August 3, 2010

Meet: Kimberly & Steve

Six months ago I sat in the Philly airport on a layover to our wedding in Miami and absent-mindedly checked my iPhone. I sipped on a cinnamon dolce latte as the spinny wheel of death finally turned into messages in my inbox, and clicked on a client email from a bride named Kimberly. She mentioned Houston and Philly and us liking WVU football. Ok cool, I love her already! “Hey, maybe it’s Steve Slaton’s wedding,” Justin quipped. “Oh yea, now wouldn’t that be something,” I replied.

See, Steve is an NFL player who plays for the Houston Texans, which is y’know pretty cool and all :)….but WAY more important to me is the fact that he used to play for MY alma mater, the big Blue & Gold…WVU! Let’s Gooooooo Mountaineers! And as we’ve already established, I am a die hard Mountaineer fan. And of all the Mountaineers out there, perhaps none is more loved than #10. Just to put it in perspective for you, Justin & I may or may not (but definitely did) have a signature drink named after him at our wedding three years ago. The Steve Slaton Slamma. It was the blue to our gold Pat White Whallop. They both had coconut rum. And now let this be a lesson to all of you. Never ever do something so unbelievably dorky, unless you are willing to confess it on your blog for that person and the whole world to see. But… I digress.

So given this little bit of history, picture with me if you will, the amount of choking I must have done on that cinnamon dolce latte and how I close I came to falling out of that airport seat when I went back and read “fiance’s name” on the inquiry sheet.

But that is the history. Now here are the facts.

Fast forward six months later and on a balmy day in downtown Houston, Justin & I show up to meet not NFL star running back Steve Slaton…but just our newest clients turned friends Kimberly & Steve. The Kimberly & Steve who have been together since high school. Who have fought hard and worked hard to build a life together. Who stand side by side as they raise a family together. Who showed us what it really means to be a team. Together. The Kim who loves shoes and the Steve who loves Mexican food. And the two people who love their kids more than anything. Yea, that’s the couple I’m excited to shoot. Because they show us what love for the long haul means. And it’s an honor to be there to capture it.

Kimberly & Steve, there are no words. As you could probably tell from all my rambling. :) Just know that we love you guys, we love your love, and we love who you are. Together.

Truly, it is our honor. So thank you for that.

So much love,

So we started the shoot with Kimberly & Steve’s two boys, Julian & Brennan. Honestly folks, prepare yourself for cuteness OVERLOAD. Because personally, I don’t think I’ve ever met two cuter, more awesome kids in my life.

Julian is the entertainer, and was ready for his close up right away!

While Brennan liked to play it a little more nonchalant.

Yea, they are BEAUTIFUL!

And fun with hats always helps the cuteness go off the charts.

Kim & Steve are the best parents and are total naturals! They give us hope that someday we might not be a total disaster with our own kids. I said someday people….don’t get excited! :)

But I mean honestly, how could you not have beautiful kids with parents who look like this? Gorgeous!

Work it, Lemme work it!

High five!

So, much like their dad, Julian & Brennan are FAST!

So there was this wall. And it was AMAZING! The light, the texture, the gray goodness. We could’ve stayed there all day.

Come on!


So Steve & Brennan have this game. :) It starts off small….

And before long you have this! Super baby!

Kimberly you are just STUNNING!

To cool off from the sweltering Houston heat, we decided to grab snow cones. Mine was lime, grape AND blueberry! Cheers!

I know! Melt!


I agree Brennan, WVU *is* number one!!

After the snow cones were done, we grabbed Kimberly & Steve for some shots of just the two of them. And I’m so glad we did!!

One of my favorites of the day.

Or is it THIS one?! Love!

Ahhhhhh buttery light.

Steve has the stare DOWN!

But Kim can rock the stare like nobody’s business too!

What’s that? You want to go BACK to the awesome wall? Well who are we to argue?? I adore this set Justin grabbed!

Nope, I take it all back. The one on the left is my favorite from the day. Period.

Kimberly & Steve we had the BEST time with you guys! And we can’t wait to see you again in February for the big day!

  1. eric langlois

    duuuude, you guys shot steve slaton!!!! how bad ass is that??!! Totally jealous!

  2. Julia

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family!!! LOVE!! :)

  3. mariana herrera mosli

    Awww, they look like so much fun! And Julian is such a cutie and definitely an entertainer!! ;)
    Beautiful work guys!

  4. Amy Clifton

    Um, too funny that somebody yesterday commented about #10 on the grill-cover post!! Sweet family, and I ADORE kids in hats.

  5. Spring

    WOW- These are beautiful!!!!! Love the ones with the kids (you are right two of the cutest ones ever). But totally love the ones of just them- they are so sweet and romantic. :) You guys rock as always!

  6. Amy Clifton

    OH–haha, I guess that was them commenting about the grill cover. Ha!

  7. Emily

    They are just BEAUTIFUL!! Kimberly is going to be a stunning bride!

  8. Anne P.

    Are you KIDDING me?!? What a gorgeous couple! I can’t wait to see their wedding!

  9. Abbey Domond

    OMG!!! Not only are they a gorgeous couple, those pictures are gushing with LOVE!!! Pure Awesomeness!

  10. ALICIA

    Whaaaaaaat? These are INCREDIBLE!!

  11. Christina Young

    OMG Kim these are incredible……you guys are gorgeous and the kids adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Nikki Marshall


  13. Kristine

    Fantastic Pics!! Where in Houston did you take these pics?

  14. Nichole

    Awesome set! Those kids are so darned adorable, and Kim & Steve are a gorgeous couple.

  15. Candice Taylor

    The pictures are beautiful! :-)

  16. Brandon ZAB

    i must say guys julian and brennan are gonna be some ladie killers! soooooooooo cute… o u guys looked ok too hahah

  17. Deeann

    Omg You pictures are amazing!!!! I wanna get pic’s like this done with my Family… They are allll sooo perfect!!!!

  18. Haley

    omg I love the shot of the boy flying!! so cool all of them are great!! As usual! =) I heart Justin & Mary.

  19. Samantha Harkins

    OMG so jealous!!!!! Awesome shoot!

  20. Corinna Hoffman

    Oh my, what a gorgeous family!! The couple is super good-looking too! Great stuff, guys :)

  21. maggieb

    YOU. Have. Got. To. Be. Kidding!!!!! Can this day be for real? Beautiful people. Beautiful shots.

  22. T. Orlovsky

    you’ve got to be kidding me with these?! they are all so amazing, i can’t pick a favorite one! Kim u are beautiful! And the pictures of the boys are too freakin cute! love them :)

  23. Diane & Ron Prigge

    Awesome pics great job, can’t wait to see you in Feb for the wedding.

  24. Cait

    I’m melting from the cuteness overload. Holy adorable!!!

  25. Erica Velasco

    How cute is this! Very cute family!

  26. Deyla HUss Photography

    Soooooooooo Cute!!! what a fantastic fam shoot!!

  27. jackie g. photog

    awww!! these are so adorable…what a cute family!! and may i ask, how do you process your b&w’s?

  28. Brandon

    Awesome story and amazing images!

  29. Geoff Boka

    Wow these pictures are awesome you guys!! What a cute couple. And I totally LOVE super baby!!! Awesome stuff! You guys are really talented. Keep up
    The great work!

  30. Caitlin

    What an amazing shoot and a beautiful family. Definitely one of my favorites!

  31. Jakki

    talk about swooning…what a gorgeous family…your photo’s bring out a very strong love between all of them. The b/w handhold with just their bottom halves…incredilby sweet but the b/w with his forehead leaned into her…absolutely breathtaking…

  32. Mia Taylor

    These pictures are beautiful

  33. Steve M


    Can I hold your camera bag the next time you take photos for these guys? SUPER STEVE SLATON IS DA BOMB! This trancends cool, awesome and amazing….is it inappropriate to want to yell LET’S GO!!!!! ?

    Hope all is well for you and Justin. Just sayin, an autograph would be pretty damn cool! :-)

  34. Tira J

    Now this is one gorgeous family session! I just adore all the B&W’s. They are going to treasure these forever!

  35. Brandy Frank

    sadly, I must admit. I know *nothing* about football. ;) so I’m walking by Brandon’s desk and out of the corner of my eye I see your blog and say, "hey is that guy a football player?" I’m joking. But Brandon laughs and tells me that in fact he is and he’s so and so… too funny! Anyway loved this session… Kimberly and Steve have such a cute family and the real moments you captured are priceless. very cool J&M

  36. Nikki

    Mary – never would I have suspected while we were in attendance at our many, MANY, WVU games as students that you would one day shoot a player’s wedding. Not only that – but STEVE SLATON’S wedding. I am still in shock – but I really shouldn’t be. You guys are amazing and big things like these will continue to happen to you because you are truly awesome :) miss you bunches! Let’s GOOOOOOOO!!!!!

  37. Evie Perez

    Aww what a adorbale family!! I love the picture of the youngest in the air. It’s awesome!!

  38. cassandra-m

    i think this official makes you guys "ROCKSTAR" photographers…ha.ha. jk. I already thought you were rockstars! GREAT PHOTOS…beautiful family!!!

  39. Ray

    As soon as I saw Steve’s photo, I thought: He looks like a football star. And sure enough, I was right. ;o) Amazing photos of a beautiful family. I cannot wait to see their wedding in February. =D

  40. Linda Harrell

    These photos are absolutely beautiful. I’m seeing them for the first time due to an issue with my computer but they were well worth the wait!! The boys are so biggg!! Steve, you have a beautiful family and you all look so happy and at the end of the day, isn’t that all that matters!!

  41. Jennelle

    O.M.G. I am just now seeing this entry. Are you kidding me? Can’t wait for the wedding photos. These are super-awesome pics!

  42. Constance Moore

    Truly beautiful

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