May 26, 2010

Meet: Kavi & David

Alright blog friends! Allow me to usher in your evening with a little bit o’ sweetness I like to call Kavi & David’s engagement shoot. These two are getting married in NY next weekend, and we met up with them recently in Brooklyn to hang out & shoot a quick engagement shoot for them. Add one drop dead gorgeous couple, the cutest little side street you’ve ever seen, an old school umbrella, and some warm & churn-worthy light….and you’ve got yourself the perfect recipe for some homemade eye candy. In every flavor. I’m just sayin. :)


Yea, pick up that jaw…I told you they were gorgeous!! Didn’t believe me?


David KNOWS how to work the camera. But it makes sense and all, since he did just get some practice with his spread in Esquire that came out last month. Sheesh! :)

Kavi you are all things beautiful.

Workin it.

Besides being such a hot couple, these two are a power couple as well! :) They own a perfume business together that makes products for a few stores you just *might* have heard of….y’know like Anthropologie!!

Yea they are really, really GOOD looking. They’ve got Blue Steel down.

David is one funny guy!

LOOOVE this set!

Kavi & David, you two are amazing! Thank you so much for spending the day with us. We can’t wait for next weekend!
Much love,

  1. Paul Rogers


  2. Joe+Kathrina

    This makes me go ::sigh:: and want to walk on city streets and swing around light posts :) Yes I love this session!

  3. Dennis Bullock

    So great guys!

  4. Jil

    awesome! i love their look and esp. the umbrella

  5. Katelyn James

    LOVE this! The light was amazzzzing!

  6. Caitlin Scott

    I just love these – you two are AMAZING. awesome pictures

  7. Ray

    Cute side street indeed. That photo with Kavi’s arms around David, and David looking to the side is BEAUTIFUL! I love it! Such a cute couple. I can’t wait to see their wedding photos. =D

  8. ajira

    Oh my. Oh my. Oh my. These two are seriously gorgeous. I couldn’t help myself and started imagining their babies. Oh, they’ll be even better looking!! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! You know you’re hawt when you make people instantly envision your offspring! LOL!

  9. Girish D Joshi

    Great shots. Beautifully composed images, very candid as well.

    Can you share what lens do you use for such shots.

  10. Spring

    I LOVE HER DRESS- you must find out where it’s from for me… I want it!!! hahaa. I can’t wait to see their wedding photos I can only imagine how gorgeous they will be!!!!

  11. Alison

    What a great location and the light is just yummy! They are adorable and I love the way they interact with eachother!

  12. Christa

    one of my fav images "ever" is in this post…LOVE LOVE

  13. MM

    @Christa: oooh which one?! :)

  14. maggieb

    Soft. Plush. Warm. Just beautiful.

  15. Carrie McCluskey

    They are just an adorable couple. I love how they interact and that location is so sweet.

  16. Stevi Savage

    I’m definitely a fan of these two. Great style!

  17. Megan (Best of Fates)

    Gorgeous (both the photos and the couple)!

  18. Tira J

    Oh yeah!!! What a gorgeous couple, and the light was AMAZING!! Love all of them. And I just had a flash pop into my head about what their wedding is going to be like. FABULOUS!!!!

  19. Nithya

    BEAUTIFUL session! I have been following your blog for a while, and I’m always captivated by your work!

  20. Kels

    Small world – I’m pretty darn sure I JUST saw these two when I was randomly browsing through Anthropologie’s facebook page! I had to pull up your blog to compare photos:)

    LOVE LOVE your work!!!

  21. Kate

    These are spectacular pix of my beautiful kids. Proud Mom. Kate

  22. Candace Prokopets

    Wow! These are gorgeous! She has beautiful eyes. Love the locations.

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