August 1, 2010

Meet: Kelly & Michael

Happy Sunday y’all! I hope you are winding down a very relaxing weekend. And to prolong your weekend-y goodness as long as possible, why don’t you spend a little time savoring this sweet little shoot. Back in June, we flew down to Houston for two awesome shoots with two very awesome couples. First up, are the super sweet Kelly & Michael. Kelly is an absolute doll and just about the nicest person you’ve ever met. Michael is a real life Irishman and an honest to goodness gentleman who I could listen to all day. Together they make one adorable couple and two of the most generous people we’ve ever met. We had the best time eating cupcakes, drinking coffee and getting stuck in traffic with these two. :) And although Houston was absolutely sweltering that day, K&M were total troopers and the smiles never left their faces

Meet: Kelly & Michael

K&M we absolutely adore you, and I can’t tell you how honored we will be to be there with you in Newport this fall. I can’t wait to hug you again then!
So much love,

So let’s just start with this absolutely fierce dress Kelly wore. Gorgeous!

And if you think that’s good….yea, just you wait until you see the SHOES! Rawr. Times a million.

Come on!! Cuteness abounds!

Michael you are so dashing.

And Kelly you are so beautiful! I love your heart!

Yea, I was a little obsessed with the shoes. Who wouldn’t be, right?!


To get a break from the heat, we hung out in the bar at our hotel (Hotel Zaza) that has the prettiest drinks!

Then we went outside for something a little different. A few night shots near Montrose & Main!

Kelly you’ve got that stare DOWN, girl!!

Ra-haaaaaaar!!! :)

The End!

  1. kate callahan

    ooooh baby … if her dress and shoes are THIS fabulous for the engagement shoot, then something tells me the wedding is going to be FAB-U-LOUS!!!

  2. Nichole

    Nice! Looks like you had a lot of fun. I LOVE her shoes!

  3. Julia R

    Great shots of a beautiful couple! Maybe I can convince Kelly to pick out my outfit for our e-pics :-) She has great taste!

  4. jackie g. photog

    cute! (and when isn’t Houston sweltering?!)

  5. Emily

    She is so beautiful! I love the shoes!!

  6. Girish

    Nice. Like the way you have lit the night shots. Specially 2nd and 3rd last ones are really good.

    Keep it up.

  7. Michelle Hebert

    I LOVE the night shots! Her shoes are amazing!

  8. Samantha Harkins

    LOVE the dress and shoes. Fantastic shots!

  9. Alison

    These two are so cute! I love the way he looks at her. Can’t wait to see thier wedding!

  10. Diego shyba

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  11. Courtney Richards

    Gosh these pictures are beautiful and congrats on your wedding, best of luck!

  12. Caitlin Farrell


  13. John Morning

    All of the pictures are absolutely georgous! Thank you for sharing them with me. Congratulations!

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