October 2, 2009

Meet: Kate & Aubrey

Growing up we were like peas and carrots. Peeeeeaaas and carrots.

Every morning she’d pull up in her red and blue Corsica with the dent in the door (which we got, hand to God, one day when a black bear ran into us. Not the other way around! Patti & Randy, if you’re reading this, to this day I still don’t know how you got us both raised up without pulling all your hair out!!) She’d blast the heater…and the radio…and we’d slip and slide our way down the mountain to Richwood High School (home of the Lumberjacks…Go Jacks!!), rockin out the whole way.

Neeeeear, farrrrr, wher-EHHHHH-ver you are.

All day, we’d suffer through Calculus and greasy tater tots together (ok, who am I kidding? We LOVED those greasy tater tots!!) and then we’d head off to cheerleading practice where, as would only be appropriate, I was her back spotter. The last line of defense between her head and the gym’s hardwood floor. Double arabesques into a rotating Liberty? Not a problem…because see, I always had her back.

Fast forward…ahem….a few years and my BFF Erica is now a mom. A MOM!! To not just one, but TWO kiddos!

Meet: Miss Aubrey & Miss Kate

And now they are just like peas and carrots. Peeeeaas and carrots.

And someday it will be them having run-ins with kamikaze wildlife. And Matt & Erica will be the ones pulling their hair out. But just know this my friend, if you ever need me for anything, anything at all….like straightening out teenage twins….you just say the word and I’m there.

Because no matter where we go in this life….Neaaaar, farrrr, wher-EVVV-er you are….I will always have your back.

Love you guys!! All four of you!

Uhhhh….yeaaaa…can we just TALK about the fact that this girl had TWINS only about two months ago?! I know!

So apparently, according to their parents, Kate is the really mellow one and Aubrey is the drama-queen. Can you guess which one is which?? :)

“We-heeer number one!!” :) Justin said this one must’ve been taken after the Auburn game.

  1. meredith huntley

    this is the most precious, loving, adorable family i have ever seen!

  2. Candace Prokopets

    I love these! Some of my favorites are the ones where you are looking in on them while they’re laying on the bed. These are adorable twins! And no, I cannot believe your friend had these kids just two months ago. She’s gorgeous!

  3. Tania

    Wahoo!! Go Mountaineers!!!!!!
    Great shots :-)

  4. Betsy

    Beautiful parents, beautiful girls. Our twin babies are six years old now– all the best to this family. The time flies by! Enjoy this stage…

  5. maggieb

    Double Awwwwwwwwwwww!
    Love full circle! Beautiful! God Bless!

  6. Spring

    I cannot get over how adorable they both are. And seriously, Erica looks incredible! I’m so glad you all took the pictures, they’ll mean so much more for years to come. As always, incredible work. And um, can I just mention that RHS is #2 in the state?

  7. Nicky Collins

    They are soooo cute- and the pics are soooo good!

  8. Glenda

    OMGoodness these are sooo fantastic – what a beautiful story and ohhh sucha beautiful family!!

  9. JC

    I am weakened by their cuteness. my whole body has gone limp.

  10. matt and erica

    The pics are great…..hope the WVU gear doesn’t anger your UCONN friends….go eers

  11. Amy Clifton

    Love the shots where you’re peeking into the room…those are such tender and personal moments. Beautiful as always, and it’s neat to see you guys doing a type of session that’s a little different for you. :-)

  12. Sherrie Hartman

    These pics are amazing. Such special moments. Go Jacks! and Go Eers! :o)

  13. Feuza

    I know how hard it can be with newborns and these are so creative, brillant actually, love the one of the two babies on parents belly, one facing up, and this cheerleading uniform is the cutest newborn cheerleaders ever!!!

  14. Shelley Z

    I’ll keep it simple, I really love these photos and the story they tell.

  15. jenberry

    every single one of these makes me smile. (oh yeah and kinda makes me want one… sorta)… but not two at one time. Yikes. BEAUTIFUL.

  16. Jackie L.

    I love them all! Twins are great!!!

  17. Lisa H. Chang

    Wow ~ you guys are great! Two things struck me as I was looking at these photos 1) how completely natural they are (no attempts at posed "family portraits!") and 2) how many of them are black and white. You guys are brave ~ but the entire look just REALLY works. Oh, and I love the one with the twins sitting against their parents’ legs and their different expressions. SOOO cute!

  18. Ray

    Such beautiful photos that you’ve captured for you bff. Each and every one of them. These photos will be nice to look back on of a family just getting used to their two newest editions at home. ;o) And those last four photos, "ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!" I LOVE the cheerleader outfits! And those socks?? Too cute! ^o^

  19. erica

    LOVE the pics….and LOVE the story with it. we def. have some intersting stories from back in the day! ie. Jim Bob and Jim Bob :)

  20. Vanessa

    Matt and Erica, Congratulations! What a beautiful family!!!

    Mary and Justin, amazing pictures, as always!

  21. Nikki Zimmerman

    OMG! They are SOO Cute! Congrats again to you Erica on your twin girls!! Being a girl mama is SO much fun :) Mary & Justin – these pics are just simply amazing – beautiful!!!

  22. Margaret

    These girls are beautiful. Wow. What a miracle twins are.

  23. Tasha Prescott

    Oh how cute! I have identical twin girls, now 10, but this takes us back to the baby phase! Awesome work!


  24. source

    This post must took a little while to write. Good stuff.

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