November 27, 2012

Meet: Kayla & Brendon

They met at orientation.

Well, to be more precise, her orientation. You see, Brendon was already a Freshman at UMASS at this point. So he did what any seasoned, upstanding upperclassmen would do….he went to lend a hand & to see if the next year’s class held any promise for pretty girls. :) But as it turned out, that very first day he would meet an extra pretty girl who held the promise of, well, everything. Without even knowing it, when he took her hand he was meeting his future wife. The same girl that he would take back to that same spot on campus several years later to ask for the rest of forever.

Because for these two, forever began on day one.

Recently, we met up with Kayla & Brendon to walk all around their new neighborhood in Brooklyn and spend time in some of their favorite spots. And we did it all accompanied by their favorite bundle of fur, the very appropriately named little Amherst after the town that started it all. We spent time wandering the side streets. gazing up at the Brooklyn Bridge, nearly getting run over in the bike lane, and drinking some of the richest hot chocolate I’ve ever tried (seriously, it was like a chocolate bar melted in a cup….and YES, it was as amazing as it sounds!!). These two are getting married next year at the Wadsworth Mansion in what I am sure is going to be an incredible, smile-filled, love-filled day. I wouldn’t expect anything less from these two. We can’t wait to share their big day, but for now allow me to introduce you to one of our sweetest couples ever as you….

Meet: Kayla & Brendon (& Amherst!)

  1. jamie

    Love this shoot! Love the ones of them on the bench! Beautiful!

  2. Tiffany Farley


  3. Abby Grace

    Ahhh, those last three are SO amazing! Actually, this entire set of images is amazing. It’s almost like New York was built for you two to photograph it!

  4. ashley barnett

    Yes yes yes! Brooklyn is one of my favorite places on earth! These are so good!

  5. margie woods brown

    These are just stunning…having just visited New York and having done some serious fantasizing about shooting there, you guys just blew my mind! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Kristin

    Lovely and classic

  7. Heather Colt

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!! You guys are spectacular!

  8. Lauren Wakefield

    This is extra fab! Possibly my favorite yet! There were a couple in there that gave me the chills. Awesome awesome!

  9. Stephanie Stewart

    Love this session! So romantic! Gorgeous as always!

  10. Rachel McCloud

    Simply stunning:) They look like they had so much fun with you guys :)

  11. Jen Gulley

    OH my gosh I LOVE the carousel one!

  12. Katie Yuen

    Oh my goodness! Favorite favorite ever!

  13. Donna Marchetti

    Bellisimo :)

  14. Bethany Ann

    The photo by the carousel? Umm, AMAZING!! I love this shoot. The cozy feel, the love, the images… ahh, everything! :)

  15. spring

    love the b&w one of the ALMOST kiss- these are just stunning!!! What a good lookin’ couple and that pup holds his own :)

  16. Jennifer Bacchiocchi

    Simply stunning!

  17. Emily Massey

    Gorgeous!! I absolutely LOVE this shoot!

  18. patti zemke

    beautiful shots and location the whole set of pictures capture are amazing and i just love the last two under the bridge,and of course the one with Amherst and Kayla kneeling

  19. ashley link

    these are gorgeous!!! love them! love the bokeh in the last few pictures. i also love the ones of them snuggled together. so cute, yet glamorous! great job! :)

  20. Jessica

    Beautiful, as usual. I love that dog too!

  21. sharon elizabeth

    i feel like i always leave the same comment. "GAH.. SERIOUSLY.. LURVE… REALLY?!?! INCREDIBLE!!!"

    So… let’s just use alll of those words today!

  22. David

    Absolutely stunning! What a BEAUTIFUL couple !You can feel the love between them! You two must be so proud of the work you do! This is one of my favorite-s by far!

  23. Girish

    Beautiful photographs. I love the last two photographs a lot. Great work as always.

  24. lori

    BEAUTIFUL. You guys are such incredible artists. And the couple is completely lovely. I kinda want to steal her coat. And boots.

  25. Nilka Gissell

    Beautiful images!! I specially adored the ones with the dog :). Awesome location!

  26. Kari Jeanne

    What a GORGEOUS couple!!! Love the location too – okay, love everything about these images. (sorry for the comment overload – I’m getting caught up on all your posts after moving!)

  27. Krystal

    This is an amazing shoot! I would pick out my favorites but honestly, there are quite a few! I hope that one day i can capture an image as beautifully as you can! I truly am inspired by your work!

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