Karen Stott

    GAHHHHHH!!!!! I LOOOOOVE them… and you & J even more… way to get me all teary with your words doll! LOVE YOU! Thank you SO much for these! PERFECTION!

  3. Abby Grace

    That first photo is definitely my favorite!! These are BEAUTIFUL and make me THAT much more excited for next Monday!

  4. Deborah Zoe

    It’s SO true! I love these two:)!! Beautiful images of a beautiful couple:)

  5. Caitlin Sullivan

    Gorgeous couple – inside and out. Thanks for sharing with us!

  6. Caitlin Sullivan

    Gorgeous couple – inside and out. Thanks for sharing with us!

  7. Jeremy

    I&K you look awesome and we love you! J&M Great great great images!

  8. ashley barnett

    Awww I seriously adore these two – and these photos! :)

  9. Lauren Wakefield

    You hit the nail on the head. They are 2 of my favorite people in the world!!!! Amazing people…

  10. Elizabeth Langford

    Karen and Isaac are such a blessing and are doing amazing things for so many people. Can’t wait to hear you speak at the Conference!

  11. Liz and Ryan

    LOVE THESE!!! and Karen & Isaac too! ;)

  12. katie

    they are everything you said and more and of course, you guys did an amazing job at capturing just who they are. <3 to you & Justin and Karen & Isaac!

  13. Sabrina

    Love these! And I love the Stotts… even though I’ve never met them :-) And boy oh boy do I wish I could go to the conference, but we maxed out on workshops back in March :-/ It will be amazing!

  14. Tara Peddicord

    So excited to be attending the conference and see you there (only a little bummed I didn’t hold out and register with your code!) ;)

  15. Alyssa Schroeder

    Such a gorgeous couple. I love the first set of photos with the warm tones against the blues.

  16. Faye Bernoulli

    I remember meeting Isaac at WTAW and being bummed Karen wasn’t there (sorry Isaac, haha). Love these photos of them!

  17. Carrie Logan

    love these!!!!

  18. Emilia Jane

    Aww yay! <3 them!!!

  19. Jessica Frey

    Favorite post? Absolutely true – I met Karen a few years ago and she instantly brought joy into my life and I’ve been so blessed by her friendship :) Looking forward to the conference & getting to see her & you soon!! Beautiful job with the photos and capturing their love! :)

  20. Laura Gordon

    They are such an inspirational couple! This session is so beautiful and really captures their awesome personalities! PS. LOVE your sparkly top Karen!!!!

  21. Abby Hacker

    Gorgeous couple and great photos!!

  22. Tiffany

    Oh my gosh. I love them! And love these two! Karen that white blazer is perfect! Adorable. Seriously.

  23. Katie Norris

    Beautiful. Elegant. Timeless. Gorgeous couple and gorgeous work!

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